Top 10 Footballers Girlfriends/Wives Name List

Top 10 Footballers Girlfriends/Wives Name List –  It is astonishing to learn about how much attention is given to the wives and girlfriends of professional players in Europe from those of us who reside outside of that continent. For instance, despite the fact that I have followed the NBA since I was a young child, I have no idea who LeBron James’ wife is or even whether he is married. I just looked it up, okay. Savannah Brinson is her name, and I’ve never heard of her. North Americans may not be overly interested in the relationships of their professional athletes unless they are already extremely renowned on their own terms, like Tom Brady’s wife Gisele Bunched, or extremely vocal, like Ayesha Curry. But it doesn’t mean we don’t have our own peculiar celebrity.

The abbreviation WAG, which stands for Top 10 Footballers Girlfriends/Wives Name List is used in England. CHAP, which stands for Celebrity Husbands and Partners, is the opposite of this. Nice, huh? Around the time of the 2006 World Cup, the British press coined the phrase “WAG,” which has since been the focus of numerous books, articles, and TV programmers. The idea has drawn criticism for being sexist and a diversion from athletics, but that hasn’t diminished interest. WAGs are relevant in the fashion industry and have political sway.

Top 10 Footballers Girlfriends/Wives Name List

The personal lives and families of famous people are always fascinating topics for us to learn about. Celebrities, like everyone else, experience ups and downs in life, and it’s occasionally fascinating to learn about them. The lives of famous football players are the same. As a result, many of us may be curious about their private life.

They claim a woman is present behind every prosperous guy. Therefore, there is no question that every football player has a beautiful, attractive Top 10 Footballers Girlfriends/Wives Name List. Do you not concur? Today, we’re looking at some of the sexiest wags in the football world to learn more about these women. Do not overlook this enjoyable article. Remain tuned. It was announced in October 2020 that the couple had broken up, and Riyad was afterwards seen dating 22-year-old fashion student Taylor Ward, the daughter of ITVBe reality star Dawn.

Top 10 Footballers Girlfriends/Wives Name List

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About Top Footballers Girlfriends/Wives Name List

Top 10 Footballers Girlfriends/Wives Name List a player’s wife and girlfriend are very important to their career; in certain cases, the WAGs make the most important choices, so let’s find out who the top 10 sexiest football players’ wives and girlfriends are. Football players have a reputation for leading opulent lifestyles, and their wives are not immune to this. The majority of WAGs live luxurious lives, yet there are a few exceptions where they keep a low profile.

Even though the fancy automobiles, lavish residences, and yacht trips can occasionally seem overpowering, they serve merely to highlight the attractiveness of the athletes’ spouses and girlfriends. Based on their seductive looks and endearing traits, we’ve picked the top 10 beauties.

The Hottest Wives and Girlfriends Soccer Players

Soccer wives and girlfriends don’t get that same special attention that their husbands or boyfriends do attention for which they truly deserve. Some may have appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated, but not all of them like to get their pictures taken. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the most attractive and beautiful right here, where all of the hottest wives and girlfriends of soccer players find their home.  So move aside Christiano Ronaldo, and make some room for Irina Shayk.

Yolanthe Sneijder-Cabau

Polly Parsons

Michela Quattrociocche

Federica Nargi

Edurne García Almagro


Abigail Clancy

Elena Gomez

Georgina Dorsett

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Top 10 hottest famous Footballers wives and girlfriends

Georgina Rodriguez – Top 10 Footballers Girlfriends/Wives Name List of well-known players is headed by Georgina Rodriguez, the lovely wife of Cristiano Ronaldo. Georgina overcame all difficulties and obstacles to achieve her impossible ambitions and goals, while coming from a low-income/middle-class background. Although she is now a well-known supermodel, her path to success was not straightforward. She did not have a happy or enjoyable upbringing because her father spent ten years in jail or prison and her mother was a stay-at-home mom, but those challenging circumstances made her stronger and wiser.

Shakira – A football fan who hasn’t heard of Shakira, the gorgeous wife of Barcelona player Gerard Pique, is hard to find. The Columbian star’s great voice has won over her fans’ hearts, but her stunning appearance also makes her an unforgettable performer whenever she takes the stage. On our list of the ten sexiest girlfriends and wives of famous footballers, Shakira came in second.

