Punjab RTO Code List 2023 PB RTO Codes PDF Download

Punjab RTO Code: Each RTO office has a distinct vehicle register number, which is allocated state-by-state. Each state has its own vehicle registration number. After supplying relevant information such as the RTO location, car model, owner’s name, and so on, you may register a vehicle’s number. The Punjab RTO list, which is accessible below, contains all RTO office codes as well as a listing of RTOs in the province.

The first two digits identify the state, the second two digits identify the RTO, and the fourth four digits identify the vehicle specifically; the register number is an eight-digit code. PB02-1234 stands for Punjab, 02 for the Amritsar RTO, and 1234 for the vehicle’s registration number. It is an example of this.

Punjab RTO Code 2023

Several laws are enforced by the Department of Motor Vehicles. Punjab has its own RTO, as do every state and city. Every RTO is obligated to fulfill the responsibilities and responsibilities connected with motor vehicles, according to the Motor Vehicle Act of 1988.

To maintain the driver and vehicle registration databases for the different Indian states, the Indian government formed the RTO Punjab organization. Candidates must be provided with dependable, fair, and adaptable assessment procedures by regional transportation organizations, or RTOs. As a result, the skill identification services must be offered at a low price.

The main emphasis of time recovery in RTO Punjab is the most tolerable amount of time that a system, application, computer, or network can be unavailable following a failure or other emergency. Once the application for RTO Punjab has been declared, the administration may change or pick appropriate recovery methods.

Punjab RTO Code List

Punjab RTO 2023 Details

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About Punjab RTO

The Punjab Transport Department is operational, according to the norms in Section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988. The Punjab Transport Department was established (amended 1993) to fulfill the responsibilities laid down in the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 and the Punjab Motor Vehicles Taxation Act of 1924.

The first two digits of the car’s registration number identify the state, the second two digits identify the RTO, and the remaining four numbers identify each individual vehicle. Punjab’s transport department offers a range of services, including the granting of licenses, vehicle registrations, and permits, in order to enhance road safety and welfare. Every city’s Punjab RTO code is included in the following list.

List of RTO Office in Punjab 2023

Abohar PB15
Amloh PB48
Amritsar PB02
Amritsar PB17
Amritsar PB14
Amritsar PB63
Anandpur Sahib PB16
Barnala PB73
Batala PB18
Bathinda PB45
Bathinda PB03
Bathinda PB80
Chandigarh PB01
Dera Bassi PB52
Dera Bassi PB70
Dhar PB68
Dhuri PB59
Faridkot PB79
Faridkot PB04
Firozpur PB05
Firozpur PB77
Fatehgarh Sahib PB23
Fatehgarh PB49
Garhshanker PB24
Gurdaspur PB06
Gurdaspur PB58
Hoshiarpur PB07
Jaitu PB62
Jalandhar PB08
Jalandhar PB67
Jalandhar PB90
Kapurthala PB09
Kapurthala PB57
Khanna PB26
Ludhiana PB10
Ludhiana PB91
Ludhiana PB55
Mansa PB50
Mansa PB51
Mansa PB31
Moga PB29
Moga PB69
Mohali PB65
Mukerian PB54
Nabha PB34
Nangal PB74
Nawanshahr PB32
Nawanshahr PB20
Nihal Singh Wala PB66
Patiala PB11
Patiala PB42
Pathankot PB35
Patti PB38
Phillaur PB37
Raikot PB56
Rampura Phul PB40
Rupnagar PB71
Rupnagar PB12
Rupnagar PB87
Samrala PB43
Sangrur PB13
Sangrur PB28
Sangrur PB44
Sangrur PB64
Sangrur PB75
Sangrur PB76
Sri Muktsar Sahib PB30
Sri Muktsar Sahib PB60
Sultanpur Lodhi PB41
Tarn Taran PB46
Tarn Taran PB88
barnala PB19
dasuya PB21
fazilka PB22
jagraon PB25
jalalabad PB61
kharar PB27
malout PB53
nakodar PB33
patran PB72
phagwara PB36
rajpura PB39
zira PB47

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Punjab RTO Code list PDF Download 2023

