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United India Health Plan – One of India’s well-known general insurers is United India Insurance Company. The insurance company provides individual health plans with a variety of benefits, such as coverage for Ayush treatment and reimbursement for hospital costs. United India insurance plans offer a variety of health insurance benefits to policyholders. One of the market leader in health insurance solutions is United India Insurance Company Limited. Motor, marine, fire, personal accident, and rural insurance are among their other offerings. They have 661 branch offices and 30 regional offices all over the country. Family Medicare, Gold, Individual Mediclaim, Platinum, Senior Citizen, Super Topup, Topup, UNI Criticare, and Workmen Medicare Policy are among the various United India Health Insurance policy.

United India Health Plan is the world’s largest private healthcare provider, providing healthcare services to over 190 million people in over 15 countries. With over 550 hospitals and clinics, the United India Health Plan is a one-stop-shop for all your healthcare needs. From preventive care to complete hospitalization, the United India Health Plan has you covered. In this article, we explore everything you need to know about this hugely popular healthcare provider.

United India Health Plan

Joined India Insurance is an incredible choice for purchasing a medical coverage contract. Effectively taking special care of the variegated insurance needs of clients for the beyond couple of many years, Joined India Protection offers reasonable, wide inclusion health care coverage contracts that give added monetary security at the hour of a health related crisis. By putting resources into Joined India medical coverage, you can guarantee monetary dependability at a time you may require it the most.

United India Health Plan (UIHP) is India’s largest private healthcare network. We offer a wide range of health services, including medical advice, tests and treatments, surgery and specialist care. We also offer a range of insurance plans that cater to different needs and budget ranges. If you’re looking for quality healthcare at an affordable price, UIHP is the right option for you.

United India Health Plan

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About United India Health Plan

Joined India Insurance Agency Restricted is one of the favored protection suppliers in India which appreciates worldwide acknowledgment and impression. It was laid out as an association in 1938, figure out how to nationalize itself as an Overall Protection Business in 1972. Afterward, it got converge with 12 Indian Insurance Agency, 4 Agreeable Protection Social orders, Indian activities of 5 Unfamiliar Safety net providers, and General Protection tasks of the southern district of Life coverage Enterprise of India.

Today, the organization gains a labor force of 14,000 who work in 2,276 workplaces and convey protection inclusion to its 1.74 crore policyholders. The Unified India Medical coverage offers an extensive variety of creative protection items, for example, individual plans, family floater plans, senior resident plans, basic disease plan, top-up plan, and gathering health care coverage intend to meet the medical services needs of different client sections. Throughout the long term, by giving mind blowing items and client care, the safety net provider has seen a stunning development.

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Features of United India health insurance schemes

United India health insurance schemes are one of the most popular health insurance options in India. These schemes offer comprehensive health cover for individuals, along with family members, and employers. They are also one of the most affordable health insurance options in India. In this post, we will discuss the features of United India health insurance schemes, and recommend which scheme is best for you.

The health care coverage plans presented by Joined India have the accompanying highlights –

  • The plans permit inclusion either for a solitary individual or for his family too.
  • You likewise get the advantage of free wellbeing check-ups once after a particular period
  • On the off chance that you don’t make claims in a strategy year, the organization rewards you as no case reward. This reward can be an expansion in the inclusion level or a markdown on the recharging premium
  • There may be discretionary inclusion helps too under Joined India health care coverage.
  • All Unified health care coverage plans are inexhaustible long lasting
  • Premium limits are additionally accessible under Joined India’s wellbeing plans which help in cutting down the charges

United India Health Insurance Highlights

Factor Details
Health insurance plans Ten unique health insurance plans
Special health insurance plans
  • Senior Citizen plan
  • UNI Criticare
  • Workmen Medicare policy
E-services offered
  • Policy renewal through mobile
  • Payment status verification online
  • Instant policy renewal on official website
Branch offices 1,340 offices
Incurred claims ratio (2016-17) 138.51%
Network hospitals More than 7,000 hospitals

Coverage benefits under United India health insurance schemes

Do you know what are the coverage benefits under United India health insurance schemes? If not, read on for comprehensive information on the different types of coverage that are available under these schemes. Also, find out about the different benefits and features that are available under each scheme.

