SWIGGY One Membership Benefits Price Plans Full Details?

SWIGGY One Membership – For SWIGGY users, a SWIGGY One membership is the best way to save on shipping costs. Due to recent changes to membership benefits, any meal ordered from any restaurant within a 10km radius will be delivered for free. Membership currently starts at Rs 299 for 3 months, but that is about to change. New to his SWIGY One membership area, the food aggregator has announced that he will raise prices to Rs 899 for three months starting August 4th. With the Rs 899 price increase, SWIGGY One membership triples in price. 

SWIGGY recommends purchasing a membership by August 3rd to avoid further payments should non-members decide to join in the future. So, according to the app, the SWIGGY One membership price remains at Rs 299 for three months until August 3rd. Annual membership fee is currently Rs 899 but may increase. However, the app has yet to mention anything new.

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SWIGGY One Membership

The SWIGGY One has recently been redesigned to offer our customers even more benefits. The food aggregator has announced free delivery to all restaurants within a 10km radius of your location, unlike before. The minimum order value to take advantage of SWIGGY One benefits has been reduced from Rs 199 to Rs 149. Additionally, SWIGGY has announced an additional 30% discount on eligible orders. However, the company did not increase membership prices while new perks were offered showcasing his SWIGY One as a better service for ordering groceries and groceries online. 

SWIGGY One membership starts at Rs 49 and goes up to Rs 899 depending on the number of days you subscribe. Also, if you’re not sure if SWIGY One will work for you, there’s a 15-30 day trial version. SWIGGY will be raising member prices soon, and we should know in the coming days if there will be any changes to the benefits.

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SWIGGY One Membership

SWIGGY One Membership Overview

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What is SWIGGY?

SWIGGY is an online grocery ordering and delivery service based in Bangalore. Launched in 2014, it is now successfully running in about 500 cities in India. It previously offered only a meal ordering and delivery platform, but now includes a grocery portion of the app as well. It’s called SWIGGY Insta mart and launched in 2020. Karnataka and Bangalore are now home to the company’s headquarters.

Rahul Jaimini, Sriharsha Majesty and Nandan Reddy created this famous foodie platform. SWIGGY can be accessed via the app or website. SWIGGY mainly offers his three services: grocery delivery, grocery delivery and online courier. After all, every gourmet can order and enjoy his favorite meals via his SWIGGY.


What is SWIGGY membership or subscription

In early 2018 SWIGGY introduced its first membership program. The SWIGGY Super Pack is just that name. By purchasing this membership, you can avoid paying delivery charges on restaurant orders. In addition, users of the SUPER package get free shipping. This SWIGY Super Membership also has benefits that many people are using. Additional discounts and offers are available.

Based on our experience with this package, all his SWIGGY users want a subscription or membership package that offers more benefits and features. SWIGGY then decided to merge the packs after receiving comments from the majority of users, and a SWIGGY One membership was established.

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What is SWIGGY one membership?

SWIGGY’s One Membership offer is an individual membership with many benefits. Free delivery, additional discounts on groceries, and special discounts on restaurant orders are just a few of the perks offered. Plus, you don’t have to pay overvoltage charges. More interestingly, you can easily manage or save an average of Rs 350 per month. Another note about SWIGGY One membership is that if you are a SWIGGY Super Pack member, at no cost she will be automatically promoted to SWIGGY One membership.

There are no additional charges. This is a huge advantage for all his SWIGGY users who have been Super pack subscribers. SWIGGY continues to work on improving the user interface of the official SWIGGY app. We are also expanding SWIGY One member benefits. As a result, it’s one of the best memberships you can buy out of the box.

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SWIGGY One membership eligible Cities

So far, only Lucknow, Pune, Vijayawada and Thiruvananthapuram have signed up for a one-year SWIGGY membership. Also, SWIGGY will soon be expanding to more than 500 cities. You may see his SWIGGY banner in some areas in the near future. So this tempting launch might scare all other delivery apps.

SWIGGY one membership plans

We easily spend 100-200 rupees daily on luxury spending. Here, SWIGGY One membership costs around 100 rupees per month, which is very cheap. Anyone can easily buy it and enjoy some great benefits. Also, as shown in the table, there are two options for him to choose membership.

Pack DurationPrice
3 month
1 yearRs. 1499

Similarly, a 3-month subscription costs Rs. 299 or Rs. 100 per month. On the other hand, a one-year membership package costs only Rs 1499 per month. Purchasing the 1-year package has many benefits. It offers all features for a minimum monthly fee of around Rs 75.

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How to purchase a SWIGGY One Membership

  • First, download the SWIGGY app from the Play Store or App Store.
  • Next, create an account on SWIGGY.
  • Click on the SWIGGY account symbol.
  • Click on one of your member benefits.
  • Please choose one of the two offers presented.
  • Click Buy Plan.
  • Pay from any source (Paytm, Phonepe, Google Pay, etc.)
  • Congratulations! He is now a member of SWIGGY One.
  • If you have successfully completed these steps, you are almost done.

Please note: If you do not create an account in the SWIGGY app, you will not see the One Membership section.


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What is the benefit of Swiggy one membership?

Swiggy announced that users have access to free deliveries from any restaurant within a 10-kilometer radius and orders over ₹149.

What is Swiggy one program?

Swiggy One is a membership program that provides benefits in the areas of food, groceries, and pick-up and drop services. Members may easily recover their subscription cost by placing an average of just three orders per month across food or grocery at a special price of Rs. 899 for 12 months.

Why is Swiggy charging fee?

Restaurants that accept orders from food delivery companies like Zomato and Swiggy are charged a set fee, which typically ranges between 24% to 28% of the order total. This is just the cost of getting business for the restaurant partner, not including charges for delivery.

What Is Swiggy 30 minutes or free?

Swiggy is promising delivery in 30 minutes or the order value will be reimbursed to weed out this pain.

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