Vespa Elettrica Price In India 2023, New Features, Specifications, Reviews, Waiting Time, Booking Process

Vespa Elettrica: Are you looking for a new scooter? Your search is over! In this blog, we will be discussing all you need to know about Vespa Elettrica, from its features to the waiting time and booking process. We will also provide you with reviews of the Vespa Elettrica and discuss which variant is best for you. So bookmark this page and come back soon to learn everything you need to know about Vespa Elettrica!

Piaggio intends to enter the electronic vehicle (EV) market in India through the Vespa Elettrica, one of its Vespa subsidiaries. The Vespa Elettrica has previously been shown at the Delhi Auto Expo twice, once in 2018 and again in 2020. While the EV field is becoming more crowded, it appears that the well-established player Piaggio is taking a wait-and-see approach in this segment.

Vespa Elettrica 2023

Piaggio will unveil its chiselling piece of electric scooter beauty known as the Vespa Elletrica in the Indian motor sector very soon. This car will have a standard charge time of 4 hours and will drive continuously for more than 100 kilometres. The front will have an LED headlamp, giving it a stunning appearance. However, it will not include any safety equipment such as ABS, which is required, traction control, and EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution).

Do you want to ride a scooter that is not only stylish but environmentally friendly too? Vespa Elettrica may be the perfect choice for you! This electric scooter is powered by renewable energy, so you can feel good about riding it without damaging the planet. Plus, it is easy to ride – even if you have never ridden a scooter before. If you’re looking for a fun and stylish way to get around town, Vespa Elettrica is the perfect choice!

Vespa Elettrica Price in india 2022

Vespa Elettrica is a great scooter option if you’re looking for something that’s both affordable and practical. Not only is the price great, but the scooter offers a lot of features that are well-suited for those who are looking for a quality scooter. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best things about Vespa Elettrica and why it may be worth your attention.

Looking for a great price on a Vespa Elettrica? Look no further than eBikes UK! We have the best prices on Vespa Elettricas, and we’re always updating our inventory to include the latest models. So whether you’re in the market for a new or used Vespa Elettrica, be sure to check out our website today. The estimated price of Vespa Elletrica is Rs. 90000. The on road price for Elletrica is not available right now.

Vespa Elettrica

Vespa Elettrica 2023 Details

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Vespa Elettrica Features

Are you looking for a high-quality electric scooter that offers many features and benefits? If so, Vespa Elettrica is perfect for you! This scooter has an automatic braking system that makes it safer for riders, a battery that can last up to 45 minutes on a single charge, and several customization options that make it yours. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and add Vespa Elettrica to your shopping list today!

As with the petrol-powered Vespa scooters, which feature a blend of retro design and modern technology, the e-scooter elettrica will include curved body panels, full-LED lighting, and chrome accents. The storage space behind the seat is large enough to accommodate a helmet. Here are a few highlights:

Charging Point Yes
Mobile Connectivity Bluetooth
Speedometer Digital
Odometer Digital
Tripmeter Digital
Fuel gauge Yes

Super silent

Whether they choose the Eco mode or the Power option, the Vespa Elettrica allows them to navigate the streets in complete silence.

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Riding modes

The Vespa Elettrica comes with two riding modes: Eco and Power. The Eco mode is ideal for daily city journeys, whilst the Power mode is designed to maximise performance. The company’s range differs depending on the variation and riding mode it offers. The scooter also includes a reverse mode.

Fun and connectivity

The multi-media technology on the scooter will connect the rider’s smartphone to the bike through Bluetooth via the Vespa connect app, thereby turning the display into an extension of the phone itself. The rider can use this capability to answer phone calls, execute voice commands, view message notifications, and manage music. The speedometer, battery temperature, clock, battery range, and odometer are all displayed on the digital colour TFT dashboard. This data display ensures that you can utilise it safely without taking your hand off the handlebar.

Simple to charge

The battery charger is located beneath the seat and charges in 4 hours. It is simple to configure by connecting it to wall-mounted electrical outlets or public charging connections. The engine and battery do not require any maintenance. The car will have a 4.2kWh lithium-ion battery that will be powered by a brushless DC motor with a maximum power of 4kW (5.4PS) and peak torque of 200 Nm.

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Styling & Comfort

To enhance its ravishing beauty, the new Vespa Elletrica will include an LED headlamp and taillamp in the front and rear, as well as an electric body type. The instrument panel will be entirely digital, as will the speedometer and odometer. However, it will include a single seat throughout for the convenience of the passengers, as well as a pass switch and turn signal lighting for enhanced visibility when turning the vehicle.

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Vespa Elettrica specifications

According to Piaggo, the Vespa Elettrica will contain the following features:

  • Type of 2-wheeler: electric scooter
  • 4kW maximum power
  • 200Nm motor torque (at the wheel)
  • 790mm seat height
Range 100 km/charge
Motor Power (w) 3600
Motor Type DC Motor
Charging Time 3.5 Hours
Max Torque 200 Nm
Front Brake Disc
Rear Brake Drum
Body Type

Brake And Tyre

  • Front tyre size: 110/70 – 12″
  • 120/70 – 11″ rear tyre
  • Front Disc Brake: 200 mm
  • Drum rear brake: 140 mm
  • Front disc brake is 200mm in diameter, while the rear drum brake is 140mm in diameter.
    The 70km/h model includes a combined braking system.