Joined India Protection offers a scope of health care coverage plans with various inclusion elements and advantages. A portion of the usually found inclusion benefits under Joined India Protection Mediclaim plans are as per the following –

Coverage benefit What it covers
Hospitalization costs This advantage takes care of the costs brought about on room lease, ICU room lease, specialist’s charges, attendant’s expense, treatment costs, prescriptions, blood, and so on when you are hospitalize in a clinic for 24 hours or more
Pre-hospitalization expenses can be a specialist’s counsel costs, drugs, demonstrative tests, and so on.
Post-hospitalization Under this inclusion, the costs which are caused subsequent to being released from the medical clinic are covered.
Ambulance charges Emergency vehicle charges are caused when you are being taken to a medical clinic for therapies.
Domiciliary treatments In the event that you need to take medicines at your own home in light of the fact that a clinic bed was not accessible or on the grounds that you were in no condition to be moved to an emergency clinic, such medicines would be covered under most health care coverage plans.
AYUSH treatments In the event that you benefit of medicines through non-allopathic means like Ayurveda, Homeopathy, and so forth you can get inclusion under numerous health care coverage plans.
Organ donor expenses On the off chance that you are going through an organ relocate and you want an organ, the costs caused in reaping the organ from a giver would be covered under your medical coverage plan
Maternity cover Coverage for maternity is available in select health insurance plans.
Newborn baby cover A newborn baby cover is usually found in health insurance plans which allow maternity cover. Under this cover, the newborn baby is also covered under the policy from birth

Health insurance plans offered by United India Insurance Company

Do you want to know about the coverage benefits that are available under United India health insurance schemes? If so, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll discuss all the benefits that are available under these schemes, and also give you a list of the benefits that you can expect from each scheme. From hospitalization to maternity care, we’ll cover it all! So whether you’re looking for a comprehensive overview of the coverage that’s available under these schemes, or just want to know which scheme is best for you, read on!

Now that you realize the inclusion advantages and rejections under Joined India medical coverage designs, we should view the various sorts of plans that the organization offers –

United India Insurance Revised Family Medicare Policy

Accessible on a Person as well as a Family Floater premise, the Unified India Reconsidered Family Federal health care Strategy is a comprehensive strategy that offers a ton of inclusion remembering for patient hospitalization, organ benefactor benefit, present day medicines and childcare medicines.

Given beneath are the fundamental elements of this arrangement:

  • The arrangement conceals in-patient costs to as far as possible
  • ICU and ICCU convenience energizes are covered as far as possible
  • Childcare medicines are covered
  • Pre-hospitalization costs as long as 30 days and post hospitalization as long as 60 days is covered
  • Ayurvedic, Homeopathic and Unani in-patient medicines are covered
  • Street emergency vehicle cover is given up as far as possible
  • Protected individuals north of 60 years old, under the Family Government health care plan, need to pay a copayment of 10% for each permissible shellfish
  • Discretionary covers are accessible, for example, Reclamation of Aggregate Protected, Day to day Money Remittance and Maternity and New Conceived Child cover

Eligibility parameters of United India Insurance Revised Family Medicare Policy:

Entry age Children – 91 days to 18 years. Children who are over 18 years of age will get coverage till they are 26 provided they are unemployed/ unmarried and dependent

Adults – 18 years to 65 years

Sum insured INR 3 lakhs, 4 lakhs, 5 lakhs, 6 lakhs, 7 lakhs, 8 lakhs, 9 lakhs, 10 lakhs, 15 lakhs and 25 lakhs
Policy duration 1 year

United India Revised Individual Health Insurance Policy

As the name recommends the Unified India Changed Individual Health care coverage Strategy offers wellbeing inclusion on a singular premise. You can take the cover for your family including yourself, your life partner, your reliant kids and your folks, nonetheless, there would be a different total safeguarded for every part. The principal highlights of the arrangement are as per the following:

