Period Plans 2024 {Shortly} Subject Wise, Class Wise Period Plans Download

Period Plans – Worksheet might have been under the exercise section. However, our Maths Course books particularly essential level are made as exercise manuals with content and exercises. So you can involve those exercises for second 45 minutes (Second Meeting) to rehearse for the understudies. The blow pattern should be used to create and carry out daily and period plans. After the children have completed the problems, they should periodically check their level in their notebooks, make any necessary adjustments to the teaching and learning plans, and put those changes into action.

detailed timetables for one bridge activity (which must be completed in five periods) and one unit (which must be completed in ten to fifteen periods). The specific learning outcomes specified for Classes I-V are the focus of each of these Period plans, which are in line with our discourse-oriented approach to teaching.

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Period Plans 2024

To make the classroom environment more welcoming to students, a number of activities are suggested. It is recommended that teachers ensure that all students participate in classroom activities. The teacher can easily obtain the suggested TLM from their surroundings. The period plans should be reviewed by teachers in advance, and they should make any necessary adjustments to meet the needs of each classroom. In addition, it is suggested that they prepare the TLM ahead of time before entering the classroom to ensure that the activities in the classroom run smoothly. It is hoped that teachers will be accustomed to writing and executing effective period plans for the remaining units by the time they complete Unit -1 following the period plans.

Period plans are a great way to make sure you’re comfortable and prepared for your monthly cycle. Whether you’re currently on your period or just looking to plan ahead, these plans can help make your life easier. In this article, we’ll provide you with a period plan for the year 2024, and explain the different stages of each month. We’ll also give you tips on how to create a period plan that works for you, and answer any questions you might have. Ready to get started? Let’s go!

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Period Plan

Period Plans Overview

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Subject Wise Class Wise Period Plans Download

Before entering the classroom, teachers should carefully read each chapter and make preparations accordingly. We believe that solving all of the chapter’s problems before teaching them would greatly improve classroom interaction. In addition, it is expected that you will arrange for any teaching and learning materials (TLM) necessary for building concepts, such as meters of rope, one-liter bottles, etc.


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Download Class wise Period Scheme

Class wise Period Scheme
First Class Period Scheme 2024
Second Class Period Scheme 2024
Third Class Period Scheme 2024
Fourth Class Period Scheme 2024
Fifth Class Period Scheme 2024
Lesson Scheme 2024
Year Scheme 2024

Telugu Subject Period Plans

Telugu Period Plans
1st Class Telugu Period Plans 2024
2nd Class Telugu Period Plans 2024
3rd Class Telugu Period Plans 2024
4th Class Telugu Period Plans 2024
5th Class Telugu Period Plans 2024

Maths Subject Period Plans

Maths Period Plans
1st Class Maths Period Plans 2024
2nd Class Maths Period Plans 2024
3rd Class Maths Period Plans 2024
4th Class Maths Period Plans 2024
5th Class Maths Period Plans 2024

English Subject Period Plans

English Period Plans
1st Class English Period Plans 2024
2nd Class English Period Plans 2024
3rd Class English Period Plans 2024
4th Class English Period Plans 2024
5th Class English Period Plans 2024

EVS Subject Period Scheme

EVS Period Plans
1st Class EVS Period Scheme 2024
2nd Class EVS Period Scheme 2024
3rd Class EVS Period Scheme 2024
4th Class EVS Period Scheme 2024
5th Class EVS Period Scheme 2024

Download Complete Period Scheme from here

SubjectSCERT Subject wise total Period Scheme
1st Class EnglishSCERT 1st Class English All Period Scheme Download from here
1st and 2nd Class MathsThe SCERT first & second Class Maths Subject All Period Scheme Download from here
First and Second Class EnglishSCERT first & second Class English Subject All Period Scheme Download from here
1st and 2nd Class TeluguSCERT first and second Class Telugu Subject All Period Scheme Download from here
3rd, 4th, 5th Class EnglishThe SCERT third, fourth, fifth Class English Subject All Period Scheme Download from here
Third, Fourth, Fifth Class EVSSCERT third, fourth, fifth Class EVS Subject All Period Scheme Download from here
3rd, 4th, 5th Class MathsSCERT third, fourth, fifth Class Maths Subject All Period Scheme Download from here
3rd, 4th, 5th Class TeluguThe SCERT third, fourth, fifth Class Telugu Subject All Period Scheme Download from here

