Star Mediclassic Insurance Plan Benefits, Features, Buy & Renew

Star Mediclassic Insurance Plan – In India, health insurance is a very important part of general insurance. The reason is clear and simple. The modern lifestyle of today is fraught with uncertainties and numerous health risks. Because hospitalization and the cost that go along with it are getting more expensive every day, you need to make sure you and your family are protect in case of an unexpect medical emergency. Most importantly, if you want to keep the savings, you need health insurance.

The Star Health and Allied Insurance Company’s Star Mediclassic Insurance covers hospital costs for illnesses, diseases, and accidental injuries. In addition, the insured can get care in over 9900 network hospitals for free. The fact that the insurance company handles all Star health mediclaim policy claims directly, without the TPA’s involvement, is a significant advantage.

Star Mediclassic Insurance Plan

There are numerous instances of happiness and sorrow in life. It’s a good idea to get insurance because all of these things can happen at any time and put a lot of pressure on a person’s finances. Coverage is provided by insurance policies, which also aid in lowering an individual’s financial risk. The Medi Classic Insurance Policy offered by Star Health Insurance covers hospital costs associated with diseases, injuries, and accidents.

In order to keep your dreams alive, a Medi-Cal classic insurance policy covers the costs of hospitalization for illness, sickness, or accidental injuries. Under an alternative variant known as star health medi classic gold plan, the Medi Classic Insurance Policy provides additional features such as coverage for psychiatric and psychosomatic disorders, coverage for newborn babies, additional coverage for traffic accidents, and more.

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Star Mediclassic Insurance Plan

Star Mediclassic Insurance Plan Details

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About Star Medi Classic Health Insurance

The Star Health Medi Classic Insurance Policy covers hospital costs incurred as a result of sickness or disease, allowing you to manage your own and your family’s medical costs. The medical insurance policy also covers accidents that happen to people or cars. This policy is open to any Indian citizen between the ages of 5 months and 65. However, after 65 years, only renewal is available.

Numerous benefits are provided to policyholders by the policy. Coverage for hospitals is one example; treatments that are not allopathic; cover for emergency ambulances; costs associated with a surgeon, anesthesiologist, consultant, medical professional, or specialist, as well as coverage for boarding or nursing costs, pre-existing disease, and both pre- and post-hospitalization care.

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Star Medi Classic Health Insurance policy

Star Medi Exemplary is a wellbeing plan which gives wide inclusion of the costs during hospitalization. to you and your loved ones. The primary highlights and advantages can be summed up as underneath:

  • Wide inclusion with higher Total Guaranteed: Under the Gold arrangement, you can decide on a higher Total Guaranteed
  • Pre-hospitalization expenses: These costs are covered until 30 days before the affirmation in emergency clinic
  • Post-hospitalization expenses: These costs are covered till 60 days after release from the clinic, be that as it may, the sum can’t be more than the aggregate equivalent to 7% of the hospitalization consumptions, limit of INR 5000 for every hospitalization
  • Cover for Rescue vehicle: Cover for INR 750 for every hospitalization and INR 1500 for every strategy period
  • The office of Combined Reward: An expansion of 5% of the essential total guaranteed for each guarantee free year with a most extreme constraint of 25%
  • Programmed Restoration: The Fundamental Aggregate Guaranteed will be expanded consequently by 200% once during the time of the approach
  • Substitute Treatment: Cover for Non-Allopathic treatment till 25% of the Fundamental Aggregate Guaranteed, limit of INR 25000 during the whole time of the arrangement
  • Family Inclusion: Cover for people from 5 months until 45 years. The Aggregate Guaranteed is designated similarly between the covered relatives

Benefits Available Under Gold Plan of Star Medi Classic

Introducing the Star Medi Classic Gold Plan! This comprehensive package offers you an abundance of benefits that will make your life easier. From 24/7 customer support to exclusive discounts and more, this is the plan for you if you want to get the most out of your medical needs. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and take advantage of these amazing benefits!

  • Hospitalization Costs: Cover for costs connected with boarding, room with nursing uses for aggregate guaranteed of INR 3 lakhs and INR 4 lakhs is settled up to INR 5000/ – every day or more INR 5 lakhs cover for Private Single A/c Room
  • Pre-hospitalization expenses: These costs are covered until 30 days before the confirmation in emergency clinic
  • Post-hospitalization expenses: These costs are covered until 60 days after release from the clinic
  • Cover for Rescue vehicle: Cover for INR 2000 for every hospitalization
  • Mental and Mental Disease: Inclusion interestingly determination and hospitalized for at least 5 back to back days
  • Cover for Waterfall: Accessible according to the picked Aggregate Guaranteed
  • The office of Total Reward: An option of 25% of the fundamental aggregate guaranteed for second case free year with an additional 20% of the essential total guaranteed for each succeeding year with a limit of 100 percent
  • Programmed Renovation: The Fundamental Total Guaranteed will be expanded consequently by 200% once during the time of the approach
  • Cover for Street Car crash or RTA: The Essential Aggregate Guaranteed will be expanded consequently
    by half in the event that the protected individual meets with a mishap which brings about in-patient hospitalization
  • Substitute Treatment: Cover for Non-Allopathic treatment till 25% of the Essential Aggregate Guaranteed, limit of INR 25000 during the whole time of the arrangement
  • Inclusion for New-conceived kid: This cover begins from the sixteenth day after the child is brought into the world with a limit of 10% of the Total Guaranteed of INR 50000, whichever is lower
  • The office of Patient Consideration: Protected people over 60 years are covered and expenses for chaperon after the delivery from the emergency clinic is covered for 5 days greatest

