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Ration Card Complaint Helpline Numbers: If you are looking for the Ration Card Complaint Helpline Numbers. Then you can grab all the 36 States as similar as Union Territories are now provided at nfsa.gov.in. People may now get these toll-free, landline numbers, and e-mail IDs of concerned states and may register complaints. Citizens had been querying regarding the information of the district officers who are in charge of Fair Price Shops. There is corruption in the distribution of food grains through the PDS (PDS stands for Public Distribution System) in the nation. There are also loopholes in the distribution of food grains by the PDS system in the country.

Ration Card Complaint Helpline Numbers

Ration cards are an official document provided by every state government in India to tribes that are applicable to buy subsidized food grain from the PDS or Public Distribution System, This system is managed by the National Food Security Act (NFSA). They also cater as a common form of identification for several Indians. To grab more details related to the Ration Card Complaint, you may read the article as follows.Ration Card Complaint

There are two types of Ration Card such as PHH, and AAY. The PHH stands for the Priority Household. On another side, the AAY stands for the Antyodaya Anna Yojana. Priority Household (PHH) ration cards are provided to trades that meet the applicability criteria set by their relevant state government. Each preferability trade is qualified to 5 kilograms of food grain per member per month. Antyodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) ration cards are provided to “poorest of poor” families or trades. Each household or trade of the Antyodaya Anna Yojana is qualified for 35 kilograms of food grain per month.

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Overview of Ration Card Grievance Toll-Free Numbers

“One Nation, One Ration Card” is an Aadhaar-based national ration card. It’s a portability scheme to confirm food security for all, involving internal migrants within India, under which beneficiaries may buy subsidized food anywhere in India. You can understand it by an example i.e. a migrant worker may get his share of food in his migrant destination place while his family may grab their share in their source/native home area. To grab the rest of the details related to Ration Card Complaint Numbers, you may read the following section.

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Those citizens who are searching for the Ration Card Complaint Helpline Numbers. Then you may collect all the 36 States as same as Union Territories are now mentioned at the official website of the NFSA i.e. nfsa.gov.in. People may now note these toll-free, and landline numbers in particular states. The citizens should also take the help by noting the e-mail IDs of concerned states and may register complaints. Citizens had been questioning related to the information of the district officers. These district officers are in charge of Fair Price Shops. There is fraud in the administration of food grains through the PDS system or Public Distribution System in India. You may read the following table to grab the important details related to Ration Card Complaint Helpline Number. For other details, you may also take the help of the official link as provided in the last section of the article.

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Check State-Wise Ration Card Grievance Helpline Number Here

There are different toll-free numbers for the Ration Card Grievance in each state of the nation. You may also check the state-wise Landline Number and Email IDs for Ration Card Complaint purpose in the below table. Here, we are providing a State-wise Ration Card Complaint Number here:

State Name Toll-Free Numbers Landline Number / Email ID NFSA Link
Andaman&Nicobar Islands 1967, 1800-343-3197 03192233345, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/AN
Andhra Pradesh 1967, 1800-425-2977 040-23494808 / 822, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/AP
Arunachal Pradesh 1967 03602244290, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/AR
Assam 1967, 1800-345-3611 9435064841, [email protected]@gov.in https://nfsa.gov.in/State/AS
Bihar 1800-3456-194 06122223051, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/BR
Chandigarh 1967, 1800-180-2068 01722703956, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/CH
Chhattisgarh 1967, 1800-233-3663 0771-2511974, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/CG
Dadra & Nagar Haveli 1967, 1800-233-4004 0260-2640663, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/DN
Daman & Diu 1967 [email protected], 02602230607 https://nfsa.gov.in/State/DD
Delhi 1967, 1800-110-841 011-23378759, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/DL
Goa 1967, 1800-233-0022 08322226084, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/GA
Gujarat 1967, 1800-233-5500 07923251163, 07923251165, 07923251170, [email protected], [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/GJ
Haryana 1967, 1800-180-2087 01722701366, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/HR
Himachal Pradesh 1967, 1800-180-8026 01772623749, 01772623746, [email protected], [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/HP
Jammu & Kashmir 1967, 1800-180-7011 (Kashmir), 1800-180-7106 (Jammu) 01942506084, 01912566188, 01912472375, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/JK
Jharkhand 1967, 1800-345-6598, 1800-212-5512 06512400960, 0651-712-2723, 0896-958-3111, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/JH
Karnataka 1967, 1800-425-9339 080-22259024, 080 – 22034562, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/KA
Kerala 1967, 1800-425-1550 04712320578, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/KL
Lakshadweep 1800-425-3186 04896263703, +91-4896-262012, [email protected], [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/LD
Madhya Pradesh 1967, 181 07552441675, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/MP
Maharashtra 1967, 1800-22-4950 022-22025308, 022-22024592, 022-22042314, 22025277, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/MH
Manipur 1967, 1800-345-3821 0385-2450137, 0385-2451144, 0385-2450064, 8413975150, [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/MN
Meghalaya 1967, 1800-345-3670 0364-2224108, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/MG
Mizoram 1967, 1860-222-222-789, 1800-345-3891 03892322872, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/MZ
Nagaland 1800-345-3704, 1800-345-3705 03702233347, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/NL
Odisha 1967, 1800-345-6724, 1800-345-6760 06742536892, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/OR
Puducherry 1800-425-1082 (Puducherry), 1800-425-1083 (Karaikal), 1800-425-1084 (Mahe), 1800-425-1085 (Yanam) 04132253345, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/PY
Punjab 1967, 1800-3006-1313 01722742803, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/PB
Rajasthan 1800-180-6127 01412227352, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/RJ
Sikkim 1967, 1800-345-3236 03592202708, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/SK
Tamil Nadu 1967, 1800-425-5901 04325665566, 04428592828, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/TN
Telangana 1967, 1800-4250-0333 04023310462, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/TL
Tripura 1967, 1800-345-3665 03812326308, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/TR
Uttar Pradesh 1967, 1800-180-0150 05512239296, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/UP
Uttarakhand 1800-180-2000, 1800-180-4188 01352780765, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/UK
West Bengal 1967, 1800-345-5505 03322535293, [email protected] https://nfsa.gov.in/State/WB

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How To Register Ration Card Complaint In Any State of India?

To do a complaint related to Ration Card in any state, you should have to follow the guidelines as follows:

  • In the first step, you should have to visit the respective state’s NFSA Website.
  • After that, you should have to note the Contact Number or Email ID from it.
  • Dial the Contact Number, and tell your complaint regarding the Ration Card.
  • You can also do the complaint using the Email IDs of the respective state’s NFSA official website.

Important Links:

NFSA Official Website: Click Here

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