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PM Narendra Modi launches BHIM-Aadhaar app – In a major app launch today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the BHIM-Aadhaar app- a mobile app that allows users to easily and quickly transact transactions using their Aadhaar number. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has launched a rebranded mobile application for the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) called Bharat Interface for Money (BHIM), said the biometric payment system based on the Aadhaar platform will facilitate digital transactions. I encourage the public to use the method. Speaking at Digi DHAN MELA on Friday. Modi said that no mobile phone or internet connection is required to use the platform, just a thumbprint. He said that there was a time when people called untrained people “ANGUTHA chaps,” but now their fingerprints can act as a person’s bank, control their identity and even running their businesses rice field. PM Narendra Modi launches BHIM-Aadhaar Pay app.

Modi launches BHIM-Aadhaar App

Today, Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi launched the BHIM-Aadhaar Pay app, a new way to pay for goods and services. The app allows users to make payments using their Aadhaar number, which is linked to their bank account. This is a major step forward for the Indian economy, as it makes it easier for businesses to reach out to customers across India. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices and can be use anywhere debit cards are accept. With this new payment option, businesses will have easier access to customers and a more streamlined payment process. In a country where over a billion people have no bank account, this app is a major step in the right direction.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday announced the launch of BHIM Aadhaar, the government’s newest digital payment service. BHIM Aadhaar uses a unique identification number and biometric information to authenticate an individual’s identity and allow payments to be made directly to merchants through bank accounts without the use of cards or wallets. According to a release on the PMO website, 27 major banks have already taken advantage of BHIM Aadhaar’s Rs 3 lakh trader. PM Narendra Modi launches BHIM-Aadhaar Pay app. The BHIM app will be the flagship of the Indian economy, the Prime Minister said at the launch of his BHIM Aadhaar in Nagpur. It cost billions of rupees to print, manage and transport banknotes. If you can save this money, you can do a lot for the poor of the country.

PM Narendra Modi launches BHIM-Aadhaar Pay app

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Modi launches BHIM-Aadhaar Pay app Overview

Name Of ArticleBHIM-Aadhaar Pay app
BHIM-Aadhaar Pay appCheck here

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What is BHIM Aadhar app?

BHIM Aadhar is the new Aadhar payment app. A new Android smartphone application launched by the Government of Narendra Modi to facilitate the use of digital payments. The BHIM Aadhar Pay smartphone payment app also eliminate the fees currently charge by private card companies such as Master Card and Visa. His BHIM app launch by the Prime Minister in December 2016, has been download over 20 million times and more than 6 million users regular transact through the app.

according to statistic released by India’s National Payments Corporation are doing Digital payments have been push encase by governments since their monetization was demonstrated in November, but the value of such payments rise and falls month by month. But Aadhaar Payments is the government effort to reach out to those at the bottom of the pyramid who don’t have access to cards, smartphones, or the internet. This solution enables payments at the touch of a button.

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Who should install Aadhar Pay app?

Merchants only need to install the Aadhar Pay app. This means that only the store owner, the showroom needs to install her Aadhar Pay app and any user who wants to pay with Aadhar Pay just needs to link their Aadhar number to their bank account. Shopkeeper/merchant can download Aadhar Pay and use biometric scans to accept payments from customers from Aadhar-linked bank accounts.

PM Narendra Modi launches BHIM-Aadhaar app Here’s how it works?

The Indian government’s new BHIM-Aadhaar app is a major step forward for digital security and convenience. With this app, users can access a wide range of account information, including their account balance, transactions, and more. It’s also incredibly easy to use – just download it from the app store or Google Play, and enter your phone number and ID card number to get start. The app is now available on Android and iOS devices, making it a great choice for anyone looking to access their account information.

How to download BHIM Aadhar Pay app?

Merchants can accept payments from customers by simply downloading the Aadhar Pay app and connecting their smartphones to biometric scanning devices. Merchants also need to connect their bank accounts and register on the app. This application can be downloaded from the Google Play Store by searching for “Aadhar Pay” and clicking the download link.

How it works?

Merchants need to download the BHIM Aadhar Pay payment app onto an Android smartphone connected to a biometric reader. Biometric Reader is currently available for only Rs 2000. When a customer wants to make a payment, they simply enter their Aadhar number into the app, select a bank to make the payment, and use the biometric scan as the password for the transaction. After entering the Aadhar number, the app automatically retrieves the bank account associated with his Aadhar number and the customer can choose which bank to pay to according to their choice.

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How will it help?

Aadhar Pay app for merchants helps eliminate the long wait and hassle of getting a new POS (point of sale) machine. Currently, there are only 15 Lakh POS machines in use by banks nationwide. SBO alone has installed over 3 lakh terminals, followed by HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank. BHIM Aadhaar Pay App is available on merchant smart phones. A customer can pay a merchant by simply selecting the name of the bank and entering his one field (Aadhaar number) on the merchant’s phone.

A customer’s fingerprint is a password used to authenticate transactions. Customers don’t even need to use a debit or credit card, download his mobile application, or even carry a mobile phone to make cashless transactions. This solution eliminates the hassle of remembering passwords and account numbers.

Customer benefits

Customers don’t need an Android phone or other technology to make payments. Payments with Aadhaar payment app are free of service tax and other surcharges. No need to carry around a debit or credit card. No need to remember PINs, MPINs and passwords. Instant payment via Aadhaar bridge system. This is similar to the Aadhaar-enabled payment system “AEPS”. Affordable payment solutions for merchants and customers.


The app, BHIM-Aadhaar, was launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi today. Here’s how it works: – First, you need to download the app from the app store – Once you’ve download the app, you need to create a new account – Next, you need to enter your Aadhaar number – After you’ve enter your Aadhaar number, you’ll be prompt to enter your phone number – You’ll then be prompt to enter a password – After you’ve enter your password and phone number, you’ll be prompted to download the BHIM-Aadhaar app – After you’ve download the app, it will automatically start working Thank you for reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is BHIM-Aadhaar?

BHIM-Aadhaar is a digital payment platform launch by the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2016. It allows users to make payments using their Aadhaar number, which has been enroll into the National ID database. The app also offers features such as account login, transfer funds, and EKYC verification.

How does BHIM-Aadhaar work?

BHIM-Aadhaar is a app built to make your life a little bit easier. It enables you to interact with your Aadhaar number in a variety of ways, such as making payments, accessing government services, and even opening new bank accounts. The app is available on both Android and iOS devices and requires no authentication or registration.

Who will benefit from the launch of BHIM-Aadhaar?

The launch of BHIM-Aadhaar will benefit a large number of people across the Indian population. Here are a few of the major reasons: - BHIM-Aadhaar is meant for the benefit of the masses and will help to reduce fraudulent activities. For example, if a person is trying to purchase something online but they don't have enough money or they want to pay using a debit or credit card, BHIM-Aadhaar can be use to help solve these problems. - Anyone above 12 years of age can use it to make payments and conduct other transactions on behalf of their Aadhaar number. This means that even children who are not able to read or write yet can use this app to easily carry out transactions. - The app has been design so that even illiterates can use it, by reading simple instructions display on the screen.

What can I do with this new app?

The BHIM-Aadhaar app is a digital payment App that allows users to make payments and secure authentication. With this app, people will be able to shop online just like they do now with their bank account numbers. The app also helps people avoid having to carry multiple cards and wallets around.

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