Who is Sharda pandit? Real Photo, name, story, character

Sharda Pandit is the real-life story of Girija tickoo, played as Sharda Pandit by Bhasha Sumbli.The movie is based on the true case of Girija tickoo, a girl who was brutally raped and killed by terrorists. In this article, you will learn more about her story and character.let’s know full details about Who is Sharda Pandit? Her Real name, Full story, character and much more.

Who is Sharda Pandit?

Most people are familiar with Sharda Pandit because she appears in The Kashmir Files Movie as a central character who has a major role in the story. Part of the story in Kashmir Files is about the 40000 Kashmiri Pandits who were killed, raped, murdered, and burned by Muslims. The character Sharda Pandit is based on two violent incidents. Bhasha Sumbli is the actress who portrays this role. ‘The Kashmir Files’ is based on a true story and it has been inspired by two incidents that happened to the Kashmiri Pandits. who is sharda pandit in the kashmir files

The first incident was the one in which Sharda Pandit was forced to watch the blood-soaked rice. This character was inspired by the real-life character of the wife of Er. Bk Ganjoo. BK Ganjoo was a Kashmiri engineer who was murdered by the Militants.

The second was that of Girija who was serving as the Lab assistant at a government school in Kashmir. She was tortured, raped, and sliced into two pieces by the Militants this was really shocking. The crime was one of the most heinous crimes in the history of mankind till now.

Sharda Pandit Real Name

Sharda Pandit’s character was inspired by the real-life of two different people. both of the characters were relying on the real-life of the two different people and their lives. In the movie, it is shown as a single character but in reality, these two were different people. The character is amazingly performed by Bhasha Sumbli.

Sharda Pandit is the real character in the movie The Kashmir Files. Almost everyone is aware of her, knows her real story, and has a fair idea of what she looks like.

Girija Tickoo Real Photo

girija tickoo real photo

Girija Tickoo Brutal Torture

according to reports, Girija Tickoo was a Kashmiri Pandit, who was gang-raped and cut into half while she was still alive. Her niece, Sidhi Raiana, has now broken her silence. She took to Instagram and wrote that the incident still leaves her in ‘shivers, tears, and nausea’. Her post read, “The Kashmir Files has released worldwide. This film shows the horrifying nights not only my family went through but what every Kashmiri Pandit family went through. TW: Rape, Torture, Murder.”

We read Girija Tickoo’s niece’s tweet, and here is an explanation of what it says.

“I have been left in shivers, tears, and nausea since my father’s sister, Girija Tickoo, went to the university to collect her paycheck. As she returned to her dormitory, the vehicle she was traveling stopped.”

“Then my bua was put into a taxi with five other men. One of these men was her colleague, and he tortured her, raped her, then mercilessly killed her by cutting her alive with a carpenter’s saw.”

“If a brother had to face the painful reality that their brother was not at fault in this gruesome battle of hypocrisy, imagine the pain he would experience. So far, I haven’t heard anyone from my family mention this incident until this current time.” 

Bhasha Sumbli As Sharda Pandit

Bhasha Sumbli has been appreciated by both actors and viewers for her portrayal of Sharda Pandit on the show. The actress who portrays a Kashmiri Pandit in a movie says that it was not easy for her to do the scenes, as she is from that region. She also mentioned an incident where she had a panic attack while filming.sharda pandit

The movie was released on the Big Screens on March 10th, 2022. It clashed with Radhe Shyam which is a film that was released in 2022 and it is doing amazing business at the box office.

Which scene of ”The Kashmir Files” hit you the most?

There are a number of emotional scenes in The Kashmir Files that hit viewers hard. The movie vividly portrayed the barbaric treatment against the Kashmiri Pandits into forcing them to leave their home, their family to save their lives. People were seen crying inside the cinema halls while watching this film. That explains how this movie actually hits you in the spot.

If I were to pinpoint the scene that shocked me the most, it would the last scene of the movie where several separatists disguised as Indian Army officers killed somewhere around 20–25 Kashmiri Pandits living in a refugee camp. The separatists not only drove them from their own homes but came to the refugee camp as well and carefully picked only the Hindus living there, made them stand in a line and behind them was a ditch that was dug up.

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Who killed Kashmiri Pandits?

The local organisation of pandits in Kashmir, Kashmir Pandit Sangharsh Samiti after carrying out a survey in 2008 and 2009, said that 399 Kashmiri Pandits were killed by insurgents from 1990 to 2011 with 75% of them being killed during the first year of the Kashmiri insurgency.

Who is shiva Pandit in Kashmir Files?

Shiva was just any Kashmiri Pandit boy who used to play cricket in the gullies of Kashmir. His is that long-forgotten face of a Kashmiri Pandit in pheran who wore an “Om” locket around his neck. The Kashmir Files is filled with anecdotes and stories that I had heard while growing up as a Kashmiri Pandit in exile.

Who made Kashmir files?

The Kashmir Files is a 2022 Indian Hindi-language drama film, written and directed by Vivek Agnihotri.

Who Is Sharda Pandit’s Character In The Kashmir Files Based On?

Sharda Pandit is the real-life story of Girija tickoo, the girl who was brutally raped and killed by the terrorists.

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