  • The arrangement comes in three arrangement choices – Platinum, Gold and Senior Resident
  • It covers in-patient hospitalization costs
  • Room lease, boarding, nursing and so forth are concealed to 1% of the each day aggregate protected
  • ICU and ICCU energizes are covered to 2% of the aggregate safeguarded
  • OT charges, costs on sedatives, oxygen, blood and so forth are covered
  • Pre and post-hospitalization are covered for 30 and 60 days individually
  • The arrangement covers specialist recommended domiciliary hospitalization surpassing 3 days
  • Explicit present day medicines are covered
  • All childcare medicines are covered
  • Domiciliary hospitalization costs are covered on a repayment premise
  • Dental medicines are covered, whenever expected after a physical issue

Eligibility parameters of United India Revised Individual Health Insurance Policy:

Entry age Platinum: 18 to 35 years

Gold: 36 to 60 years

Senior Citizen: 61 to 65 years

Sum insured Platinum: INR 2 lakhs/ 3 lakhs/ 5 lakhs/ 8 lakhs/ 10 lakhs/ 15 lakhs/ 20 lakhs

Gold: INR 2 lakhs/ 3 lakhs/ 5 lakhs/ 8 lakhs/ 10 lakhs

Senior Citizen: INR 2 lakhs/ 3 lakhs/ 5 lakhs

Policy duration 1 year

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United India Insurance Family Medicare 2014 Plan & lt

This is a redone rendition of the Family Federal health insurance strategy and can be accepted to cover yourself as well as your relatives. The striking highlights of the arrangement are as per the following –

  • Childcare medicines are covered under the arrangement
  • The relatives can be covered under a solitary total safeguarded on a floater premise
  • Up to 15% premium markdown can be profited in the event that you don’t make claims in your strategy
  • Free wellbeing check-ups are permitted each three arrangement years

Eligibility parameters of United India Insurance Family Medicare 2014 Plan

Entry age Children – 3 months to 18 years

Adults – 18 years to 80 years

Sum insured INR 2 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs
Policy duration 1 year

United India Insurance Individual Health Insurance Policy

This health care coverage plan permits inclusion on a singular premise. The extent of inclusion is great and the arrangement offers the accompanying striking highlights –

  • Childcare, as well as domiciliary medicines, are covered under the arrangement
  • You can profit of the extra inclusion choices for medical clinic everyday money and rescue vehicle charges
  • There are three arrangement variations of Platinum, Gold and Senior residents. While the initial two variations are for more youthful people, the third variation is uncommonly intended for senior residents

Eligibility parameters of United India Insurance Individual Health Insurance Policy

Entry age Children – 3 months to 18 years


Platinum Plan – 18 years to 35 years

Gold Plan – 36 years to 60 years

Senior Citizen Plan – 61 years to 65 years

Sum insured Platinum Plan – INR 2 lakhs to INR 20 lakhs

Gold Plan – INR 2 lakhs to INR 10 lakhs

Senior Citizen Plan – INR 2 lakhs to INR 5 lakhs

Policy duration 1 year

United India Insurance Super Top-up Plan

This plan gives supplemental health care coverage inclusion which you can profit to expand a current inclusion. Under the arrangement, you need to pick an aggregate guaranteed and a deductible. If during the approach residency, the total cases caused surpass the picked deductible, the arrangement would pay the overabundance guarantee. Different elements of the strategy are as per the following –

  • Hospitalization costs are concealed to the picked aggregate safeguarded
  • You can purchase the strategy on a singular premise or a family floater premise
  • A gathering strategy can likewise be taken

Eligibility parameters of United India Insurance Super Top-up Plan

Entry age Children – 3 months to 18 years

Adults – 18 years onwards

Policy duration 1 year

United India Health Insurance Claim Settlement Ratio

Joined India Insurance Agency has highlighted a decent Case Settlement Proportion in the last two sequential years. Following are the figures of Guarantee Settlement Proportion of Joined India Medical coverage Organization throughout the previous two years:

Financial Year Claim Settlement Ratio
FY 2018-2019 79.72%
FY 2019-2020 78.03%

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Do’s and Don’ts of United India Health Plan

Are you looking for an affordable health insurance option? United India Health Plan may be the perfect fit for you! This plan offers a variety of benefits, including health check-ups and emergency services. Plus, it’s easy to sign up – all you need is your ID and your insurance details. In this article, we provide you with do’s and don’ts when it comes to using United India Health Plan. Are there any points that you would like to add? Let us know in the comments!