Model period plan /Day-wise

  1. Each day, 90 minutes are allotted for math instruction.
  2. The first 45 minutes of this are allotted for the teacher to comprehend the concepts and conduct the teaching and learning process. In essence, it is instructional time. During the second forty-five minutes, children should practice. This is regarded as time for practice.
  3. Remembering these gap the hour of an hour and a half and direct the educating and growing experience consistently.
  • Class
  • Subject
  • Week
  • Time
  • Lesson
  • Topic
  • At the end of the period, learning outcomes and micro competencies will be achieved.

Time Division For Mathematics

  • Time division plan for 1st 45 minutes:
    • Greeting: 2 min.
    • Observation / testing of preconceptions: 5 min.
    • Introduction to the concept: 3 min.
    • Activities for conceptual understanding: 25 min.
    • Problem solving: 10 min.
  • Time division plan for 2nd 45 minutes
    • Activities from textbook: 20 min.
    • Exercise / Additional problems solved by students individually: 25 min.

Time Division for Telugu /EVS/ English

  • Time division plan for first 45 minutes:
    • Greeting: 2 minutes
    • Motivation / testing of preconceptions: 3 minutes
    • Oral competencies achievement/ Speaking: 20 minutes
    • Keywords: 5 minutes
    • Reading Activities: 5 minutes
    • Understanding Activities: 15 minutes
    • Evaluation: 5 minutes
  • Time Division Plan for second 45 minutes
    • Model Activity: 5 minutes
    • Activities doing by children: 25 minutes
    • Story telling / Reading: 15 minutes

Before beginning to write a period plan, the teacher must read through the textbook and teacher handbook. The scope of the subject matter to be discussed during that time period should be determined by referring to the annual and weekly scheme. Additionally, they should refer to the previous week’s period scheme(if any). The period’s learning outcomes must be identified. After that, they should look at a variety of sources and think of ideas for activities that would help them achieve those learning outcomes.

Period Plan

A teacher’s lesson plan for each teaching period is called a “period plan.” Arranging illustrations in a methodical manner assists an educator with pondering the example ahead of time and empowers the educator to expect the issues before they occur during the example. Planning gives the lesson structure and serves as a map for us to follow. Illustration plan gives certainty to educators as they coordinate the topic or content in a superior manner with the goal that the example moves along as planned. Lesson plan minimizes disruptions and helps students keep their attention and interest. While they are under pressure to complete the syllabus on time, teachers are also tasked with making language learning enjoyable.

Writing a daily Period Plan does not mean that it must be completed immediately or the night before the lesson. Because a teacher needs to plan a number of tasks and activities, as well as prepare teaching aids, the order of the activities, and the amount of time required for each one, a period plan should be prepared long before that.

The first step in period planning is to write down the lesson’s objectives—what the instructor wants the student to accomplish by the end of the lesson. What the students will be able to do in terms of observable behavior should be spelled out in relation to these objectives. The teacher can think of aspects like., once the objectives are clearly listed.

  • What will that lesson teach the students?
    What skills or focus are taught?
    Are all of the chosen activities necessary and appropriate for the learners’ level?
    What resources and instructional tools are utilized, and why?
    What is the lesson’s feedback or evaluation?

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Similar to a map, a plan Why are maps used? To track down our direction to a spot. We require two reference points to reach a location. To begin with, we ought to know where we are, and also we ought to know where we need to go. It would be difficult to plot our course without their knowledge. similarly to how we plan our work to achieve our objectives. Our work is organized through planning. We ought to have an idea of what we will accomplish. Applicant ought to have an idea of what we want to accomplish before organizing our work. We should also think about the resources we have at our disposal.

Throughout our teaching careers, planning can occur at various points. There should be both macro and micro planning. Our work planning for the entire academic year or at least one term is included in the macro level planning, which refers to the larger planning units. We divide the books we use for instruction into smaller sections known as units. A unit is a comprehensive section that focuses in-depth on a single subject or theme and must be taught in a similar way. The micro teaching methods are also discussed in this unit. Additionally, certain high school assessment practices are the focus of this unit.

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