Russia Ukraine War : Which Countries Supporting Russia & Ukraine? Latest News Updates Today

Countries Supporting Russia & Ukraine Complete List & Reason: The world has been divided into two groups for the first time in over 40 years. This division is because of the crisis between Ukraine and Russia. Sanctions have been announced by many countries against Moscow because of the recent troops movement in Ukraine.

The invasion of Ukraine by Russia has already caused a lot of trouble, and it’s only going to get worse. Many world leaders, including those of Canada, the U.S., Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan and Colombia, have condemned the attack on Ukraine. Syria has voiced explicit support for Russia.

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Russia-Ukraine War: Which country is on which side?

World leaders have condemned it as an unjustified barbarian act and vowed to both tighten sanctions and hold the Kremlin accountable. The turmoil from the beginning of a long-feared act of aggression rippled from Europe to Asia.  Stock markets went down, oil prices rose, and European aviation officials warned of a high risk to civilian aircraft over Ukraine.

The war between Russia and Ukraine is the biggest conflict in Europe since 1945. As the Russia Ukraine war ensues, the world has been divided into two parts for the first time since Cold War. Read to know which country would pick which side. Some countries are supporting Russia while others are supporting Ukraine.Russia-Ukraine War : Which country is on which side?

Who will support Russia?

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Cuba, a close ally of Russia, will support Putin’s actions. Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Belarus once a part of Soviet Union will support Russia. Azerbaijan is also expected to ignore any calls for rising against Russia in case of a conflict. Iran has called for restraint from both Russia and Ukraine, while blaming the United States and NATO for the sharp escalation of tensions.

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Who is supporting Ukraine?

The United States and Britain have backed Ukraine strongly. The European countries of NATO – Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, also support Ukraine. Germany, France, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada all are supporting Ukraine.

Neutral stand on Ukraine-Russia crisis

India is one of the most geopolitically important countries in Asia and is typically known for its neutrality and being a non-aligned state despite having strong ties with Russia and the West. India has a very close relationship with both, Russia and the United States. India has maintained its neutrality and being a non-aligned state despite having strong ties with Russia and the Ukraine.

Nearly 40% of India’s GDP comes from foreign trade. In 1990, this number was around 15%. The bulk of India’s trade takes place with the US and its allies in Western Europe, and in the Middle East. India does around USD 350-400 billion trade with the Western countries.

What is issue between Ukraine and Russia?

Throughout 2021 and 2022, Russian military buildup on the border of Ukraine has escalated tensions between the two countries and strained bilateral relations, with the United States sending a strong message that invasion would be met with dire consequences for Russia’s economy.
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