When you are buying a health insurance policy from United India, here are some points which you should keep in mind –


  • Continuously fill the proposition structure with all the right data. The data in the structure is utilized by the insurance agency to evaluate your gamble. Assuming the data is off-base, you could deal with issues at the hour of cases
  • Peruse the arrangement’s advantages and conditions totally prior to purchasing the strategy. This would assist you with understanding what is covered and what isn’t covered
  • Pick an aggregate protected which would be sufficient to take care of the normal clinical expenses
  • Protect the strategy security as you would require it at the hour of cases
  • Keep your arrangement record refreshed with all your new contact subtleties and correspondence address
  • Pick discretionary covers on the off chance that they are applicable to your inclusion prerequisites
  • Check the medical clinic network in your space so you can benefit credit only case settlements


  • Try not to give off-base or erroneous data in the proposition structure
  • Conceal nothing from the insurance agency. In any event, when you have existing sicknesses, announce them in the proposition structure to benefit yourself inclusion
  • Try not to allow the strategy to pass. At the point when the arrangement slips by, the inclusion stops. Continuously recharge the arrangement inside the due date with the goal that you can
  • appreciate constant inclusion and furthermore get the advantage of deep rooted reestablishment
  • Remember to search for limits in the approach while purchasing or restoring your health care coverage plan. Limits would assist you with setting aside cash
  • Remember to make claims on time. An ideal case implication would assist you with getting guarantee settlement without any problem

How to buy a United India health insurance policy?

You can purchase Joined India health care coverage plans on the web or disconnected. Disconnected arrangements are sold by protection specialists and the actual organization. You can, consequently, fix up a gathering with a specialist to purchase the strategy or go to the organization’s branches and apply for an arrangement from that point itself.

The internet based method of purchasing a Unified India medical coverage plan is through the organization’s site. The organization permits you to purchase its strategies online in a straightforward way. You can likewise purchase the best health care coverage plan from . is a web-based stage wherein you would track down a wide assortment of medical coverage choices to browse. You can look at and pick the arrangement according to your inclusion needs and moderateness. The method involved with purchasing Joined India medical coverage strategy online through is as per the following –

  • Visit To the Official Website
  • Enter in your subtleties which would incorporate the accompanying –
  • Orientation
  • Age
  • When the subtleties are placed, you will be given a rundown of probably the best health care coverage plans accessible on the lookout
  • You can think about and select the best medical coverage plan
  • Subsequent to picking the arrangement you would need to top off a web-based application structure
  • The charges would likewise must be paid on the web
  • Once the expenses are paid and the structure is submitted, you would have the option to effectively purchase the arrangement

How to make a claim under United India health insurance policies?

Claims under Join India Insurance Mediclaim contracts can be made utilizing the case technique determined by the insurance agency. To make a case, you ought to make the accompanying strides –

  • At the point when a case happens, you ought to illuminate the insurance agency or its TPA (Outsider Chairman) promptly of the case. On the off chance that you are going through an arranged hospitalization, you ought to give the implication 3-4 days prior to being hospitalized. Then again, assuming the hospitalization is a crisis case, illuminate the guarantor or the TPA in somewhere around 24 hours of your hospitalization
  • To benefit of a credit only settlement of your case, present a pre-authorization guarantee structure to the TPA upon hospitalization
  • In the event that, then again, you are taking treatment in a non-arranged medical clinic and are settling on repayment claims, gather the case structure from the insurance agency or its TPA.
  • The case structure ought to, then, be filled and submitt alongside other applicable archives to the TPA. The archives ought to be submitted in the span of 15 days of your release from the emergency clinic

Documents required for claims:

Health care coverage claims expect you to present a rundown of reports that are utilized by the insurance agency to confirm and deal with the cases. These records are as per the following –

  • Guarantee structure
  • Clinic release endorsement
  • Doctor’s visit expenses related with the medicines and prescriptions that you have bought
  • Clinic bills showing the costs caused on hospitalization
  • Specialist’s reports containing the subtleties of the disease and the medicines done
  • Bills from the drug store
  • Whatever other reports which are expect by the insurance agency

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