WhatsApp data leaked 500 million user records for sale online

WhatsApp data leaked- The seller did not disclose how the database was obtained, suggesting that it “used their strategy” to collect the data, and that all numbers in the instance belonged to active WhatsApp users, Cyber ​​said. Guaranteed to news. Cyber news reached out to Meta, the parent company of WhatsApp, but did not receive an immediate response. We will update the article when we know more.

On November 16th, an actor posted an ad on a popular hacking community forum claiming he was selling the 2022 database of WhatsApp mobile numbers of 487 million users. The dataset purportedly contains his WhatsApp user data from 84 countries. The attackers claim that it contains his records of over 32 million US users. Another majority of his phone numbers belong to citizens of Egypt (45 million), Italy (35 million), Saudi Arabia (29 million), France (20 million) and Turkey (20 million).

WhatsApp data leaked

WhatsApp is said to have over 2 billion monthly active users worldwide. Upon request, the WhatsApp database seller shared his sample of data with Cyber ​​news researchers. The joint sample had user numbers of 1097 in the UK and 817 in the US. Cyber ​​news investigated all the numbers in the sample and was able to confirm that they were all actually WhatsApp users.

The dataset for sale also reportedly contains the phone numbers of some 10 million Russians and his over 11 million British citizens. The threat actor told Cyber news that it would sell the US dataset for $7,000, the UK for $2,500, and Germany for $2,000. This information is mainly used by attackers for smashing and vishing attacks, so we advise you to be careful about calls from unknown numbers, unwanted calls and messages.

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WhatsApp data leaked

WhatsApp data Overview 2023

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Regions where WhatsApp users are at risk

The database claims to have stolen information from about a quarter of WhatsApp users worldwide, according to reports. Posters shared by sellers include the US (32 million users), UK (11 million users), Russia (10 million users), Italy (35 million users), Saudi Arabia (29 million users) and India (6 million users). users) are at risk of data breach.

How did the hackers get hold of this data?

It’s not clear from the report how the phone numbers of so many active WhatsApp users were obtained. the report said. In such a process, data is collected from various websites rather than hacks or other cyberattacks. This means that the hackers may have harvested these phone numbers from his website instead of running a cyberattack on his WhatsApp to collect all the data. The seller has also reportedly confirmed that these numbers are used for his WhatsApp, and that the entire database is up for sale.

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Why the database is a risk for WhatsApp users?

Hackers can use this database for spam, phishing attempts, identity theft and other cybercriminal activities. Reports allow users to know if their number is in the database. It states that it cannot, but that there are steps you can follow to avoid fraud attempts. WhatsApp has several privacy settings that users can turn on to protect themselves from prying eyes, such as hide status and profile picture.

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WhatsApp rejects report of data leak

While several reports have been published about Cyber news’ claims, WhatsApp has revealed that it has no evidence of a data breach of this magnitude. “The claims written on Cyber news are based on unsubstantiated screenshots. There is no evidence of a ‘data leak’ from WhatsApp,” a company spokesperson said. WhatsApp‘s parent company Meta has yet to issue an official statement, but the report follows a massive Facebook data breach reported last June. According to several media reports, the personal data of about 530 million Facebook users in 106 countries was exposed, which the company later repaired in 2019.


WhatsApp is a popular messaging app with over 1.5 billion users. This data includes the addresses and phone numbers of millions of WhatsApp users as well as their contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers.

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Is GB WhatsApp data leaked?

According to the leaked data, it includes data on WhatsApp users from 84 countries.

Can my WhatsApp messages be leaked?

Because of this end-to-end encryption feature, your WhatsApp messages, photos, videos, audio and video calls, documents, and other files are safe. Only the sender and receiver of a WhatsApp message can understand it, and no one else may.

Can your data be leaked?

A hacker assault, an employee's inside job, or unintentional data loss or exposure are all examples of data breaches that may occur.

Why is GB WhatsApp risky?

The GB WhatsApp application, which is located at the heart of the infections, is one of the major suspects. The Android spyware is easily disseminated using the GB WhatsApp app, which is a third-party WhatsApp client.

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