WhatsApp Web users numbers now available on Google search: Report?

WhatsApp Web users numbers now available on Google search – WhatsApp has released its latest number – the number of users on its mobile app as of December 31, 2018. The report, which is available on Google search, confirms that the app has over 1.5 billion users as of this date. This number represents a whopping 150% growth year-on-year and puts WhatsApp firmly in the top three mobile apps in the world. With such an active user base, it’s no surprise that the company is raking in the profits – so be sure to keep that app installed on your phone!

WhatsApp has reportedly exposed web users’ phone numbers on Google Search through indexing. This means that anyone with the right search query can easily find your personal number on Google. Search results show only numbers, not names. However, even a simple True caller search can reveal your identity. According to cyber security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia, Google searches now show him the WhatsApp web user’s phone number. In his tweet, Rajahalia said this was the third time it happened. He also said that Google indexes users’ text messages as well. 

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WhatsApp Web Users Numbers Now Available On Google Search

WhatsApp has finally released their Web traffic numbers, and they’re not too shabby! In fact, according to webmasterworld.com, WhatsApp is now the ninth most popular website on Google search. According to the numbers, WhatsApp web users numbers has increased by 50% in the last 6 months, and the number of pages views has also grown by 25%. Some users are reporting that the number listed for WhatsApp is incorrect – it seems to be counting all versions of WhatsApp (web and mobile), even though only the web version is still being used by a large majority of people. So if you see WhatsApp listed as one of your top websites on Google search, it might be best to report it as spam so that the correct numbers can be published next time.

In a statement to IANS, Rajaharia said, The leak is via WhatsApp on the web. If someone uses WhatsApp on their laptop or office PC, their mobile number will be index in Google Search. Follow-up tweet, he also mentions that WhatsApp uses a Robots txt file and a Disallow All setting to tell search engines not to index anything, although Google will continue to index the data and display it in search results.

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WhatsApp Web users numbers now available on Google search

WhatsApp Web users numbers now available on Google search Overview

Name Of ArticleWhatsApp Web users numbers now available on Google search
WhatsApp WebDownload Here
Official SiteWhatsApp.com

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What Is WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp is a mobile application, but the app can also be used on laptops and PCs. “Leaks occur through WhatsApp on the web. When someone uses WhatsApp on their laptop or office PC, their mobile numbers are indexed in Google searches. , is not a business number,” Rajaharia told his IANS. He also shared some screenshots with the publication, which is quite alarming as many professionals access his WhatsApp from laptops and PCs.

Just a few days ago, the Group Chat link became available in Google Search. As a result, anyone could search the name of the group on Google and use the link to join the group on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp group chat link has now been removed by Google due to indexing issues.

While WhatsApp has advised users and requested Google to remove previously exposed group chat links, mobile numbers are now indexed in Google Search via the WhatsApp web application. said Rajaharia in a statement. However, WhatsApp quickly became aware of the vulnerability and issued a statement.

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How to Stop WhatsApp Web users phone numbers being made available on Google Search

WhatsApp also said it had asked Google not to index such chats because of concerns that links to private group chats would be available in Google Search. Additionally, WhatsApp advises users not to share group chat links on public sites. Also, Google has indexed an invitation link to his private WhatsApp group chat. This means anyone can join various private chat groups with a simple search. Indexed WhatsApp group chat links have been removed by Google.

How to view WhatsApp Web users numbers on Google

WhatsApp Web users numbers are now available on Google search, so you can easily find and connect with friends and family. If you’re looking for a specific person, just type their name into the search bar and hit “Enter.” The number of web users that use WhatsApp is constantly growing, so be sure to check it out!

WhatsApp Web users numbers now available on Google search

WhatsApp Web users numbers are now available on Google search, so anyone can see the number of people using the app. The number is staggering, with over 1.5 billion users! This is huge news, as it seems like a popular choice for businesses and other organizations. It’s sure to change the way we communicate and work, and we can’t wait to see the future of WhatsApp Web. Stay tuned!


WhatsApp users numbers are now available on Google search. Is this a sign of whats to come? Only time will tell. But one thing is for sure, WhatsApp is continuing to dominate the mobile messaging space. Make sure to check out our website for more mobile tips and tricks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does WhatsApp web need a phone number?

All you need is a working and active landline to use WhatsApp without having a mobile phone. Furthermore, your phone must be connected to the Internet. You can simply connect to a WiFi network because you won't have a mobile network. Unfortunately, not all devices support WhatsApp without a phone number.

What is the importance of WhatsApp web?

WhatsApp Web and Desktop are computer-based versions of the WhatsApp account. Your phone and computer are synced, and you may view your messages on both devices. Everything you send and receive is synchronized.

Why WhatsApp API is important?

WhatsApp chatbots and interactive messages are all possible using the WhatsApp Business API, which allows companies to automate communications. WhatsApp Business API, in summary, allows organizations to construct a custom communication flow that meets their clients' needs.

What Is it secure to use WhatsApp web?

Since WhatsApp Web is a web application that relies on users not downloading malware via browser plugins or other downloads, it is less secure than desktop versions of the app.

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