Shiva Captions for Instagram, Bholenath, Mahadev, Mahakal Lord Shiva Quotes In Hindi, English

Shiva Captions: Instagram is a social media platform which allows users to share photos and videos with friends and followers. As a Shiva lover, you would love to add a little shiva flavor to your Instagram posts. Here, we are going to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to create beautiful shiva captions for Instagram. Many people still believe in him, and he has devotees from every corner of the globe. To pursue the truth and always speak up for it, Mahadev teaches us. Many people look up to him for motivation.

If you’re a Shiva follower, you’ll appreciate these Lord Shiva quotations in English that we’ve provided for you. We will also discuss the different types of shiva captions and give some Mahadev caption ideas in Hindi. Hope you love the article!

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Shiva Captions

Shiva, one of the major deities of Hinduism, is also known as Mahadev. Among Hindus, he is one of the three major deities: Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh. Lord Shiva is also known as Adiyogi, Mahakal, Bholenath, and Shiv Ji in Hinduism.

You have come to the right place if you are looking for lord shiva quotes in Hindi or English. You can easily download them or use them as Bhola Nath status for WhatsApp. Lord Shiva is one of the most popular Hindu gods. His images and quotes are collected in this latest set of downloads.

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Shiva Captions

Shiva Captions for Instagram

Shiva is a powerful god who is often depicted with a trident. His captions for Instagram can be a great source of inspiration for your next photos post. Whether you’re looking to add a little bit of whimsy to your feed or want to tap into some Hindu symbolism, Shiva’s captions are sure to help. You may also find his captions applicable in other aspects of your life – after all, he is the god of destruction and transformation! So, whether you’re looking to distress after a long day or celebrate a new milestone, Shivas captions are sure to come in handy. Happy captioning!

Happy Mahashivratri Wishes

What are Shiva Captions?

Shiva Captions are the perfect way to add personality and fun to your Shiva photos. They’re a great way to show your friends and family how much you love and appreciate them. They can also be a great gift for friends, family, or coworkers. There are many different styles you can choose from, so find the one that expresses who you are best! Remember to have fun with it and enjoy creating captions for your Shiva photos!

Mahadeva Captions for Instagram

Mahadeva is a popular deity in India that celebrates the power and creative energy of creation. His images are often used as Instagram captions for pictures that showcase these qualities – making him perfect for your account this season! Whether you’re looking for a captions for a fresh and clean IG account, or something more creative and unique, Mahadev is the perfect choice. Pick one or more of his images to use as your profile pic on Instagram, and feel the power of his creative energy flowing through you!

  • The anger he is, love he is, destructor he is,and creator he is. Say Bam Bam Bhole. 🕉
  • The whole universe bows to lord shiv and I bow to Lord Shiva. Har Har Mahadev!
  • Illusions will make you flow, but if you love Shiva, you will glow.
  • When In trouble always remember God Shiva and troubles go away.
  • Both the eyes are one-sided. To get a perfect balance, you need Shiv Ji’s third eye.
  • You are free to make any decision you desire, but you aren’t free from the consequences of those decisions.
  • The whole universe bows to lord shiv and I bow to Lord Shiva. Har Har Mahadev!
  • Let’s leave the world and go to Ujjain where Mahakal transforms anyone.
  • He is above all and everything. He is the entire Universe.
  • May Bholenath fulfill all your wishes. Om Namah Shivay!
  • Har Har Mahadev…
  • Shiva is a shakti and shakti is a shiva.
  • Forget any mantra, just chant Om Namah Shivay.
  • Shiva will be your side when you trust him and follow the path.
  • When Shiva beats his DAMRU DAM DAM- Evil Shakes and the Wise Awakes
  • One thing that you can learn from Mahadev is to help the ones in need.
  • We are only mere puppets in Shiva’s hands.
  • Adiyogi belongs to the past, future, and even present.
  • Lord Shiva loves those who place their trust in him.
  • Keep calm and trust Lord Shiva 🔱

Shiva Caption in English

Shiva is a god of destruction and transformation who is often depicted with a trident in his hand. He is the Hindu lord of yoga and meditation, and is often considered the god of creation. The name shiva means “auspicious one” or “lord of the universe. As a god of yoga, shiva is often depicted in a pose called the shivashakti. In this pose, shiva holds the shivamukti – a conch shell that represents the sound of creation.

