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Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Plan – The Lifeline Health plan is a comprehensive insurance policy that meets your and your family’s medical needs! Medical insurance is a necessity in India because of the increasing uncertainty surrounding health issues. This plan can be purchased by anyone over the age of 18. This is an individual and family floater plan for Indian joint families that covers you, your children, and your spouse. because a happy family is one that is healthy.

Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Plan is one of the leading private health insurance companies in India. It offers a wide range of health insurance products that are tailored to meet the needs of its customers. From dental insurance to medical insurance, Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Plan has something for everyone. Plus, its customer service is top-notch, so you can be sure that you’ll be able to resolve any issues that you may have.

Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Plan

Welcome to the Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Plan! Our goal is to provide our members with quality care at an affordable price. Our health plans cover a wide range of medical services, from routine check-ups and vaccinations to specialty treatments and surgeries. We also have a variety of flexible benefits that allow you to be as healthy as you want to be. So what are you waiting for? Join the Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Plan today!

Wealth is well-being! It is extremely important to be healthy. In a similar vein, your primary focus ought to be on being prepared to defend yourself and your family against medical emergencies. Ailments and medical conditions can come on without warning, which can drain your savings. However, the Royal Sundaram Lifeline health plan, which is designed to provide greater coverage and a variety of healthcare benefits, can significantly assist you in overcoming financial emergencies.

Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Plan

Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Plan Details

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About Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Insurance

The Lifeline plan from Royal Sundaram takes care of both your regular medical needs and medical emergencies. This plan is available to people over the age of 18 to purchase. Both an individual plan and a Family Floater plan for you, your spouse, and your children are available. This is a strategy that “works for you” however you like. It covers things like a health check, the cost of an ambulance, vaccinations in the event of an animal bite, and costs before and after treatment.

The Lifeline plan offered by Royal Sundaram comes in a total of three variations. The plan provides a variety of insured amounts starting at Rs. 2 crore to Rs. 1.5 crore, which is covered by three distinct variants each with distinct advantages. The names of these variations are Classic, Supreme, and Elite; the particulars of each of these are outlined below.

Best Features of Royal Sundaram Lifeline Supreme Plan

Royal Sundaram Lifeline Supreme Plan is the best health insurance plan that provides all the basic medical benefits that a person needs. The plan has a wide range of coverages, including cancer, heart disease, and hospitalization. Other features of the plan that make it a favorite among people are its low premiums and easy-to-use online enrollment process.

  • The Life saver Preeminent Arrangement offers you an aggregate protected going from INR 5 lakhs to INR 50 lakhs
  • In the event that the total protected gets depleted, under the Preeminent variation, you can get a 100 percent of re-heap of the aggregate guaranteed
  • The entire day-care techniques are covered
  • The strategy covers 60 and 90 days of pre and post-hospitalization
  • Emergency vehicle energizes to INR 5,000 are covered
  • Organ contributor gathering costs are covered under this arrangement
  • Domiciliary hospitalization can likewise be covered
  • Get a 20% to 100 percent of No Case Reward for a case free year
  • The arrangement covers AYUSH medicines
  • You can likewise hear a Second Point of view if there should be an occurrence of any of 11 indicates sicknesses

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Benefits of Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Plan

If you’re looking for a health plan that offers a wide range of options, look no further than Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Plan. This plan has everything you need, from basic health coverage to affordable prescription drugs. Plus, you can be assured that all the doctors and hospitals that are part of the plan are accredited and approved by the government. So whether you’re looking for personal insurance or a family plan, Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Plan is the best option for you.

  • In-Patient Advantages
    In the event that you should be hospitalized for over 24 hours due to a disease or a physical issue, your Help Preeminent arrangement would cover the costs. The approach covers the specialist’s expense, room, ICU charges, nursing charges and so on.
  • Emergency vehicle Charges
    Rescue vehicle energizes to INR 5,000 would be repaid, when the assistance is utilized for moving the protected part to the medical clinic in a crisis.
  • Re-heap of Total Protected
    Once during a strategy year, the organization will furnish you with a total reload of the aggregate safeguarded.
  • No Case Reward
    At the point when you don’t make a case in a strategy year, you will be compensated with a NCB. This reward would expand your aggregate safeguarded by 20% each strategy year. This reward can increase to 100 percent in the Life saver Preeminent arrangement.
  • Pre and Post-Hospitalization
    Clinical costs don’t start or end with hospitalization. Under this arrangement, the costs connected with the connected injury or the sickness will be covered for a time of 60 days prior and 90 days after the hospitalization.
  • Day-Care Systems
    Certain medicines require a time of explicit perception or care after consummation of the strategy, which might take under 24 hours of hospitalization. Such systems called childcare methodology would be concealed to the aggregate guaranteed under the Preeminent variation of the Life saver plan.
  • Organ Gift
    Clinical costs brought about towards the contributor for the gathering of the organ, as per the Transplantation of Human Organs Act, 1994, will be covered.

Plan Details of Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Plan

Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Plan is a health insurance plan that offers an extensive range of benefits to its subscribers. The plan covers a wide variety of medical expenses, including medical emergencies, hospital visits, and surgeries. If you’re looking for a health insurance plan that covers all your bases, then you’ll want to read this article to learn more about the plan details. We also provide a comparison table of the benefits and prices of the Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Plan against other top health insurance plans.

