Two Wheeler Insurance Buy/Renew Bike Insurance Online in India 2023

Two Wheeler Insurance A buy – If you’re like most people, you probably love riding your bike around town. But what happens if you get into a accident? Surely, you wouldn’t want to risk your health and well-being, would you? That’s why it’s important to get bike insurance. In this article, we’ll tell you all about the different types of bike insurance available and how to buy it online in India. We’ll also discuss the importance of bike insurance and give you tips on how to make sure you’re Fully Protected When Riding Your Two Wheeler.

bike insurance policy, also known as a two-wheeler insurance policy, is a contract between a bike owner and a bike insurance provider in which the insurer pays for damages to the bike, a third party, or, in some instances, the bike owner. In essence, it safeguards the bike owner financially in the event of an unanticipated accident, theft, or natural disaster. What’s noticed is that with the increment of bicycles and different kinds of bikes out and about, the likelihood of a mishap likewise increments, click for steps on the most proficient method to document a mishap guarantee on your bike .This is precisely why having good bike insurance is so important.

Two Wheeler Insurance Buy

You might be curious about the various kinds of bike insurance policies and which one will be most suitable for your requirements. Let’s briefly discuss each one; One is third-party bicycle insurance, which covers third-party property damage and legal liabilities. This indicates that if your bike causes harm to a third party or damages their property, your two-wheeler insurance policy will pay for it. A basic third-party insurance policy is required for motorcycles operating on public roads under the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988.

Second, a comprehensive bike insurance policy is the best option if you want complete protection for your bike, yourself, and third parties. This insurance for two wheels provides financial protection against accidents, natural disasters like storms, cyclones, and fire, as well as man-made events like riots, terrorism, vandalism, and so on. together with any obligation to a third party. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about getting scratches on your bike, which will keep you from having to spend more money on repairs. Tata AIG offers online comprehensive, stand-alone own damage, and third-party bike insurance policies that can be purchased quickly and easily. These policies are designed to keep your bike safe and to relieve you of stress!

Two Wheeler Insurance Buy

Two Wheeler Insurance Buy Details

Key Features Benefits Two Wheeler Insurance
Claim settlement AI-enabled tool IDEAS
Own Damage Cover Covers accident & natural or man-made calamities
Third-Party Damage Cover Covers third party injuries and property damages
Choice of Unique Add-ons Best fit for your requirement
Claim Settlement Ratio 100% Claim Settlement Ratio
Bike Insurance Premium Starts at ₹538
Personal Accident Cover Up to ₹15 lakhs
Cashless Garage Network 8500+  all across India
Policy Buy Time Less than 3 mins
Category Insurance
Official Website Click Here

What Is Bike Insurance?

Two-wheeler insurance is a contract between an insurance company and the owner of a bike in which the insurer promises to cover any financial losses that may result from an accident involving the insured bike. A two-wheeler insurance policy covers all types of two-wheelers, including motorcycles, scooters, mopeds, and scooters. In India, third-party insurance, standalone own-damage (OD), and comprehensive two-wheeler insurance are the three types of plans available. The coverage they offer sets these insurance plans apart from one another.

Different Types of Bike Insurance

Biking can be a great way to get around town, but it can also be dangerous. That’s why it’s important to have the right type of bike insurance. In this article, we’ll discuss different types of bike insurance and how they can protect you in case of accidents. We’ll also give you tips on how to choose the right policy for your needs. So read on to learn more about the importance of bike insurance and how to get the best possible coverage for your needs!

Comprehensive Bike Insurance

By covering your financial obligations to a third party and compensating you for costs incurred as a result of bike-related damage, comprehensive bike insurance provides complete coverage. Your bike is protected by this policy in the event of an accident, fire, theft, man-made disaster, natural disaster, self-ignition, explosion, and other similar events. You can also increase its coverage by purchasing add-on covers like a zero-depreciation cover, a roadside assistance cover, an engine cover, and so on for an additional premium.