Isha Maha Shivratri Live

Mahadev Caption in Hindi

Mahadev is the Hindu god of destruction and enlightenment, who regulates the cycles of life and death. He is often depicted with a conch shell to represent his ability to ward off evil. Worshiping mahadev can help you achieve personal growth and peace in your life. Keep this god in mind when youre feeling down, and remember that he always has your best interests at heart.

  • दुनिया वालो ने मुझे हसाया दुनिया वालों ने मुझे रुलाया, पर भोलेनाथ ने मुझे अपना बनाया !
  • मोहब्बत के आशियाने से दूर रहता हु भोले का भक्त हूँ उसी की इबादत में चूर रहता हूँ
  • अंतर यामी सब का स्वामी भक्तों का रखवाला, ३ लोक में बाँठ रहा है वो दिन रात उजाला । आयो महिमा गए भोलेनाथ की, भक्ति में खो जाए भोलेनाथ की ।
  • कमाल है भोले तेरा प्यार भी,ना सीमा है,ना इंतज़ार भी!!!!
  • ना गिन के दिया ना तोल के दिया”,“मेरे महाकाल ने जिसे भी दिया दिल खोल के दिया”
  • करता करे न कर सके, शिव करे सो होय! तीन लोक नौ खण्ड में, शिव से बड़ा न कोय!
  • भोले के दरबार में दुनिया बदल जाती है, रहमत से हाथ की लकीरे बदल जाती है, लेता है जो भी दिल से महादेव का नाम, एक पल में उसकी तकदीर बदल जाती है।
  • जिन की जटाओं से बहती नीर है, जिन के नयन में सामंत संसार है, जिन्के वेशभूशा में दलकर है, ऐसे महाकाल को सत नमस्कार है।
  • मेरे महाकाल तुम्हारे बिना मैं शून्य हूँ ….. तुम साथ हो महाकाल तो में अनंत हूँ
  • मैं कल नहीं मैं काल हूँ… वैकुण्ठ या पाताल नहीं… मैं मोक्ष का भी सार हूँ… मैं पवित्र रोष हूँ… मैं ही तो अघोर हूँ..
  • जिनके रोम-रोम में शिव हैं वही विष पिया करते हैं , जमाना उन्हें क्या जलाएगा , जो श्रृंगार ही अंगार से किया करते हैं…
  • न चिंता न भय हो भोले नाथ आपकी जय हो
  • लाख मुश्किल आ जाए, किस्मत बदल देने वाला भोलेनाथ है मेरे साथ।
  • साम – दाम तुम्हीं रखो… मैं दंड में सम्पूर्ण हूँ.
  • जब सुखों ना मिले तो दिखावे की बस्ती में, झूम जाओ तुम भोलेनाथ की मस्ती में।
  • भोले की भक्ति से पहचान है मेरी, वर्ण मेरी कोई औकत नहीं।
  • मेरी किस्मत से ज्यादा मेरी थाली में भोले ने परोसा है। अब तू लाख मुश्किल भी दे दे भोले, मुझे तुझ पर भरोसा है।

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Bholenath Captions for Instagram

Captions are one of the most important aspects of a good Instagram post. They need to be catchy, funny, and reflect the photo in a way that will capture peoples attention. Just like with any other post, make sure to use hashtags when uploading photos for a more organized search experience. Additionally, captions can be a great way to add personality and humor to your posts. They can also be relatable, informing, or both. So, go ahead and give bholenath captions a try on your next Instagram post – you wont regret it!