Nathalia – Fashion model Nathalia is Douglas Costa’s boyfriend. She comes in at number three on our list of the sexiest girlfriends and spouses of well-known football players because of her amazing physique and gorgeous face. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is where Nathalia was born. She started her modelling career at a young age with the encouragement and guidance of her family. Her alluring looks and charming demeanour were a perfect fit for the requirements of several big businesses. Because to her work with renowned publications and marketing campaigns, she currently makes a good income.

Annekee Molenaar – A well-known Dutch beauty named Annekee Molenaar is one of the most popular Instagram stars in the country. The gorgeous model was usually seen with Dutch professional footballer De Ligt, who plays for the illustrious Italian football team Juventus FC, at social gatherings, weddings, and vacations. They haven’t yet mentioned any of the kids in their remarks. One of the most attractive and desirable football WAGs right now is Molenaar.

Daniella Semaan – Famous beauty Daniella Semaan is wed to former Spain and Barcelona star Cesc Fabregas. She is included in our list of the top 10 Hottest Footballers’ Wives and Girlfriends due to her stunning appearance and wonderful shape. Daniella and Cesc Fabregas met in 2011. She had been previously married, but her marriage to Elie Taktouk was having problems. The Lebanese woman was drawn to Fabregas’ elegance during their first talk and immediately felt more comfortable and secure in his presence. She therefore stayed with the then-Barcelona sensation after their breakup.

Dhurata Ahmetaj – Supermodel Dhurata Ahmetaj is from Albania and is Xherdan Shaqiri’s lover. She ranks sixth on our list of the Top 10 sexiest footballers’ wives and girlfriends because to her amazing appearance and alluring shape. Xherdan Shaqiri has been smitten with Dhurata since 2020. They kept their relationship under wraps, but a source close to the Albanian queen claimed that she frequently visited her boyfriend in London.

Hottest Football Wives and girlfriends 2022

Anna Lewandowska (Robert Lewandowski’s Wife) – The couple wed in 2013 after dating for five years. Anna is a karate-focused athlete, just like Robert is. She has competed in both the global and European championships, winning multiple medals.

Melanie da Cruz (Anthony Martial’s Wife) – Anthony Martial, a forward for Manchester United, is married to Melanie da Cruz; the couple has a son. Thanks to her shoe line, Melanie has achieved success as a former reality TV star, social media influencer, and entrepreneur.

Ludivine Kadri (Bacary Sagna’s Wife) – A model who has posed for companies like the women’s clothing line OMydress Paris and the leather goods maker Egeria. In 2010, she wed French soccer player Bacary Sagna, with whom she has two sons.

Pilar Rubio (Sergio Ramos’ Wife) – Spanish reporter and TV host Pilar Rubio. She rose to fame by providing coverage of events for well-known television network La Sexta.

Edurné Garcia (David Degea’s Girlfriend) – Spanish singer, actor, and TV host Edurne Garcia performs in these genres. She has been dating David Degea, a goalie for Manchester United.

Shakira ( Gerard Pique’s Wife) – The most well-known WAG on this list is Shakira. Since they collaborated on the music for her song Waka Waka for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the Spanish star Gerard Pique of Barcelona and the 41-year-old musical superstar have been dating steadily. Milan and Sasha, two sons of the Hips Don’t Lie Grammy winner and Pique, were born.

Rafaella Szabo (Axel Witsel’s Wife) – Wife of Axel Witsel, a midfielder with Borussia Dortmund. Mai Li and Evy are the names of her and Axel’s daughters.

Leonita Lekaj ( Granit Xhaka’s Wife) – Leonita is the spouse of Arsenal player Granit Xhaka; they have a daughter. Perrie Edwards The couple allegedly began dating in November 2016 but didn’t make their relationship public until early 2017. Since then, Perrie and Alex have been gushing on social media.

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Top 10 beautiful football WAGs rank

Sara Carbonero

Sara Carbonero

The current most attractive football WAG is a Spanish sports journalist named Sara Carbonero. She received the 2009 title of “Sexiest Reporter in the World” from FHM magazine. The well-known 38-year-old was wed to former Real Madrid goalie Iker Casillas as of March 2022. The union was well praised, but when they divorced in 2013, there were allegations of media harassment. As of March 2022, her Instagram account had more than 3.2 million followers.

