Qualcomm vs MediaTek: smartphone chipsets compared across different price segments?

Qualcomm vs MediaTek – The battle between the world’s two biggest smartphone silicon giants has never been more competitive than it is now. For the past decade or so, Qualcomm has enjoyed being the preferred choice of Android OEMs, and for good reason. The company’s products can be considered technically superior, efficient in thermal design and consume less energy than competitors. However, the past year has shown that the tide has turned in favor of MediaTek. The Taiwanese silicon giant currently accounts for nearly 0 percent of the global smartphone chipset market share, surpassing Qualcomm’s 29 percent in the second quarter of 2022. Over the past year, I’ve used various MediaTek devices and compared them to their Qualcomm counterparts. Let’s take a look at each company’s most notable chipsets in 2022 and how they fared against each other.

As smartphone chipmakers, Qualcomm and MediaTek have been playing a race to the top in terms of product quality and performance. With smartphone sales reaching saturation levels in many developed markets, the two companies have been vying for market share with their latest flagship processors – Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 and MediaTek’s Helio X30. But is one chipset better than the other when it comes to price? This blog compares MediaTek vs Qualcomm vs Unisoc chipset across different price segments to help you answer this question.

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Qualcomm vs MediaTek

At the heart of your smartphone (or tablet, computer, etc.) is a processor that performs the tasks you want, and the more powerful it is, the better your phone will perform. As the price range increases, the power of these processors improves, but what about those who don’t want to spend a lot of money but want a smooth user experience from a budget smartphone? From there, competition will emerge to be able to deliver a smoother user experience, and three companies currently dominate the space: Qualcomm, MediaTek and Unisoc. But who is the king of budget smart SoCs? Let’s take the answer here.

When it comes to smartphone chipsets, there are two major players – Qualcomm and MediaTek. They both produce different types of chipsets that can be found across a variety of price segments. So, which one should you choose? The answer depends on a few factors, like your budget and phone model. It’s also important to compare all of the options before making a purchase, so you know which one is best for you. If you’re looking for a chipset that will offer superior performance and battery life, then you should go with Qualcomm. However, if you’re looking for a chipset that is more affordable, then MediaTek may be a better option. It’s always important to do your research before making a purchase, so you know exactly what you’re getting!

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Qualcomm vs MediaTek

Qualcomm vs MediaTek Details

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What is a Processor?

The processor is the most important component of your smartphone. In fact, it can also be called the brain of your smartphone. This component transforms all your actions into visual changes on the screen. The processor is directly responsible for the operation of your smartphone. The entire experience with the phone, such as opening various applications, browsing the Internet, playing games, etc., depends on the processor. This can be done thanks to the number of cores and a certain clock frequency, which ensures that operations are always processed on time. The better the processor, the smoother the experience. There are two very popular mobile phone processor brands such as Qualcomm Snapdragon and MediaTek.

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Qualcomm Snapdragon Vs MediaTek Which One Is Better?

This question cannot be answered with one word. Both brands have multiple processors running in different smartphones at different price points. In some cases, Snapdragon is better, while in others, MediaTek shines. But if we talk in general, MediaTek mainly focuses on budget and mid-range smartphones. The company’s chipsets are found in many mid-range phones, and MediaTek’s chipsets are very good for gaming. In 2019, the company launched the Helio G90T chipset, which debuted with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro and surprised everyone with its amazing performance.

Talking about the Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset, the company produces processors for different categories, budget, mid-range and even flagship smartphones. Recently, however, the company has mainly focused only on mid-range and flagship processors and even 5G chips. In the mid-range segment, Qualcomm Snapdragon processors are slightly inferior to MediaTek Helio series chipsets in terms of gaming performance, as the new-age Helio chipsets are really good. However, Snapdragon takes the lead in daily use, and in flagship smartphones, no one comes close to Snapdragon.

