15 of the Best European River Cruises 2023 For Travelling

Best European River Cruises The small size, casual atmosphere, and accessibility of European river cruises are a big part of their appeal now that we have recovered from the pandemic and there is increased demand for travel. The majority of river cruise ships, in contrast to ocean-going vessels that can accommodate up to 5,000 guests, provide a more intimate experience. Most river cruise ships have balconies, floor-to-ceiling windows, and open-air viewing. Some also have pools, spas, fitness areas, and jogging tracks.

Daily shore excursions keep guests busy (if they want to be), and most cruises offer several options based on interests and activity levels. In most ports, bikes and walking tours are available, or guests can choose to spend the day relaxing in a comfortable lounge and taking in the surrounding scenery.

Best European River Cruises

“Stream travels offer chances to step aground in fantasy towns and legendary urban areas.According to Ralph Grizzle of River Cruise Advisor, “you can immerse yourself in contemporary culture and learn something about the history of the towns along the continent’s greatest rivers. “You can take in fabled landscapes with castles, villages, and vineyards from the top deck of a ship under brilliant blue skies. Down a flight of stairs, you’ll find all the modern hotel amenities, like restaurants, bars, fitness centers, spas, internet access, and comfortable rooms.

Planning a river cruise can take some time due to the numerous cruise lines and rivers available. A travel advisor is always a good idea, but there is also a lot of information on the internet. These major companies, along with examples of their itineraries, offer the best European river cruises.

15 of the Best European River Cruises 2023 For Travelling

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Viking, possibly the most well-known river cruise company, advertises their “longships,” which feature spacious suites and inviting verandas for outdoor dining. The cruise offers a wide range of itineraries and staterooms, as well as destination-focused dining and a wide range of prices.

The 10-day Viking “Portugal’s River of Gold” tour begins in Lisbon with a walking tour of the city’s ancient streets. Next, the group travels to Porto, the birthplace of Portugal’s traditional wine, where they board the ship and begin their cruise along the Douro River. On day six, guests arrive in the World Heritage city of Salamanca, Spain, where they can explore vineyards, Baroque palaces, and lush scenery. The schedule remembers visits to Portuguese towns for Pinhão and Régua to test nearby food varieties and wines prior to getting back to Porto.

15 of the Best European River Cruises 2023 For Travelling

Ama Waterways

This family-owned and operated cruise line, which will be 20 anniversary in 2022, focuses on innovative stateroom views, delicious food and wine, tasteful decor, and stateroom views. Charges incorporate wellness classes, shore journeys, and all feasting ready, including The Culinary expert’s Table specialty café. The spacious Ama Magna, which debuted in 2019, is nearly twice as wide as typical European cruise ships. New ships come out every year.

Wine enthusiasts will want to take part in the seven-night “Taste of Bordeaux,” which takes place while cruising the Garonne and Dordogne Rivers and includes visits to famous chateaux, timeless vineyards, and delicious wine tastings. A visit to a medieval castle, a tasting of Sauternes, a stop in Pauillac, the entrance to the Medoc wine region, and a tour and tasting of Saint-Emilion are among the excursions. Upon their return to Bordeaux, guests will explore this wine capital and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

15 of the Best European River Cruises 2023 For Travelling

Uniworld Boutique River Cruises

Uniworld’s one-of-a-kind ships are influenced by the places they visit, making the opulent ships themselves a destination in and of themselves. Charged as “the world’s just valid store journey line,” Uniworld offers in-suite steward administration, elite food, and comprehensive rates that cover premium spirits and wines as well as tips.

Their eight-day “Charming Danube” voyage on board the S.S. Maria Theresa starts in Budapest with a decision of visiting by bike or strolling. A visit to Vienna includes a concert by Mozart and Strauss at a Viennese palace, a tour of the city, and sampling local delicacies. The cruise comes to an end in Passau, where you can choose to walk, bike, or hike around the city. There is also a special farewell reception and dinner for the captain.

15 of the Best European River Cruises 2023 For Travelling

Avalon Waterways

With beds facing the views, Avalon’s suites and staterooms have floor-to-ceiling windows that cover the entire room. Full showers and L’O ccitane bath products can be found in the spacious private bathrooms. In quiet, spacious rooms with plenty of closet space, their deluxe beds and opulent linens provide comfort. Avalon’s “Active & Discovery” river cruises include traditional sightseeing and action-packed experiences for guests of all fitness levels.

The cruise “Active & Discovery on the Rhone” departs from Lyon and travels south through the Provence region of France to Port-Saint-Louis. Avalon Choice excursions on the way include activities at the Active, Classic, and Discovery levels, such as a culinary walk, a cooking class, a painting workshop, wine tastings, and guided bike rides.

15 of the Best European River Cruises 2023 For Travelling

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Begun as Another Britain engine mentor visit organization, Tauck is a family-claimed worldwide travel firm contribution visits and travels to many objections all over the planet. Personal service, exclusive destination experiences, luxurious cabins and suites, fine dining, and professional, caring staff are all highlights of their award-winning European river cruises.