Christina Lampard 

Christina Lampard 

In eighth place, Christina Lampard is closely behind. She is Frank Lampard’s wife, a renowned football player. In 2015, the journalist wed Lampard. In addition to being a WAG, her show Loose Women has increased her prominence. The pair has two children together. As of March 2022, she had approximately 429 thousand Twitter followers and 626 thousand Instagram followers.

Rebecca Vardy  

Rebecca Vardy  

The eighth-most attractive WAG in the world is Rebecca, Jamie Vardy’s wife of six years. She has made appearances on I’m a Celebrity, Get me out of here!, Celebrity Juice, Sky Sports World Championship Boxing, and Dancing on Ice. Her popularity has recently declined as a result of allegations that she shared private information about fellow WAG Coleen Rooney. As of March 2022, she had 107 thousand Twitter followers and roughly 417 thousand Instagram followers.

Coleen Rooney 

Coleen Rooney, the spouse of renowned English footballer Wayne Rooney, is one of the top football players’ spouses. Together, the couple has four kids. According to a Financial Times article, Collen Rooney’s tale of Cinderella-like success attracts women who want to work as WAGs. Her Facebook page has 955k likes, her Twitter account has over 1.2 million followers, and her Instagram account has about 925k followers.

Leigh-Anne Pinnock

Leigh-Anne Pinnock

Which WAG is the most well-liked? Leigh-Anne has a very high popularity rating. As of March 2022, the Instagram account of the pop artist had an astounding 8.3 million followers. A member of the British girl group Little Mix is Leigh-Anne. What led Leigh-Anne to Andre, then? After an erratic connection with another football player, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, the couple started dating in 2016.

Oriana Sabatini 

Oriana Sabatini 

Juventus midfielder Paulo Dybala is dating the sexiest WAG, Oriana Sabatini. In 2017, the couple began dating, and they have been together ever then. When Oriana declared her intentions to wed the footballer and her sexual orientation, she sent tongues wagging. As of March 2022, the Argentine model and musician had 731k followers on Twitter and 5.6 million followers on Instagram. Additionally, as of this writing, her Youtube channel has about 303k subscribers.

Perrie Edwards 

Perrie Edwards 

Perrie Edwards is another WAG from the Little Mix girl group. The luxury clothes company entrepreneur, performer, and songwriter is a single mother. As of March 2022, she had a very active social media presence and had 965k followers on Tiktok and 14.3 million followers on Instagram.

Victoria Beckham 

Victoria Beckham 

Victoria is without a doubt the greatest football WAG ever. What makes Victoria Beckham so well-known? Victoria, better known by her stage name Posh Spice, has enjoyed considerable success since the mid-1990s thanks to her singing career, apparel brand, perfume, and fragrance business. In 1997, Victoria and David initially spoke in a player’s lounge. Later, in 1999, David, who was once named the world’s most attractive football player, proposed. Victoria has 4.3 million Facebook fans, 11.8 million Twitter followers, and 29.2 million Instagram followers.



Who among football players has the sexiest WAG? The most stunning WAG of all time is without a doubt Gerard Piqué’s spouse.  Since then, the couple has been together and has had two kids.

Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina Rodriguez

Georgina Rodriguez, the partner of Christiano Ronaldo, is the most attractive WAG in 2022. The gorgeous influencer is a star of I Am Georgina and has participated in The Masked Singer as a competitor. As of March 2022, her Instagram account had over 36 million followers.


The only people that maybe have more eyeballs on them than the actual players in FIFA 2018 are the hottest football WAGs. However, despite the FIFA World Cup being in full swing and the most prestigious footballers in the world converging on Russia, not every player’s significant other has accompanied him to the northern nation, which is probably for the best considering Moscow doesn’t have enough beer to withstand the heat wave that would result from that. While Georg? Shakira, who is dating Spanish defender Gerard Piqu, is at the World Cup, where Na Rodriguez, who makes up 50% of the reason you even bother to read through Cristiano Ronaldo’s Instagram, is now playing. , is touring the globe in support of her album El Dorado.

You have to acknowledge, though, that the guys competing in the FIFA World Cup 2018 are really fortunate to be able to return to their wives, wherever they may be in the world. You should be watching football because of the hot football WAGs, who range from international pop stars to models and actresses. For your benefit, we’re assisting you in keeping up with them.

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