Kedarnath Captions

जिस जगह वास करते हैं भोलेनाथ,
उस जगह को कहते हैं हम केदारनाथ।

जब भक्ति का प्रसाद पाएंगे,जब बाबा
भोलेनाथ बुलाएंगे, उठाकर झोला अंजान
राहो से तभी हम केदारनाथ जाएंगे।

जिंदगी में एक ऐसा हमसफ़र खोज रहा हूँ,
उसी के साथ केदारनाथ जाने की सोच रहा हूँ।

मुश्किल तो मेरे भी हालत बड़े थे,
मै जीत गया क्योकि साथ मेरे महाकाल खड़े थे।

जब हृदय में प्रेम और भक्ति की स्वीकृति होती है,
तब केदारनाथ धाम में अध्यात्म की जागृति होती है।

मैं सारी दुनिया घूमना नहीं चाहूँगा,
जब बाबा बुलाएँगे तो केदारनाथ आऊंगा।

वो खूबसूरत सफर होगा जिसमें परिवार साथ है,
सर्द हवाएं क्या बीमार करेंगी अगर मंजिल केदारनाथ हो।

एक ही फर्क है स्वर्ग और केदारनाथ में,
स्वर्ग में देव और केदारनाथ में महादेव।

अपनी कृपा की बरसात कर दो भोलेनाथ,
छोड़कर दुनियादारी आ जाऊँ केदारनाथ।

अपनी तो बस इतनी सी कहानी है, बालक है हम उसके,
जिसकी दुनिया दिवानी है। जय भोले..

मौसम सर्द और नजारा रात का,
साथ तेरा और सफर केदारनाथ का।

बड़ा थका-हारा हूँ अपनी गोद में सुला ले,
भोले बाबा मुझे भी केदारनाथ बुला ले।

जहाँ झरने भी बाबा भोलेनाथ का नाम लेकर बहते है,
इस जहाँ के उस स्वर्ग को केदारनाथ धाम कहते है।

जब केदारनाथ धाम में जमी बर्फ पिघल जायेगी,
फिर बाबा भोलेनाथ के भक्तों भीड़ उमड़ जायेगी।

Devon Ke Dev Mahadeva Captions for Instagram

Instagram captions are an essential part of a successful account. They can help to engage and retain followers, and make your posts more fun and interesting. One of the best captions apps on the market is Devon Ke Dev Mahadeva. This app has an incredible selection of fonts and colours, as well as a variety of effects that you can use in your captions. Plus, the app has a built-in sticker, emoji, and music editor, so you can add even more fun to your posts!

Captions for Instagram are important for two reasons – first, they keep followers engaged and second, they help to promote your content in a more interesting and engaging way. So make sure to give Devon Ke Dev Mahadeva a try and see just how amazing your captions can be!

Top Mahakal Quotes in English For WhatsApp And Facebook

WhatsApp and Facebook are great for keeping in touch with loved ones, but what about when you need to talk about something serious? Why not turn to Mahakal for some quotes that will help take your mind off of things? These wise words of wisdom will make you feel better no matter what. Whether youre sending a WhatsApp message or posting a Facebook update, be sure to include a favorite Mahakal quote. Theyll brighten up your day and those of your friends too!

How to create beautiful Shiva Captions for Instagram?

When it comes to shiva captions, there is a style that is perfect for everyone aesthetic. Whether you want classical or modern shiva captions, there is a captions style that will fit your Instagram photos perfectly. So, what are you waiting for? Get started by coming up with some unconventional ideas for captions. They can be a fun way to showcase your creative side, and will help you stand out from the crowd. If you’re looking to add a little bit of glamour to your Instagram photos, shiva captions are perfect for you! They can be easy and fun to create, and will give your images a luxurious look. So whats stopping you? Start creating beautiful shiva captions today!


Now that you know everything there is to know about Shiva Captions for Instagram, it’s time to get creative and start captionsing your beautiful photos! Whether you’re looking for Mahadeva Captions for Instagram, Devon Ke Dev Mahadeva Captions for Instagram, or Bholenath Captions for Instagram, we’ve got you covered. Check out our blog for the best quotes in English and Hindi related to Shiva and Mahakal for WhatsApp and Facebook. Stay tuned for more interesting blog posts!


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