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MediaTek vs Qualcomm vs Unisoc: The Number Game

When it comes to smartphone chipsets, there are three big players – MediaTek, Qualcomm, and Unisoc. Both MediaTek and Qualcomm make chipset for a wide range of price points, from low-end to high-end smartphones. However, Unisoc is a subsidiary of MediaTek that makes chipsets for mid-range and budget phones. So, which chipset is right for you? It all depends on your price point and the type of phone you’re planning to buy. If you’re looking for a high-end chipset, go with MediaTek. If you’re on a tighter budget, go with Qualcomm. And if you’re looking for a chipset that works well with mid-range and budget phones, Unisoc is the right choice for you.

Unisoc’s first foray into cheaper chips started in 2012 with chips like the SC9863A, followed by the Tiger series of chips, mostly used by budget smartphone brands. According to Counterpoint foundry and AP/SoC service research, Unisoc will reach 3 percent market share by 2022. Most of the revenue comes from G AP/SoCs, which have grown significantly in recent years. The share of UNISOC AP/SoC deployments increased to 11% in the first quarter of 2022.


UNISOC has been able to expand its customer base with design gains in the launch of phones from REALME, HONOR, Motorola, Samsung, ZTE and TECNO all using UNISOC’s Tiger chipsets. MediaTek accounted for 19% of global smartphone AP/SoC and baseband revenue. MediaTek’s AP/SoC and baseband revenue grew 29% in Q1 2022. This was due to the higher 5G ASP and access to the premium level of the Dimensity 9000 series.


Qualcomm again leads mobile AP/SoC and baseband sales with percent. Qualcomm’s revenue rose 56% in the first quarter of 2022, driven by a higher mix of premiums that led to an increase in average bids. About a quarter of Qualcomm’s smartphone, AP/SoC and baseband revenues come from its separate baseband sales.

MediaTek Stealing Qualcomm’s Crown by Supplying Chinese Smartphone Manufacturers

There’s no doubt that Qualcomm and MediaTek are two of the leading smartphone chipset manufacturers in the world. However, MediaTek has been stealing Qualcomm’s crown by supplying Chinese smartphone manufacturers with their chipset products. This is causing the price of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 to rise, which is bad news for consumers. This rivalry could have implications for the mobile industry as a whole, with the potential to lose market share for Qualcomm in China and other Asia-Pacific markets. It will be important to watch this unfold over the coming years to understand how it will affect the mobile industry as a whole.


Qualcomm vs MediaTek: smartphone chipsets compared across different price segments? Qualcomm vs MediaTek: smartphone chipsets compared across different price segments? When it comes to smartphone chipsets, there’s no doubt that Qualcomm reigns supreme. Their chipsets are found in high-end smartphones, while MediaTek is more commonly found in mid-range and budget smartphones. However, this doesn’t mean that MediaTek isn’t a great option – in fact, some of the best smartphones on the market are powered by MediaTek chipsets. So, what’s the verdict? As long as you’re looking for a top-of-the-line chipset, you can’t go wrong with either Qualcomm

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between MediaTek and Qualcomm?

In terms of multi-tasking, heavy and intense applications, as well as gaming, the Qualcomm Snapdragon performs better. However, MediaTek's CPUs are good at multi-tasking and have solid performance; their additional core CPUs enable critical and demanding workloads to be performed.

What Is Qualcomm and MediaTek same?

In terms of performance, there is virtually no difference between MediaTek and Qualcomm, but it's obvious that the Adreno GPU supplied on all Snapdragon SoCs does a better job with the graphics. In the high end segment, this is particularly evident.

How Can MediaTek beat Qualcomm?

According to a study by IDC for PCMag, MediaTek has surpassed Qualcomm as the major supplier of semiconductor chipsets for Android smartphones, according to a report.

According to a study by IDC for PCMag, MediaTek has surpassed Qualcomm as the major supplier of semiconductor chipsets for Android smartphones, according to a report.

While Qualcomm dominates the high-end market, Mediatek is the most popular Android phone processor brand. Qualcomm has long been a pioneer in wireless communication, with both sub-6GHz and mmWave variants of 5G support available from the company.

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