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Eligibility Under Star Medi Classic Health Insurance policy

Entry age 5 years to 65 years
For Gold Plan 16th day till 65 years
Term of the Policy (in years) 1 /2
Renewal Lifelong
Sum Insured INR 150000, INR 200000, INR 300000 till INR 500000, INR 1000000, INR 1500000
For Gold Plan: INR 300000 till INR 500000, INR 1000000, INR 1500000, INR 2000000 and INR 2500000
Premium Depends on the age, the sum assured and family size

Process of Claim Under Star Medi Classic

Star Wellbeing methodology of cases is exceptionally simple and easy to understand. Star Wellbeing has its in-house guarantee settlement group that deals with the cases. You can take help from 24 hours helpline number 1800 425 2255 or 1800 104 2277 and give the Character Number and present the vital Pre-Approval structure to the Medical clinic Help Work area in the event of credit only cases.

For repayment choice where the patient must be owned up to a non-network medical clinic, then installment is to made first and later with all bills and fundamental records one can submit to guarantee.

Documents Required for Claims Under Star Medi Classic

  • Properly filled guarantee structure with right subtleties
  • A unique remedy with unique bills from the drug store
  • Charges along with receipts and endorsement of release or unique personality card
  • Subtleties from the specialist referencing the kind of activity finished with the bills and receipts
  • Receipts and examination test reports from qualified pathologist with a reminder from the going to specialist or specialist referencing the fundamental test
  • Visiting specialist’s authentication
  • A self-statement with FIR in the event of a mishap
  • KYC and NEFT subtleties of the protected individual

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Renewal for Star Medi Classic

Star Medical coverage gives the choice of paying the insurance charge online for any new contract as well as restoration. You can visit the authority website and can make the fundamental installment by entering your strategy number and your enrolled date of birth after which, you will be diverted to the significant page to pay the charge through charge/Mastercard, web banking, and so on.

Prohibitions from the Star Medi Exemplary Insurance Contract

There are a couple of things for which you won’t get inclusion from the Star Medi Exemplary Insurance Contract. Prior to picking the arrangement, realizing them is significant. See!

  • Pregnancy, Barrenness
  • Any Treatment outside India
  • Circumcision, Sex change a medical procedure, corrective medical procedure and plastic medical procedure
  • War, Illegal intimidation, Nationwide conflict and break of Regulation
  • Any medical clinic confirmation fundamentally for examination symptomatic reason
  • Liquor addiction, Substance Misuse, or self-incurred medical procedures

How to Get Cases for Star Medi Exemplary Insurance Contract?

Are you looking for an insurance contract that offers top-quality coverage? If so, you may want to consider getting a case with Star Medi Exemplary. This contract offers a wide range of benefits, including coverage for medical expenses, lost income, and more. Plus, it has a number of unique features that make it the perfect choice for businesses of all sizes. To find out more about how to get a case with Star Medi Exemplary, read on!

Coming to the main viewpoint for example the Case Repayment Cycle, Star Health care coverage Organization furnishes two choices with which you can get Cases — Credit only and Repayment technique. Actually take a look at the insights concerning the two of them!

Cashless Claim Method

  • For the credit only case technique, the principal thing you want to do is personal by dialing 1800 425 2255 or 1800 012 4477.
  • For recognizable proof, Show your Wellbeing ID Card at the Clinic’s gathering.
  • Present the Pre-affirmation examinations and Conference papers to the Medical clinic. Network medical clinics will confirm your personality and present the pre-approval structure to Star Wellbeing.
  • Prior to handling the Case, the group will check every one of the archives. A relegated specialist might visit the clinic whenever required.

Reimbursement Claim Method

  • At both Organization and Non-network clinics, Repayment of costs can be profit just in somewhere around 15 days from the date of release.
  • Notwithstanding, the Hint of Cases ought to be finished in no less than 24 hours of Hospitalization.
  • After admission to an emergency clinic, seek the treatment, settle your bills and send your repayment claims in regards to the Star Medi Exemplary Insurance Contract.

Star Medi Classic – Company Contact Information

You can contact Star Medical coverage in the accompanying ways:

  • 24*7 Complementary numbers 1800 425 2255 or 1800 102 4477 and rest of the clients can call at (044) – 2381 9100/2853 2060/2853 2030.
    Email at [email protected]
  • Communicate something specific at in touch with us by giving your name, email address and versatile number
    Keep in touch with The Administrator – Client Care,

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