UPI Lite to be available on iOS in The Two-Three Weeks: Paytm CPO Shreyas Srinivasan

UPI Lite to be available on iOS – Paytm introduced UPI Lite to its beta Android app last month. Shortly thereafter, the company rolled out the feature to all Android users across the country, enabling near-instantaneous microtransactions of up to Rs 200 without a PIN. Around this development, we chatted with Shreyas Srinivasan, Paytm’s Chief Product Officer and CEO of Paytm Insider, about the nuances surrounding the launch of UPI Lite and how his UPI as a platform has become his Paytm’s core business. I understand how you can influence. The United Press International Lite program, which offers news and information in a simplified version of the UPI’s full-text format, is now available on iOS devices.

The app is available for download on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Users can access UPI Lite through the app’s menu or by tapping on the UPI Lite button in the top-right corner of the home screen. The app is optimized for viewing on large screens, with expanded text and images for better viewing. It also includes an RSS feed to help users stay informed without needing to visit the website. The release of UPI Lite comes as more people are turning to mobile devices to get their news and information. With its new mobile app, UPI is taking advantage of this trend and delivering its content in a convenient and user-friendly format.

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UPI Lite to be available on iOS

At the Bharat Inclusion Summit in Bangalore, Infosys co-founder and non-executive chairman Nandan Nilekani said that for organizations to thrive in the digital age, they need to get their product markets, pricing and business models right. emphasized the importance of He also spoke about the importance of his two major digital initiatives in India, Aadhaar and his UPI.

Nilekani shared that Aadhaar, the world’s largest biometric ID system, was launched in his 2009 and in 2016 he reached 1 billion users. Similarly, UPI (Unified Payments Interface) was invented by him in 2013 and now he processes 300 million transactions per day. Nilekani also discussed the potential impact of ONDC (Open Network for Digital Commerce) and support for commerce, saying this could be a game-changer for the industry. The app provides users with access to a wide range of news, features, and content from around the world, including breaking news, editorials, and commentary.

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UPI Lite to be available on iOS

UPI Lite Overview 2024

ModelUPI Lite to be available on iOS
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UPI Lite on iOS

The United Press International, LLC (UPI) Lite is a new iOS app from the global news organization that offers users a sampling of some of UPI’s most popular articles. With its convenient, easy-to-use interface, the UPI Lite app is a great way to stay informed and engaged no matter where you are.

Well, Paytm has made UPI Lite available to all Android users, but keep in mind that iOS users haven’t received the update yet. During the conversation, Srinivasan shared that in the next two to three weeks he will be making his UPI Lite available to iOS users. “We are working on it, and I think it will be available on iOS in the next couple of weeks,” he said.

UPI Lite is an important payment platform in India. It allows users to make payments through their mobile phones and online platforms. This is beneficial for both individuals and businesses as it enables them to send money quickly and easily, from anywhere in the country. It is also useful for sending money abroad as it allows users to transfer funds to other countries using the Indian Rupee. UPI Lite is a convenient way to transfer funds between bank accounts, credit cards, and other types of financial accounts. Overall, UPI Lite is a valuable payment platform that helps facilitate financial transactions in India.

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Importance of UPI Lite

During the conversation about UPI Lite, the Paytm manager also talked about the importance of UPI Lite as a service. He cited two reasons why UPI Lite is an important step in India’s digitization process. First, it improves the success rate of UPI transactions. And secondly, it is a more accurate representation of the user’s finances, a feature missing from standard his UPI transactions. This feature is especially useful in scenarios where a user prints a passbook and accounts for all expenses. “there is a peak hour, usually around 6:30-7:30 if many people are trading.

At this point, banks are under a lot of pressure. At that time, both we and NPCI, including everyone in the ecosystem, understood that we needed to increase our overall success rate. A way to increase your success rate is to keep your balances out of the bank. And your bank account won’t be hit hard because you can use your balance outside of your bank account during peak hours. This increases stability and success rate. This is UPI Lite,” said a Paytm executive.

That’s what UPI Lite does. It can increase your success rate even when your bank’s infrastructure is heavily utilize. “The two things that UPI Lite has fixed is that it only shows one debit and one credit transaction on your bank account, so it simplifies your bank account. Two things: I see a lot of transactions below 200 yen. We are confident that the majority of these transactions will migrate to UPI Lite,” he added.

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UPI interoperability and its impact on Paytm

During the conversation, we also talked about the impact of UPI interoperability on Paytm. A Paytm manager said interoperability is good for the company and Paytm has seen a steady increase in transaction numbers over the past few months. Briefly, earlier this year he announced the interoperability of his UPI numbers with NPCI. This allowed UPI users to use any app as their default app for receiving payments, giving them more freedom in terms of usage.

“which is a huge positive for us anytime we had a phone number that could not be fulfilled with Paytm, we can now use interoperability. It is called Mapper and uses Mapper to execute transactions. We have also seen a steady increase in the number of transactions over the last three months,” he said. “We didn’t see much change with interoperability, but we did find that people who are very active in Paytm are doing more,” he added.

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Paytm e-wallet in the UPI era

Finally, we also covered how UPI transactions and UPI Lite impacted Paytm’s core e-wallet business. Interestingly, Srinivasan shared that Paytm’s wallet business has grown despite the growing popularity of his UPI in India.

“The Paytm wallet business is really growing every year. If you look at the Paytm wallet, non-UPI Lite Paytm wallets are now interoperable, which means you can use your Paytm wallet to pay with anyone. UPI is on the rise now,” Srinivasan told Techlusive.

“We believe the Paytm app offers users the flexibility to choose the instrument they need in their preferred payment context, and we have seen Paytm Wallet grow as it specializes in many use cases. “He added.


UPI Lite, a lightweight, easy-to-use, and secure payment platform for mobile users in India, will soon be available on iOS devices. The new app will allow users to make payments using their mobile phone without downloading any additional apps or downloading any additional files. It will also feature a convenient real-time balance tracking feature and customer support through live chat and email. With UPI Lite, users will no longer have to worry about carrying around large amounts of cash or relying on unreliable public transportation systems. Additionally, the app will help reduce the risk of fraud by providing peace of mind with its 2-factor authentication system and secure payment protocol.

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