PM Modi Memories with Mother Photos Heart Warming, House & Family Images

PM Modi Memories with Mother – Hiraba Modi, the mother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, died on Friday at the age of 100 in Ahmedabad. Due to some health concerns, she was admitted to the UN Mehta Institute of Cardiology and Research Centre on Wednesday morning. She was regaining consciousness on Thursday, according to the hospital. “A magnificent century is at the feet of God… In Maa, I have always felt that trinity, which includes an ascetic’s adventure, a selfless Karmayogi’s emblem, and a life dedicated to values,” PM Modi wrote in a poignant message on Twitter shortly after the announcement.

In the early hours of Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mother, Heeraba Modi, died at the age of 100. The relationship between the prime minister and his mother was discussed frequently, as well as how she inspired him. “A mother’s penance produces a wonderful person,” PM Modi said in a blog post earlier this year. Her love for a kid instills human kindness and understanding. Motherhood is a quality, not an individual or a personality.”

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PM Modi Memories with Mother

PM Narendra Modi wrote an emotional blog about his mother, who is celebrating her hundredth birthday. He remembered some of his mother’s most intimate moments from his childhood. “Today, I am ecstatic and grateful to share that my mother has given me so many gifts throughout my life that have shaped my thoughts, personality, and self-confidence,” he said. Her hundredth year has come for Heeraba Modi. PM Modi wrote, “This will be her birth centenary year.”

“My Mother is as simple as she is extraordinary,” Prime Minister Modi said about his mother’s hardships during her childhood. PM Modi’s mother lost her mother at a tender age, just like all mothers. “She has no idea who my grandmother is or the consolation of her lap,” he added. He remembered the tiny cottage in Vadnagar with mud walls and clay tiles for a roof, where he resided with his parents and siblings, during her entire childhood without her mother. He talked about his mother’s numerous daily struggles and how she overcame them.

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He said that his mother not only did all of the household duties on her own, but she also worked to boost the family’s inadequate income. She used to wash pots and pans at a few places and spin the charkha on her way to help pay for household costs. “Our roof would leak during the rains, and our home would flood,” PM Modi recalled. Mother would collect rainwater in buckets and utensils placed below the leaks. Mother would still be a symbol of strength even in this challenging circumstance.

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PM Modi Memories with Mother Photos Heart Warming, House & Family Images

A day after his oath taking ceremony, Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared a series of mother photos on social media with the caption “Mother’s love never ends”. The emotional post includes photographs of Modi with his mother and sister. It also features images of Modi with his wife and children at home. The pictures are accompanied by heartwarming messages from Modi thanking his mother for her love and support. The post has garnered mixed reactions with some people praising Modi for his candidness, while others find it too personal.

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pm modi with mother

PM Modi Memories with Mother


Deep respect for those engaged in cleanliness

PM Modi said that his mother had always been extremely picky about cleanliness. He gave several examples of his mother being meticulous about sanitation, which gave a glimpse into her personality. PM Modi claimed that his mother had a strong admiration for sanitation workers. Whenever someone from Vadnagar came to clean the drain near their home, his mother wouldn’t allow him to leave until she offered him tea.

Finding happiness in others’ joys

PM Modi stated that his mother had a broad heart and would be delighted by other people’s joys. “A neighboring village was home to a dear acquaintance of my father,” he said. My father took his companion’s son, Abbas, to our house after his untimely death. He stayed and finished his studies with us. Just like with the rest of us siblings, Mother was kind and loving to Abbas. She used to make his favorite dishes every year on Eid. During festivals, our home was a popular hangout for neighborhood youngsters who wanted to eat Mother’s exceptional treats.

PM Modi mentioned just two occasions when his mother accompanied him in public in the blog article. Once, after he returned from Srinagar, where he had hoisted the national flag at Lal Chowk and completed the Ekta Yatra, she applied tilak on his forehead during a public function in Ahmedabad. In the second case, in 2001, when Gujarat’s Chief Minister for the first time, PM Modi took oath.

A life lesson PM Modi’s mother taught him

According to PM Modi, his mother taught him that learning without being formally educated was feasible. He recalled a time when he wanted to publicly recognize all of his teachers, including his mother, in the same way. “See, I am just another person,” his mother objected when he offered to drive her home. Despite the fact that his mother did not attend the ceremony, PM Modi said that he was educated and raised by the Almighty.

A dutiful citizen

In today’s world, it’s essential that everyone plays their part in society. That means being responsible with your time and resources, and fulfilling your civic duties. From voting to donating to charity, there are plenty of ways to make a difference. In this article, we’ll show you five ways in which technology can help you be a dutiful citizen. From online voter registration to donation tracking software, we’ll provide you with the tools you need to make a difference in the world.

According to PM Modi, his mother has voted in every election since the start of Panchayat elections, including Parliament.

Leading an extremely simple lifestyle

“I have never seen her wear any gold ornaments, and she has no interest either,” PM Modi said of his mother’s very modest living situation. She continues to live in her modest apartment, as she has done previously, with an extremely minimal lifestyle.

Remaining abreast with current developments

His mother is keeping up with current events around the globe, according to PM Modi. “Recently, I asked her how long she watches television every day,” he said in a post on his blog. She claimed that she only watches individuals on TV who are calm reading out the news and explaining everything since most persons on TV are busy fighting with one another. I was pleasantly surprised that Mother remembers all of this.

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Sharp memory despite her age

PM Modi recounted another incident from 2017, this time about his mother’s alertness despite her age. “When I visited Mother, she asked me if I had performed obeisance to Kashi Vishwanath Mahadev right away,” PM Modi stated in 2017 while visiting her. Kashi Vishwanath Mahadev is still used by Mother. She later inquired if the lanes leading to Kashi Vishwanath Temple are still the same, as if there is a temple inside someone’s house. during the conversation. When she visited the temple, I was surprised and asked. PM Modi stated, “She said she had traveled to Kashi many years ago, but she remembered it all.”

Respecting other’s choices

“In my own situation, she respected my decisions, never created any barriers, and encouraged me,” PM Modi added. PM Modi said, “Since I was a child, I’ve sensed a shift in my thinking.” When PM Modi decided to leave his house, it was his mother who provided full support. His mother advised, “Do as your mind suggests” after understanding his desires and blessing him.

Focus on Garib Kalyan

PM Modi claimed that his mother has pushed him to have a strong will and concentrate on garib kalyan since he was a child. He recalled being appointed Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001, which he shared. PM Modi proceeded directly to see his mother after arriving in Gujarat. “I don’t comprehend your job in the government, but I just want you to never take a bribe,” she informed him gleefully. “Never do anything wrong or bad with anybody and continue working for the poor,” his mother advises him whenever he speaks to her on the phone.

Mantra of life – Hardwork

PM Modi claimed that his parents’ honesty and self-pride were the most important traits for him. Despite his parents’ financial difficulties and other difficulties, PM Modi claimed that they never deviated from the path of honesty or compromised their self-respect. Their marching song was “no challenge can stop us!” They worked hard every day.

An icon of Matrushakti

“I see the penance, sacrifice, and contribution of India’s matrushakti in my mother’s life story,” PM Modi continued. I discover nothing that is unattainable for Indian women whenever I gaze at Mother and thousands of other ladies like her.


We all remember Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s memorable moments with his mother. From playing with her to delivering speeches, these memories will always be remembered. In this blog, we have compiled some heartwarming Mother Photos of PM Modi together with some photos of his house and family. We also conclude the blog with some interesting facts about PM Modi’s family!

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