Entry Age Adults: 18 years

Children: 91 days to 25 years

Tenure of Policy 1 year/ 2 years/ 3 years
Type of Policy Individual and Family Floater Basis
Pre-existing Disease Waiting Period 36 months
Sum Insured Options INR 5 lakhs/ 10 lakhs/ 15 lakhs/ 20 lakhs/ 50 lakhs

Waiting Period

  • Except if treatment is expected after a physical issue, no other treatment is covered for the initial 30 days of strategy beginning
  • Any basic ailment side effects that manifest during the underlying 90 days won’t be covered
  • There is a two year sitting tight period for 17 indicated ailments
  • Prior sicknesses are not permissible for a case for 24/three years, contingent upon the variation picked

Free Look Period

One more benefit of the Help Incomparable arrangement is the free look time frame. This 15-day time frame begins from the date of strategy buy and is given to you to audit the arrangement that you have bought. During this period, you can evaluate the agreements and assuming in the event that you feel that the arrangement isn’t according to your particulars you can return it, gave you have not made any cases.
You can make a discount demand expressing the reason for the return. When the solicitation is acknowledged, the discount will be started. The expense of clinical screening, stamp obligation charges and proportionate gamble premium will be deducted from the superior sum that was paid by you.

What is not Covered in Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Plan?

Do you want to be covered for all types of health care needs? If so, the Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Plan might be the right health insurance plan for you. This plan offers a wide range of benefits, including coverage for a variety of medical conditions and treatments. If you’re not sure whether the Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Plan is right for you, read on to learn more about what is not covered.

Given beneath are probably the most widely recognized extremely durable avoidance in the Imperial Sundaram Life saver Preeminent Arrangement:

  • Conditions and issues emerging from a habit
  • Support in experience sports
  • Treatment because of conditions coming about because old enough
  • Costs caused at an emergency clinic that are not covered, for example, organization, night chargers, documentation, administration overcharge and so on.
  • Restorative medical procedure, except if expected for therapy of malignant growth/mishap/consume injury
  • Treatment expected for remedy of refractive eye blunders
  • HIV and Helps
  • Indicated innate circumstances
  • Hospitalization that is taken for perception as it were
  • OPD treatment, except if determined in the arrangement choice

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Renewal Process of Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Plan

Opportune recharging of your strategy ought to be vital as can consume a major piece from your reserve funds and put you in monetary difficulty. The restoration is a straightforward cycle that should be possible in any of the 2 following ways:

Online Strategy
With a couple of snaps, you can restore your strategy on the web. You really want to visit the organization site, and go to “Insta Recharge” or simply click Enter your strategy subtleties and make the exceptional installment online by means of net banking, credit/check card or some other referenced electronic medium.

Disconnected Strategy
In the event that you don’t wish to reestablish your strategy on the web, you can visit a close by Illustrious Sundaram branch. You can fill in the Restoration Structure and pay through your credit/charge card or check.

Claim Process of Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Plan

Assuming that you follow all the given case related guidelines cautiously, the course of health care coverage Guarantee settlement would turn out to be simple and smooth. At the point when your primary care physician educates you or a protected part concerning hospitalization, you need to advise the organization at the earliest about the equivalent, 72 hours before hospitalization in the event of arranged treatment and in no less than 48 hours of confirmation in the event of crisis hospitalization. To advise the organization you can either call client care or send them an email. You can likewise enlist the case on the web.

Credit only Case
In the event of a credit only case, the TPA specialists present at the emergency clinic Help Work area would assist you with the customs. You would need to follow the accompanying advances:

Stage 1
Close the organization about the case when the specialist prompts hospitalization

Stage 2
You can go to the closest organization clinic for your treatment or some other organization emergency clinic that you wish to go to. To find an organization clinic, go to the organization site and see the rundown of organization emergency clinics

Stage 3
The TPA from the Assistance Work area at the Clinic would then reach out to the organization and start the credit only treatment

Stage 4
When the conventions are finished, the organization would settle the emergency clinic bill straightforwardly

Reimbursement Claim Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Plan

On the off chance that you were unable to profit of a credit only office, you can in any case demand a repayment. You or somebody for your benefit would need to tell the organization about the hospitalization when the equivalent is prompted by a specialist.

Stage 1
Advise the organization about the case

Stage 2
Go through the vital treatment at the clinic and make the installment forthright

Stage 3
You then, at that point, need to present all treatment-related archives and other recorded reports in somewhere around 7 days of release

Stage 4
When all archives are confirmed by the organization/TPA the emergency clinic bill would be settled

Required Documents

The following documents would be required:

  • Health Card issued by Company, along with KYC papers
  • Duly filled and signed Claim Form
  • Original Payment Receipts
  • All diagnostic and pathological Reports
  • Original discharge summary, with the date of admission and discharge, history
  • Invoice of transplants, if applicable
  • Nature of Illness and the Treatment required
  • Detail of Individual Medical services
  • Doctor’s prescriptions – medicines or/and diagnostic tests

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Policy Network Hospitals – Royal Sundaram Lifeline Plan

The organization likewise has a wide organization of empanelled clinics and this makes making a strategy guarantee extremely simple and smooth. With Imperial Sundaram Life saver Preeminent Arrangement, you can look for credit only treatment in an organization clinic and save yourself from the issue of going around without a second to spare fund-raising for the treatment.

Review of Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Plan

Having served over 4.5 million clients generally all through the country Illustrious Sundram has presented medical coverage designs that accompany changed benefits. The Illustrious Sundaram Life saver Preeminent Arrangement is a reasonable arrangement which makes it simple for individuals from all financial foundations to put resources into health care coverage.

The arrangement incorporates credit only as well as repayment guarantee choices, that can assist you with zeroing in on the treatment as opposed to worrying about the costs. Aside from the in-patient hospitalization inclusion, the arrangement further offers different advantages that rouse you to remain fit and fortifying.

Royal Sundaram Lifeline Health Plan Customer Care Details

Official Website
Email ID [email protected]
Phone Number 1860 425 0000, 1860 258 0000
Company Address  Office No. 21, Patullos Road, Chennai – 600 002

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