“Recollections of the Seine:Paris to Normandy,” an eight-day journey, highlights stops in noteworthy little towns and towns and a visit to the D-Day sea shores of Normandy and the American Graveyard at Omaha Ocean side. Art enthusiasts will be pleased with a private visit to Claude Monet’s home and gardens in Giverny and the Impressionist Museum. A guided tour of Versailles, Louis XIV’s magnificent palace and gardens, the Cathedrale de Rouen, and Joan of Arc Square are additional highlights.

15 of the Best European River Cruises 2023 For Travelling


Ocean and river cruises are offered by Scenic, which places an emphasis on its fleet of “Space-Ships” with their meticulous design and spacious cabins. All-inclusive cruising and personalized butler service are offered to guests. There is a wellness area, massage services, a gym, e-bikes, and entertainment on board ships. There’s something for everyone on Scene’s “Free Choice” excursions.

The “Charming Castles and Vineyards of the Rhine and Moselle” tour begins with a transfer to Mainz for boarding upon arrival in Frankfurt. Koblenz is one of the stops, where guests can take an e-bike or walking tour. There’s a confidential traditional music show and visit through Reich burg Palace en route, as well as discretionary visits to the Mercedes-Benz plant or a mobile visit through Strasbourg and its eminent church.

15 of the Best European River Cruises 2023 For Travelling

Emerald Cruises

Cruises offers a variety of European river cruises, including yacht and river cruises. Emerald was established in 2013 and now has nine “Star-Ships” with room for 180 guests, stylish suites, and first-class amenities. The majority bring bicycles, and every stateroom has hiking poles. Emerald ACTIVE offers guided tours, bike rides, hikes, and other activities that move at a faster pace, and the Emerald PLUS program of special experiences helps guests connect with their destinations.

The eight-day “Sensations of Lyon & Provence” cruise departs from Lyon and travels to a charming village before returning south to Tournon, home to a castle built in the 16th century. Guests can choose from a canoe trip, village walking tours, wine tasting onboard, or a vineyard hike.

15 of the Best European River Cruises 2023 For Travelling

Adventures by Disney River Cruises

Adventures by Disney offers Disney-style cruises on the Seine, Rhine, and Danube Rivers through a partnership with Ama Waterways. Extraordinarily planned schedules and Experience Guides make encounters for guardians, kids, and teenagers, from dynamic outings to extraordinary locally available exercises. Guests of all ages can enjoy dinners and wine tasting experiences for adults, teen programming, Disney movie nights, karaoke, trivia nights, and Junior Adventurer dinners.

The eight-day Danube River Cruise begins in Budapest, where Adventurers can compete in a goulash-making contest and attend a horse show at an equestrian park. In Bratislava, Junior Swashbucklers can visit a petting zoo, and at night, there’s family karaoke. The next day’s options include a tour of Vienna and Schönbrunn Palace, a marionette show, a concert, and making strudel. Onboard, “The Sound of Music” and a singalong mark the end of a day spent in Salzburg. The following day, the cruise comes to an end with a farewell dinner for the captain and an Oktoberfest celebration.

15 of the Best European River Cruises 2023 For Travelling

CroisiEurope Cruises

Croisi, founded in 1976, operates a fleet of oceangoing ships, canal barges, and river cruise ships for river, canal, and sea cruises. The company was able to be pioneers on several European rivers, including the Gironde, Loire, Po, and Elbe, thanks to their innovative approach. They designed their ships to reflect the characteristics of the waterways.

The seven-day CroisiEurope “Hamburg to Berlin: The “Discover the Medieval Charms of Hanseatic Cities” cruise begins with guided tours of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed cities of Hamburg and Lübeck. The ship will ride the Schwanebeck twin ship lift. One of Europe’s highest with a 125-foot vertical lift, following a morning cruise. Day four includes a cruise in the afternoon and an optional excursion to the Auto stadt theme park, which is dedicated to German automobile design. A tour of Magdeburg, renowned for its fascinating architecture and culture, takes place the following day. For a fun-filled evening and tour, the ship arrives in Berlin.

15 of the Best European River Cruises 2023 For Travelling

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The distinctive ships of this German cruise line are easily identified by their large red lips and rose on the bow. The new A-Rosa Sena, a hybrid-powered ship that is expected to cruise the northern Rhine almost silently and emission-free, joined their 12 ships. A kids club, heated outdoor pools, and free passage for children under the age of 15 are all family-friendly features.

The “Highlights of the Rhine” cruise travels to Rotterdam, Amsterdam, and Cologne over the course of six days. Bus tours, canal tours, pedal boats, and private auto tours are all available for an additional fee. The next day, you can explore Utrecht in a variety of ways. The ship returns to Cologne on day six.

15 of the Best European River Cruises 2023 For Travelling

Lueftner Cruises

This more than 40-year-old Austrian family business offers European river cruises on its 16 AMADEUS ships. Their ships are known for their five-star service, facilities, and cuisine. They also have spacious sun decks and wide windows with views.

