Sun Direct set-top-box prices now start at Rs 1,799, comes with one-month free subscription?

Sun Direct set-top-box prices now start at Rs 1,799 – Sun Direct, a popular DTH operator in the South Indian state, offers two set-top boxes with prices starting at Rs 1,799. DTH operator Sun Direct is very popular in the southern states of India. The operator is now offering users his two set-top box options. It’s also priced fairly competitively with rivals Tata Sky and Airtel Digital TV. You can choose from Sun Direct SD+ and Sun Direct HD+ set-top boxes.

One of the most hotly-awaited and best-selling set-top-boxes in India, the Sun Direct set-top-box has finally hit the market! And if you’re in the market for one, you’re in for a treat – as the prices start at just Rs 1,799! Not only that, but you get a one-month free subscription when you purchase one. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on a Sun Direct set-top-box today!

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Sun Direct Set-Top-Box Prices Now Start at Rs 1,799

Sun Direct, one of South India’s most popular DTH operators, has made a competitive move, slashing the price of its set-top box models to Rs. 1,799. The Chennai-based operator’s new move comes in line with companies offering set-top boxes at similar price points to service providers such as D2h and Dish TV. The Sun Direct SD+ set-top box supports standard definition but costs Rs. 1,799. 1,999. Sun Direct website listing shows the operator selling the set-top box at his starting price of Rs 1,799. Customers who purchased Sun Direct set-top boxes from the official website must select a channel package to receive the new connectivity.

Looking for an affordable way to get access to all your favorite TV shows and movies? Look no further than a Sun Direct set-top box! Additionally, the one-month free subscription is included in these price points, so you can binge-watch your favorite shows without any worries. If you’re looking for an affordable way to get access to all your favorite TV shows and movies, then a Sun Direct set-top box is a great option!

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Sun Direct set-top-box prices now start at Rs 1,799

Sun Direct set-top-box Details

Article forSun Direct set-top-box prices now start at Rs 1,799
Sun Direct set-top-boxClick Here
Official websiteClick Here

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SD+ set-top-box price

An SD+ set-top box is available at Rs 1,799 (via Telecom Talk). It features a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) with an external capacity of 32GB with multi-audio selection and MPEG 4 technology. With it, you can record live TV shows, movies, and more. Sun Direct also offers a free one-month subscription for new connections.

HD+ set-top-box price

Meanwhile, the HD+ model is available for Rs 1,999. Digital Dolby Surround Sound, HEVC technology, 1080i image resolution, and 16:9 wide aspect ratio. It also has a personal video recorder (PVR) with an external capacity of 1GB. This Sun Direct set-top box also offers a free one-month subscription.

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Sun Direct does away with NCF charges

Under the new DTH rule, our monthly bill increased and was due to NCF (Network Capacity Fee). The DTH operator recently canceled her NCF charges for all channels. This means that subscribers can access all Free To Air (FTA) channels for her Rs 153 (Rs 130 fee + 18% her GST). Her other DTH operator charges her NCF of Rs 20 for every 25 channels in addition to FTA channels, which the operator ignores. If you choose 100 FTA channels and 10 paid channels (Rs 5 each), you will pay Rs 203.

The breakdown is simple, Rs 153 for FTA channels and Rs 50 for 10 paid channels. The same charge cost 223 rupees when NCF was charged. There are channels for 2 rupees, 5 rupees, 19 rupees, etc. For example, Kannada DPO Pack 2 also has a select package offering 207 channels for just Rs 224 plus tax per month.

Sun Direct set-top-box prices now start at Rs 1,799, comes with one-month free subscription

Looking for a top-of-the-line set-top box? Look no further than Sun Direct! This wonderful device comes with great features and is highly recommended by tech experts and users alike. Starting at just Rs 1,799, it’s now available at a discounted price. So don’t wait any longer and get your hands on this amazing set top box today!


Are you looking to stream your favorite shows and movies without any hassles? Then you need to check out Sun Direct! With set-top-box prices starting at just Rs 1,799, this is the perfect way to get all your entertainment needs under one roof. Not only that, but you also get a one-month free subscription! So what are you waiting for? Get your Sun Direct set-top-box today and start streaming without any limits!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I use Airtel set top box for Sun Direct?

It is feasible, yes. With a sun direct antenna, u may use adtv hd stb. You'll have to re-align your dish in the same spot as the adtv's

How can I find my Sun Direct Set Top Box number?

Remove your smart card from the set-up box to discover the Sun Direct smart card number. On the back side of the card, you'll find a 12-digit number. Your smart card number is the final eight digits of a 12-digit number.

How can I get Sun Direct distribution?

By calling the Sun Direct Helpline. Visiting your local Sun Direct Sun Shine Stores or retailers is another option.

How can I upgrade my Sun Direct package?

You may also call us to modify your plans. It's worth noting that we're only a phone call away. You may contact us at 1800 123 7575, a toll-free number.

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