Smartwatches with ECG in India 2024, Galaxy Watch 4, Apple Series Watch 7 and more?

Smartwatches with ECG in India – Are you looking for a smartwatch that can do more than just keep track of your health? If so, you’ll want to check out the smartwatches with ECG features available in India. These watches are able to measure heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels, and provide users with real-time notifications related to their health. So if you’re worried about your health and want to stay on top of your measurements, be sure to check out these watches!

We’ve found some of the best smartwatches that can read your EKG from your wrist. We’ve included some of the best and most popular smartwatches and activity trackers. Heart rate monitors and electrocardiogram (ECG) sensors have become very popular in recent years, and most new smartwatches have both sensors. increase.

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Smartwatches with ECG in India 2024

Smartwatches are becoming increasingly popular in India, and for good reason. ECG (electrocardiogram) monitoring capabilities are becoming increasingly popular, with several models now available in the market. The Galaxy Watch 4 is a great all-round model, featuring both heart rate and ECG tracking features. The Apple Series Watch 7 is also an excellent choice for those looking for ECG tracking, as it has a wide range of health and fitness apps built-in. Other models that include ECG monitoring capabilities include the Sony Smartwatch 3 series and the Huawei Mate 20 Pro. If you’re looking for a smartwatch that can monitor your health and well-being, the ECG monitoring capabilities of these models are a great option to consider.

These allow you to track your heart rhythm and electrical activity, making them great for tracking your health and fitness. They help you track your progress and get you closer to your goals, and can be used to diagnose medical conditions. We also have a great article on the best smartwatches that work with both Android and iOS phones. Smartwatches with ECG in India.

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Smartwatches with ECG in India

Smartwatches with ECG Details

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Smartwatches with ECG in India

Our list includes some of the best ECG-enabled smartwatches, including those that have been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and those that have hardware but are pending approval. Not yet approved doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not accurate. Still, it hasn’t been rigorously tested to be certified for some things, so if you’re serious about health tracking, I highly recommend an approved smartwatch.

Apple Watch Series 8 & Apple Watch Ultra

Apple has announced the new Apple Watch Series 8 smartwatches alongside the new high-end premium Apple Watch Ultra. The two new smartwatches have the same ECG functionality, allowing users to place their finger on the digital crown to get readings. Works just like any other previous generation Apple Watch smartwatch. Apple Watch Series 8 compared to previous generation Apple Watch Series 7. Just in case you want to learn more about the differences. Smartwatches with ECG in India.

Smartwatches with ECG in India

There are additional certifications and protections that make it the best smartwatch for divers, providing information such as a depth gauge and water temperature sensor. This watch performs the same ECG readings as cheaper watches. The Apple Watch Series 8 takes the crown of the Series 7 to be the best wearable you can buy for tracking fitness levels and notifications. It promises all-day battery life and a new body temperature sensor that improves measurement accuracy.

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Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch Series 7 smartwatch is the company’s newest and most modern smartwatch. It pairs seamlessly with all compatible iPhones and has built-in ECG functionality. Users can easily open the ECG function by simply placing and holding a finger on the digital crown while following the instructions on the smartwatch display. Results last only a few seconds and are often reliable and accurate, but I still prefer his dedicated ECG monitor.

Smartwatches with ECG in India

Once the ECG recording is complete, the results are displayed in easy-to-understand English. This information is also recorded in the Apple Health smartwatch app and can be shared with your doctor. Apple Watch Series 7 is FDA cleared and ECG functionality is available in many countries in North America, Europe and Asia. Available in 41mm and 45mm models, GPS and cellular versions.

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Google Pixel Watch

The Google Pixel Watch has an FDA-cleared ECG sensor that allows users to take measurements. Launched alongside the new Google Pixel 7 series on October 6, the new smartwatch features a large 1.2-inch AMOLED display with Always-on Display, a 294mAh battery, and is powered by the Exynos 9110 SoC. This watch requires the user’s finger to rest on the digital crown. The Digital Crown uses an ECG app to assess heart rhythm for atrial fibrillation. This app can be shared with medical professionals for further testing. Smartwatches can also track other sports activities, sleep, and many other health metrics to help users stay fit and in shape.