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Dimension and weight

  • Weight (including battery): 130 kg
  • 1 870 mm in length
  • 735 mm width
  • 1.150 mm in height
  • 790 mm Seat Height

Console features

  • Speedometer: Digital
  • Fuel gauge: Digital

Battery and range

  • Battery Voltage: 48 V
  • Battery Capacity: 86 Ah
  • Battery Energy: 4.2 kWh
  • Battery Weight: 25 kg
  • Maximum Speed: 45 km/h
  • Top speed:   1. For 40km/h (eco/power) – 30km/h / 45km/h
    2. For 70km/h (eco/power) – 45km/h / 70km/h
  • Range: 1. For 40km/h (eco/power)- 100km / 80km
    2. For 70km/h (eco/power)- 100km / 70km
  • Charge time: 4 hours (*minimum recharge time with 220 V power)
  • Battery Life: 1,000 cycles (residual capacity 80%)
  • Power modes: The Vespa Elettrica has two riding modes, Eco and Power. The Eco mode is perfect for daily city commutes, whereas the Power mode is created to extract the maximum performance. The range offered by the company varies as per the variant and the riding mode it provides. The scooter has a reverse mode too.


  • Wheelbase: 1,350 mm
  • Material: Alloy

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Vespa Elettrica Engine & Transmission

Vespa Elettrica is a great scooter engine and transmission. It is perfect for high-end, performance scooters. This engine is reliable, fast, and fuel efficient. It also has a great throttle feel that enables you to take control of the scooter while riding.For improved performance, the next Vespa Elletrica will be powered by a belt-drive transmission. The Elletrica’s 4 kWh battery will charge completely in 4 hours and allow it to ride for around 100 kilometres.

Engine and gearbox

  • Continuous Power: 3.5 kW
  • Maximum Power: 4 kW
  • Motor Torque: 200 Nm (at the wheel)
  • Battery Cell producer: LG Chem
  • Energy Recovery: Yes

Vespa Elettrica Mileage

Do you want to take your scooter experience up a notch? Then you’ll want to check out Vespa Elettrica – the great mileage scooter! This scooter is perfect for anyone who wants to get around town without spending a lot of money on gasoline. Plus, the Vespa Elettrica is easy to operate and can be ridden by just about anyone. Get your hands on a Vespa Elettrica today!The mileage specification of the Vespa Elletrica is currently unknown.

Vespa Elettrica colours

The Vespa Elettrica comes in these colours:

  • Verde Boreale
  • Cromo
  • Nero Profondo
  • Azzuro Elettrico
  • Grigio Fumo
  • Giallo Lampo

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Vespa Elettrica Competitors

Vespa Elettrica is an excellent electric scooter that offers great performance and a lot of features. It’s perfect for people who love to go out and enjoy their time, without worrying about the hassle of parking and waiting for the bus. With this scooter, you can easily zip around town, or take it for a spin on the open roads. So if you’re looking for a scooter that offers great performance and convenience, check out Vespa Elettrica! The new Vespa Elletrica will compete with the hero electric and the ola electric .

Vespa Elettrica warranty

The Vespa has decided to join in on the fun! Introducing the Vespa Elettrica, a scooter that features all-electric power and amazing performance. Not only is this scooter incredibly efficient, it’s also stylish and comfortable to ride. Whether you’re looking for a fun way to get around town or you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, the Vespa Elettrica is worth considering. Vespa provides a standard 24-month warranty. And includes the option of extending the contract with customised packages for the third and fourth years.

How to book Vespa Elletrica?

  • To book Vespa bike Visit Official Website
  • Select Product of Vespa and Choose Your Favorite Elletrica
  •  Select your state, city  and then nearest Vespa dealer.
  • Fill in your details for Vespa representative to reach out.
  • Pay online booking amount For booking of Elletrica and Proceed for online payment.
  • After payment confirmation you will receive a call from team Vespa for further details.

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Vespa Elettrica Raitng & Review

If you’re looking for a fun and easy way to get around town, then the Vespa Elettrica Nice Scooter is the perfect option for you! This model is powered by electric power, so you won’t have to deal with the hassle of finding an outlet or being restricted by fuel restrictions. Plus, this scooter is lightweight and easy to operate, so you’ll be able to get around quickly and with little effort.

Vespa Elettrica Nice Scooter is definitely worth considering! People appear to be waiting for this e-scooter because it will take some time to reach the market. The 2021 Vespa Elettrica received positive feedback when it arrived in the UK. According to Bennettes, the Vespa Elettrica is a pricey e-scooter with a smart design and user-friendliness.

Vespa Elettrica Pros and Cons

Vespa Elettrica are a recent addition to the electric scooter market, and while they have a lot of great features, they also have some notable drawbacks. In this article, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of Vespa Elettrica, and help you decide if they’re the right electric scooter for you.


  • Design that is sophisticated
  • Simple to ride
  • Intelligent characteristics


  • Expensive
  • There are better solutions accessible.


So, after reading through this comprehensive blog post, you now know everything you need to know about the Vespa Elettrica. From price, features, specifications, and waiting time to user opinions and variants, this post has it all! If you’re looking to buy or lease a Vespa Elettrica in India, be sure to check out our website for the latest updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vespa Elettrica battery removable?

The Elettrica bike has a removable battery. However, this battery can only be charged by using it with the bike's outdoor outlet.

What is the Top Speed of Elettrica?

Vespa Elettrica Top Speed: The Elettrica is the brand's electrical scooter. It can travel up to 30 mph with an electric powertrain that's the equivalent of a 50cc.

What is Elettrica battery Launch Date?

The estimated launch date of Vespa Elettrica is December 2022. The estimated launch date of Vespa Elettrica is based on the latest information available.

How much is the cost of Vespa Elettrica?

This statement explains the price of Vespa Elettrica, which is expected to be Rs. 90,000.

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