TDS Refund States 2024 { Direct Link } Check by Acknowledgement Number, Refund Types

TDS Refund States: The Income Tax Department Given an online service for monitoring the TDS return Status. Ten days after their refund has been sent, taxpayers can check their TDS return Status. To verify the status of your TDS return , you must insert your PAN number and choose the Assessment Year. Below is more Update, in great detail.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the different TDS refund states, and explain which ones apply to your business. We’ll also provide a guide on how to file your tax return in the correct state, and answer any other questions you may have about TDS. So remain safe and know your TDS refund state so that you don’t have to worry about any nasty surprises at tax time.

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TDS Refund States 2024

The terms “Income Tax return” and “TDS Refund” both suggest that if you overspend your taxes, you can request a tax Pay Back from the income tax office. In other words, when the amount of income tax paid exceeds the amount of income tax payable for a specific assessment year, an income tax or TDS Pay Back occurs.

TDS refund is computed and paid to you after filing your income tax Refund and accounting for all permitted deductions and exemptions. To request an income tax return or TDS refund, you must submit an ITR. For your convenience, the TDS Pay Back Status is also available online.

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TDS Refund 2024 Details

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Types TDS Refund Status 2024

To view the status of a ‘paid’ refund, you can go to and enter the ‘PAN’ and ‘Assessment Year’. This will show you the progress of the refund and how it was paid.

Different TDS Refund StatusMeaning
Not determinedThat your income tax Pay Back has not yet been processed is indicated by this TDS return Status.
Refund Paid


This TDS return Status indicates that the refund has been processed by the Income Tax Department and has been issued to you through paper Read or direct debit to your bank account number.
Assessment Year Not Displayed in Refund  StatusThere has not been an income tax e-return submitted for this PAN, according to the TDS Pay Back status.
No Demand No RefundYou may have requested a return in the case of this TDS return status, but according to the income-tax department’s computations, you are not entitled to any Pay Back.
Refund UnpaidThe Income Tax administration has processed and Announce the return, according to this online TDS Pay Back status, however, either your bank Update or your address is wrong.
Refund for ITR processed, determined, and sent to refund bankerThe Income Tax administration has likely finished calculating your return and generated a return request if this online TDS Pay Back status is shown.
Demand DeterminedThis TDS return status indicates that the Income Tax authorities have rejected your Pay Back request. Instead, the department sent you a claim for any salary you may have earned.
Contact Jurisdictional Assessing OfficerThis TDS return status indicates that the Income Tax division needs to clarify something or collect more data for your Income-tax return.

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Why is the Income Tax Refund Delay?

A delayed income tax refund could occur for a number of different reasons.Adjustments to your income tax refund are made in cases where there is an outstanding demand from the previous year. This means that your income tax refund will be lowered by the amount of that demand.You will be warned in a notification notice issued under Section 143 about the risks associated with the project.

Wrong Bank Account Number

The transaction will fail if you input the wrong account number and the account is discovered to be invalid. The bank will automatically reverse the transaction. The transaction will be sent to the incorrect beneficiary if you input the wrong account number and the account is found to be valid.If the bank account number you Given is incorrect, your return may be Last. You can submit a return reissue request in this situation.

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Wrong computations

If you filled out your Pay Back with incorrect information, the IT department will notify you and request additional information. The lengthy process will cause a delay in your reimbursement.

Return Revised

Your reimbursement will inevitably be delaye if you made a clerical error and changed your Pay Back as a Tax. Filing a revised return means filing your return again, but this time with the correct information.

Offline verification

It becomes clear that your reimbursement will be delayed if you verified the Pay Back offline by mailing them to Bangalore. Therefore, one should never choose offline mode over internet mode.

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Request for Re-issue of Refunds

  • Go To the e-filing section of the official income-tax website. https:
  • Go to ‘My Account’ tab and select the ‘Service Request’ Penel.
  • Under the type of request, select the option ‘New Request’ and request category as ‘return Reissue’.
  • A screen showing Information of PAN, type of return , assessment year, acknowledgement number, communication reference number and response will be Open. Click on ‘Submit’.
  • Submit banking and address Information.
  • You will be Carry to a Proof process using an Electronic Verification Code (EVC) or Digital Signature Proof(DSC) to complete the process. TDS return States

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