Smartwatches with ECG in India

Pixel Watch also features the latest Wear OS 3.5 software. This is the smoothest and most advanced operating system version ever. It allows users to download thousands of different watch faces from the Play Store and customize their watch experience with various supported third-party apps. Fitbit is also natively supported, with early adopters getting his 6-month subscription for free. 

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 & Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic are the company’s latest smartwatches. The Galaxy Watch 4 Series is the first smartwatch preloaded with Wear OS 3 software and one of the best smartwatches on the market today with ECG functionality. The Galaxy Watch 4 Series only takes 30 seconds to read an ECG and requires the user to keep their finger on the top button and stay still during the tracking process. Your arms should also be on a flat surface for the most accurate results.

Smartwatches with ECG in India

Once the measurements are taken, the user can view the results by navigating to his Samsung Health application on his mobile phone. Some basic information is also displayed on the watch itself. The Galaxy Watch 4 Series ECG function has been approved for the US, Europe, South Korea, and other Asian regions.

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Fitbit Sense

Fitbit Sense is another great wearable on the market that supports EKG tracking functionality. Like the other smartwatches on top, it’s FDA-approved and available in select countries, including the US and Europe. To take an ECG, you must be still and touch the case with your finger. The sensor then takes the ECG and displays the results on your watch and on your phone’s application. The information can also be exported as a PDF, and abnormal rhythms such as high and low heart rate can be detected.

Smartwatches with ECG in India

The smartwatch can also track many sports activities and is one of the best fitness device. It’s fully support on both iPhone and Android device and has great feature to help you stay motivated and in shape. Fitbit Sense has an ECG sensor that can track many sports activities. This is one of the best portable fitness device and works seamless with both iOS and Android devices.

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 & Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro smartwatches are equip with ECG monitor. Please note that the latest smartwatches have not yet been approve by the FDA, so we have include them on the unapproved list. Users must first open the Samsung Health Monitor app to set it up, create a profile, and sync between their smartwatch and phone. Once that’s done, the user can tap his ECG app icon on the watch and follow the instructions.

Smartwatches with ECG in India

Once the measurement are taken, the user can see some of the result on the watch itself, but they are also display in the app. Users should note that ECG function is only support on Samsung brand device. The smartwatch support and works with other his Android smartphones, but functionality is limited to his Samsung proprietary device. This mean that users with Pixel, Sony, OnePlus or even his iPhone will not be able to take advantage of this unique and useful feature.


It has been quite some time since smartwatches have been in the market. However, recently there have been a number of smartwatches with electrocardiography (ECG) capabilities that have surfaced. So, what are smartwatches with ECG capabilities and why are they popular? Well, as the name suggests, smartwatches with ECG capabilities allow you to take heart rate readings and monitor your heart rate variability (HRV). In addition to this, they also have other features such as sleep tracking and tracking of physical activity. So, if you’re looking for a watch that can do more than just track your fitness and exercise progress, then a smartwatch with ECG capabilities may be the right choice for

Frequently Asked Questions

Are smart watches ECG reliable?

Dr. added, The ECG technology in smartwatches is very accurate. And now, these watches offer consumers various alternatives, Amine continues. While Apple was the first to adopt this technology, other companies have since followed, including Fitbit and Samsung.

How Can we trust a smartwatch ECG potential and limitations?

ECG-enabled smartwatches currently employ algorithms that have limitations that are manufacturer-dependent and severely reduce their diagnostic accuracy. False positive and negative assessments are possible as a result of these, causing concern and additional diagnostic testing.

What Is there any harm for using smart watch?

These gadgets are tiny computers that fit onto your wrist, to put it another way. Whether or not a gadget is harmful depends on how you employ it, just like with any other gadget. Notwithstanding this, there are certain factors to consider, such as radiation exposure and possible health risks.

What Is ECG on watch useful?

In a clinical trial using 12-lead ECG as the gold standard, the ECG app on the Apple Watch was found to have 99.3% specificity for identifying sinus rhythm and 98.5% sensitivity for identifying Afib

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