REALME UI 4.0 Update: Roadmap, list of eligible mobiles, how to download beta and stable update?

REALME UI 4.0 Update – REALME UI 4.0 release is just around the corner. REALME, which emerged as India’s second largest mobile phone carrier in Q2 2022, will surely be in high demand for its latest generation custom interface. The company has already started beta testing the latest version of the custom interface in the country and has also introduced a trial timeline for all users to receive the update. Additionally, the update brings smartphone users REALLY many new features for their phones and most importantly, gives them access to the latest version of Android 13 – with all its security and privacy features. Here’s a look at everything you need to know about REALME UI 4.0 and everything it brings to the table.

We have released the REALME UI 4.0 update and this brings a lot of new features and improvements to the platform. The update includes a new design for the home screen, a redesigned settings menu, more efficient group chats, and more! Check out the full changelog below for all the details.

REALME UI 4.0 Update

REALME will soon launch an Android 13 based skin for its devices in India. In China, the next iteration of the REALME skin is called “REALME UI 4.0”. Hence, we expect the company to release the next REALME skin in India as REALME UI 4.0 as well. REALME UI 4.0 is based on Android 13 and will soon be released for devices in the country. REALME has already started beta testing the Android 13-based skin for some of its flagships in India. So you can expect a stable version to be released in the coming months. We have compiled a list of REALME UI 4.0 features and compatible devices in this article. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

We are excited to announce the release of REALME UI 4.0! This update brings a number of new features and enhancements to the app, making it faster and easier to use. In addition, we have made various improvements to overall performance and fixed some bugs. We hope you enjoy this update!

REALME UI 4.0 Update

REALME UI 4.0 Overview

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REALME UI 4.0 Release Date

REALME has already started early access to its latest generation custom UI and the same has already been implemented for the REALME GT 2 Pro. However, it is currently available as a beta update for early testers, so users who want to be among the first to receive REALME UI 2.0 may also encounter bugs and glitches during the update.

As for the stable update, although the date is not yet known, it is likely that REALME UI 2.0 will be released in a stable version before October, which is next month. It is also likely that the release schedule will remain the same as the early access beta schedule described below.

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REALME UI 4.0: How to download?

Any eligible device will be required for a software update, but only when a stable version is released. If you want to check REALME UI 4.0 Preview (Beta), follow these steps:

  • Open Settings.
  • Scroll to find the Software Update section.
  • Check for stable updates and make sure your phone has the latest UI version.
  • Click the “Settings” icon in the upper right corner, then click “Test”.
  • Tap the “Early Access” tab and select “Apply Now”.
  • Enter the required information on the screen.

Once these steps are done, you will be entitled to REALME UI 4.0 based on Android 13 preview as soon as it is released on your device. Please note that the early access version may contain bugs that may hinder your experience, and using the beta software version on your main smartphone is not ideal as it may cause unexpected crashes and data loss.

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REALME UI 4.0 features

Like every year, the latest version of the REALME user interface brings a bunch of new features. On that note, let’s take a look at what REALME UI 4.0 brings to the table.

New theme

According to reports, REALME UI 4.0 will bring a new theme that also uses Android 13 themed icons. The theme, called Aqua orphic, is already available for OnePlus and OPPO users, and this time it’s a major cosmetic update for REALME users.

Privacy enhancements

Privacy is expected to be a big part of REALME UI 4.0. With the privacy panel coming as part of Android 13, REALME is also expected to add several new features, including a photo picker interface for all apps that only lets you selectively give storage to apps that request it. Users will also get a new feature where apps will ask users for permission to use Wi-Fi to search the network for nearby devices. which can be paired and work side-by-side. These new features are designed to add better privacy management features to the REALME Android 13 user experience.

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Media controls

Android 13’s new media management, especially in the notification dropdown interface, should also come to the new REALME UI. Users will see a larger rectangular UI cutout that displays more track information and allows playback directly from the notification dropdown menu, making the UI more user-friendly.

Dynamic widgets

In a surprisingly rare feature on Android and iOS, dynamic widgets are expected to finally make their way to the REALME UI 4.0 home and lock screens. These widgets update data in real time and should be part of the new user interface.

Enhanced animations

In addition to all this, REALME UI 4.0 should also bring improved animations that include new fingerprint registration animations and a new look for icons that can change depending on the theme the phone is using. REALME may also provide “Big Folders” that help users group multiple genres of apps into one main folder on the home screen.

New notifications and control center

Finally, notifications and control centers of REALME UI 4.0 expect a better look. Both should be based on how Notifications and Control Centers work in Android 13, and will likely offer a similar experience to the Android UI.

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REALME UI 4.0 eligible devices

A post on REALME’s community page revealed the initial rollout of Android 13-based REALME UI 4.0 across all its smartphones in India. Although flagship smartphones will be prioritized, REALME’s Android 13-based REALME UI 4.0 will of course continue to roll out until September 2023, when smartphones that meet its final requirements will receive the update. Based on the post, here is the current update schedule that REALME has initially chosen for its smartphones.

August 2022

  • REALME GT 2 Pro

September 2022

  • REALME GT Neo 3 and Neo 3 150W

October 2022

  • REALME GT Neo 3T
  • REALME 9 Pro Plus 5G
  • REALME 9 Pro 5G
  • REALME 9i 5G

November 2022

  • REALME NARZO 50 Pro 5G

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December 2022

  • REALME GT Neo 2 5G
  • REALME X7 Max
  • REALME 8 5G

Q1 2023 (January to March)

  • REALME GT Master Edition
  • REALME 9 5G Speed Edition
  • REALME 9 5G
  • REALME 9
  • REALME 9i
  • REALME 8 Pro
  • REALME 8s 5G

Q2 2023 (April to June)

  • REALME 8
  • REALME 8i

Q3 2023 (July to September)

  • REALME NARZO 50A Prime
  • REALME C35
  • REALME C31
  • REALME C30
  • REALME NARZO 50i Prime
  • REALME C33


Hello! In this blog, we will be discussing the REALME UI 4.0 update which is currently available for download. This update brings a lot of changes including a new design and improved performance. Additionally, the team has also released a roadmap with upcoming features that will be added to the app in the coming months. This includes features such as personalization, group chats, and more. To download the beta or stable update of REALME UI 4.


How do I manually update Realme UI?

Go to the File Manager and locate the firmware you downloaded,then click the firmware,Update Now,and wait for the update to finish. Power off the phone after transferring the firmware you downloaded to it.

hOW Will Realme 9i get Android 13?

Realme 9 Pro 5G users can now download the Android 13 Open Beta app. With the Realme Android 13 roadmap in mind, the firm has now begun distributing the open beta update for Realme 9i 5G users. The beta program for Android 13 is available to Realme users at this time.

How Will Realme GT 2 Neo get Android 13?

The Realme GT 2 smartphone has now received the Android 13 update, which is available via OTA. The introduction of Android 13 for Realme GT 2 users in India was announced by the company's Vice President Madhav Sheth on Twitter. The Realme GT 2 will receive the update in a phased manner, which will include all users.

What Is Realme 9i 120Hz?

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