Chandigarh PB-01 Rajpura PB-39
Amritsar PB-02 Rampura Phul PB-40
Bathinda PB-03 Sultanpur Lodhi PB-41
Faridkot PB-04 Samana PB-42
Faridkot PB-05 Samrala PB-43
Gurdaspur PB-06 Sunam PB-44
Hoshiarpur PB-07 Talwandi Sabo PB-45
Jalandhar PB-08 Tarn Taran PB-46
Kapurthala PB-09 Zira PB-47
Ludhiana PB-10 Amloh PB-48
Patiala PB-11 Khamano PB-49
Ropar PB-12 Budhlada PB-50
Sangrur PB-13 Jhunir / Sardulgarh PB-51
Ajnala PB-14 Bassi Pathana PB-52
Abohar PB-15 Malout PB-53
Anandpur Sahib PB-16 Mukerian PB-54
Baba Bakala PB-17 Payal PB-55
Batala PB-18 Raikot PB-56
Barnala PB-19 Bhulath PB-57
Balachaur PB-20 Dera Baba Nanak PB-58
Dasuya PB-21 Dhuri PB-59
Fazilka PB-22 Gidderbaha PB-60
Fatehgarh Sahib PB-23 Jalalabad PB-61
Garhshankar PB-24 Jaitu PB-62
Jagraon PB-25 Khadoor Sahib PB-63
Khanna PB-26 Moonak PB-64
Kharar PB-27 Mohali PB-65
Malerkotla PB-28 Nihal Singh Wala PB-66
Moga PB-29 Shahkot PB-67
Muktsar PB-30 Dhar Kalan PB-68
Mansa PB-31 Bagha Purana PB-69
Nawanshahr PB-32 Dera Bassi PB-70
Nakodar PB-33 Chamkaur Sahib PB-71
Nabha PB-34 Patran PB-72
Pathankot PB-35 Tappa Mandi PB-73
Phagwara PB-36 Nangal PB-74
Phillaur PB-37 Lehra PB-75
Patti PB-38 Ahmedgarh PB-76

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Punjab RTO Helpline Number

Office of State Transport Commissioner
Name : Sh./Smt./Ms. Designation Office
Sh. Alok Prabhakar DC (F&A) 0172-2771328
Sh. Manjeet Singh Dy. STC 0172-2706943
Sh. Karan Singh Secy RTA HQ
Sh. Kuljit Katoch AE/ASTC(T) Ministerial Car section

Vehicle Registration Check Online Punjab

RTO Locations RTO Code
Chandigarh PB01
Amritsar PB02
Bathinda PB03
Faridkot PB04
Ferozepur PB05
Gurdaspur PB06
Hoshiarpur PB07
Jalandhar PB08
Kapurthala PB09
Ludhiana PB10
Patiala PB11
Ropar PB12
Sangrur PB13
Ajnala PB14
Abohar PB15
Anandpur Sahib PB16
Baba Bakala PB17
Batala PB18
Barnala PB19
Balachaur PB20
Dasuya PB21
Fazilka PB22
Fatehgarh Sahib PB23
Garhshankar PB24
Jagraon PB25
Khanna PB26
Kharar PB27
Malerkotla PB28
Moga PB29
Muktsar PB30
Mansa PB31
Nawanshahr PB32
Nakodar PB33
Nabha, Patiala PB34
Pathankot PB35
Phagwara PB36
Phillaur PB37
Patti PB38
Rajpura, Patiala PB39
Rampura Phul PB40
Sultanpur Lodhi PB41
Samana, Patiala PB42
Samrala PB43
Sunam PB44
Talwandi Sabo PB45
Tarn Taran PB46
Zira PB47
Amloh PB48
Khamano PB49
Budhlada PB50
Jhunir PB51
Bassi Pathana PB52
Malout PB53
Mukerian PB54
Payal PB55
Raikot PB56
Bhulath PB57
Dera Baba Nanak PB58
Dhuri PB59
Gidderbaha PB60
Jalalabad PB61
Jaitu PB62
Khadoor Sahib PB63
Moonak PB64
Mohali PB65
Nihal Singh Wala PB66
Shahkot PB67
Dhar Kalan PB68
Bagha Purana PB69
Dera Bassi PB70
Chamkaur Sahib PB71
Patran PB72
Tappa Mandi PB73
Nangal PB74
Lehra PB75
Ahmedgarh PB76
Guru Har Sahai PB77

Documents required for vehicle registration in Punjab RTO

  1. Documents required for registration of motor vehicle at Punjab RTO
  2. Vehicle registration application Form 20
  3. PUC certificate
  4. Road worthiness certificate Form 22
  5. Vehicle insurance certificate
  6. Passport size photographs
  7. Applicable application fee
  8. For registration of an imported vehicle, custom clearance certificate is required to be submitter
  9. Vehicle invoice
  10. Age and address proof documents
  11. Passport size photographs

The RTO authorities will check the cars and provide the vehicle owner with a registration number based on the age and address proof documents. To acquire creative registration numbers, you can use the auction method.

How to Download Punjab RTO Code pdf?

Use the provided direct download link to get a free PDF of the Punjab All RTO Code List. Punjab State All RTO Code List District Wise is abbreviated as the Regional Transport Office. The Indian government has a bureau or agency responsible for registering automobiles across the country. Every state in India has its own location where driving licenses and vehicle registration certificates are issued. By clicking on the direct link provided below, you may see or download the district wise RTO Code List Punjab

State With Office Address & Helpline Phone Number, Pin Code in pdf format. The Punjab All RTO Code List is available in PDF format.

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