The eight-day “Saar and Moselle Fairytales” cruise leaves from Cologne and travels down the Rhine to the Moselle and the Saar River. Which is a tributary of the Moselle. After passing through the Mosel vineyards. The ship docks in the medieval town of Cochem for a walking tour with a guide. The following day, guests can take a tour of the town of Bernkastel-Kues, sample wines, or hike to the castle ruins for a stunning view. After a tour of Saarburg in the morning. The ship cruises the Saar River with great views of its enormous loop. The ship makes a port of call in Luxembourg before moving on to Koblenz. Where the Moselle and Rhine Rivers meet, before heading back to Cologne.

15 of the Best European River Cruises 2023 For Travelling

Apt River Cruises

The largest family-owned tour and cruise company in the country, this Australian company offers a variety of travel options. The Ama Venita, Ama Stella, and Ama Reina Concerto River Ships cruise the Danube, Main, Rhine, and Douro Rivers, offering opulent accommodations and excursions. Although Apt River Cruises is the sole provider of the ships that Apt charters from Ama Waterways. Apt River Cruises is the sole provider of their itineraries and onboard programs. Adept’s contributions incorporate rail ventures, as well as little boat, yacht, and sea travels.

Their 15-day “Magnificent Europe” cruise begins with a canal tour in Amsterdam and travels the Rhine, Main, and Danube Rivers before arriving in Budapest. Before arriving in Miltenberger for a city tour. The ship docks in Koblenz and cruises the Rhine Gorge during the day. On the sixth day, guests have the option of going to Rothenberg or going to a farm owned by a family for a home-cooked morning tea. The ship travels through the Main-Danube Canal, which links the North Sea to the Black Sea. Before traveling to Budapest for two days, there is a cocktail party, private orchestra recital, or city tour in Vienna.

15 of the Best European River Cruises 2023 For Travelling

Nicko Cruises

In addition to the oceangoing Vasco Da Gama and the expedition ship World Voyager. This German company has a fleet of 26 river ships in addition to 30 years of experience on Europe’s rivers. The company’s “time to discover” philosophy emphasizes varied culinary options, shore excursions, and intensive travel experiences.

Onboard the Frederick Chopin, the eight-day “Traveling on the Elbe and Havel” cruise explores Germany’s north through canals and rivers. The cruise continues to Potsdam for a guided walking tour after departing Berlin. Autostadt Wolfsburg is a park dedicated to the history of the automobile that guests can visit on a guided tour. In Hamburg, there’s a city visit and harbor voyage before the journey proceeds to the Baltic hotel, Laboe, and closes in Kiel.

15 of the Best European River Cruises 2023 For Travelling

Teeming River Cruises

Established in 2017 fully intent on making European stream travels more prudent and customized. Family-claim American organization Overflowing Waterway Travels fostered an alternate stream journey model. With a complimentary city tour app for each location. Guests create their own one-of-a-kind experiences rather than participating in pre-planned group activities. Teeming’s itineraries do not include group tours or plans that include everything.

“From the Canals of Venice to Renaissance-infused Mantua,” a seven-day cruise along the Po River in northern Italy, begins in Venice, where guests can see St. Mark’s Square and the Doge’s Palace. Onboard the MS Michelangelo, in collaboration with Cruise Europe, the ship travels west to Vicenza and Chioggia. The fourth day is spent in Verona, home to the Giusti Gardens and an ancient amphitheater. The following days are spent in Cremona and Mantua before the bus takes you back to Venice by coach.

15 of the Best European River Cruises 2023 For Travelling

Belmond – Afloat in France

On luxury barges with private chefs and excursions like truffle hunting, hot air ballooning, canoeing, and wine tasting. Belmond offers a different way to cruise some of Europe’s rivers. Afloat in France consists of seven barges, each unique in design and size. From April to October, the elegant barges travel the waterways of Burgundy, Provence, Alsace, Champagne, Languedoc, and Franche-Comté.

Guests take a cruise down the Saône on the Belmond Napoleon, passing châteaux, small river towns, and vast vineyards. Wine tasting and a tour of a Benedictine abbey are available at Montmerle, Mâcon, and Tournus. There is time for a stroll through St. Jean de Losne and a walking tour of Chalon-Sur-Sâone.

15 of the Best European River Cruises 2023 For Travelling


Our visitor’s top-ranked river cruise line for 2022 is frequently praised for its stability thanks to its fleet of more than 50 modern “longships” on rivers like the Rhine, the Danube, and the Seine, as well as additional ships in Europe, Egypt, and Vietnam. The shoulder seasons of spring and fall are probably the best times to take a cruise vacation to see Europe. Therefore, the ideal time to book a cruise to Europe is between September and October or April and May. If you want to enjoy better weather, lower prices, and fewer people, do this. Typically, the months of January through March are the best times to book a cruise. Industry-wide sales take place during this time, which is also known as wave season. And the price of that cruise you’ve been wanting might go down significantly.

Norwegian is likewise a mass-market brand, not an extravagance journey administrator. However, as we’ll see in the following paragraphs. It provides a wide range of accommodations, some of which squarely fall into the luxury category.


So there you have it! The best European river cruises in the year 2023. Be prepared to explore some of the most stunning landscapes and get explored by incredible music, food, and culture. If you want to make your vacation a truly memorable one, then book one of these spectacular cruises as soon as possible!

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