Third Party Bike Insurance

To ride a bike in India, you must have a third-party bike insurance plan. It is also known as a liability-only policy, and it covers bodily injuries, temporary or permanent disabilities, and third-party death resulting from an incident involving the insured’s bicycle. The third party’s expenses for property damage are also covered by this motorcycle or scooter insurance policy, up to Rs.1 Lakh, but it does not cover damages to the insured person or their bike.

Own-Damage Bike Insurance

A separate own-damage bike insurance policy covers the insured bike’s own damages caused by an accident, theft, fire, natural disaster, or man-made disaster. Policyholders with a standalone own-damage policy have the option of selecting their preferred insurance provider. A third-party and own-damage policy can be purchased by policyholders from the same insurer or from a different one. By purchasing add-on covers, an insured individual can increase their own-damage insurance policy’s coverage.

Benefits of Buying A Two Wheeler Security Policy

Insurance for two-wheelers is an ongoing obligation that must be renewed on time. Your two-wheeler insurance policy will expire and become invalid if you are unable to renew it on time. Until your expired two-wheeler insurance policy is renewed, you will not be able to claim any coverage benefits. The following are some advantages of renewing two-wheeler insurance online:

Unbiased Opinion

There is no agent involvement when purchasing or renewing a two-wheeler insurance policy online, so there is no influence. You don’t have to be persuaded to choose from the best two-wheeler insurance plans based on your needs and budget.

Easy to Compare Different Plans Online

You can compare various two-wheeler insurance plans in terms of features, inclusions, and exclusions by purchasing or renewing insurance plans online. You’ll be able to choose the best plan based on this information, which will help you make an informed decision.


Online renewal of your two-wheeler insurance policy is the most convenient method available. From the convenience of your own home, you can easily renew your two-wheeler insurance policy online. When you renew your two-wheeler insurance, you save time and have to fill out less paperwork.

Direct Transaction With The Company

You can avoid paying an additional fee to an insurance broker or agent by purchasing two insurance plans online. You can get in touch with the insurance company’s customer service representatives to get your questions answered in the event of a problem.

Payment Security

When you renew your two-wheeler insurance plan online, you can use a secure payment gateway to pay your premiums. You can pay your premium in a variety of ways, so you can choose the one that works best for you. E-wallets, credit cards, and debit cards are examples of these.

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Top Bike security Companies in India 2023

According to the claim settlement ratio (CSR) that they registered with IBAI during the financial year 2023-24, the following is a list of the best bike insurance providers.
Rank Companies Network Garages Claim Settlement Ratio
1 Bajaj Allianz General Insurance 4,000+ 88.83% in FY20
2 Bharti Axa General Insurance 5,200+ 87.99% in FY20
3 Hdfc Ergo General Insurance 6,800+ 91.23% in FY20
4 Icici Lombard General Insurance 8,800+ 87.71% in FY20
5 Iffco Tokio General Insurance 4,300+ 95.30% in FY20
6 Kotak General Insurance 1,300+ 82.81% in FY20
7 National General Insurance 3,100+ 85.71% in FY20
8 New India General Insurance 3,000+ 89.60% in FY20
9 Reliance General Insurance 6,200+ 84.26% in FY20
10 Sbi General Insurance 16,000+ 89.51% in FY20
11 United India General Insurance 3,100+ 82.93% in FY20
12 Universal Sompo General Insurance 3,500+ 90.78% in FY20

How To Buy Two Wheeler Insurance Online?

Are you looking to buy two wheeler insurance online? If so, you’re in the right place! In this post, we’ll guide you through the process of buying two wheeler insurance online, step by step. We’ll cover everything from the basics of insurance to finding the best policy for your needs. So whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned veteran, read on to get started!

  • Input specifics about your two-wheeler, such as its make, model, and fuel type, to determine, based on your requirements, the best bike insurance policy quotes from various insurance companies.
  • Choose the bike insurance policy that best suits your needs and budget from all of the plans that are available.
  • Online, pay for the two-wheeler insurance policy’s premium. Subsequent to paying the top notch, you will immediately accept your bicycle protection report in your email inbox.

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