Pandya Store, Timings, Duration, Star Cast, Story, Real Name

Pandya Store – Pandya Store Television Serial is a new Indian Tv serial that will flow on the Star Plus channel from 25th January 2021 at 11:00 pm. The serial is the Hindi version of the Tamil serial Pandian Store declared on Actor Vijay’s. Which Listeners will be able to see in the Hindi language.

Pandya Store

Star Plus is back with another re-create serial named Pandya Store which is produced by Sunjoy Waddhwa under the poster Sphere Origins. The female role of Dhara is Act by the Shiny DoshiWhile the male main role of Gautam Pandya is Act by Kinshuk Mahajan. This show is the re-create of Actor Vijay’s Tamil serial Pandian Stores.Talking about the begin date &  time slot of Pandya Stores serial, it started from 25th January 2021 put back Lockdown Ki Love Story serial.

Pandya Store

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Name Pandya Store
Main Cast Kinshuk Mahajan

Shiny Doshi

Genre Drama
Director Pradip Yadav
Producer Sunjoy Waddhwa
Komal Sunjoy Waddhwa
Story & Screenplay Shilpa Choubey
Sushil Choubey
Dialogue Raghuvir Shekhawat
Editor Janak Chauhan
DoP Santosh Suryavanshi
Music Sargam Jassu
Nakash Aziz
Project Head Sumit Dubey
Creative Director Aman Jain
Dharmi Chheda
Kashvi Sharma
Production House Sphereorigins Multivision Private Limited

Story Line

The story of the Pandya Store let around the Problems Gautam & Dhara face to save their contract home & the Pandya Store. The story continues when Gautam & Dhara are married & come to the Pandya Store on the 1st day of marriage. The lawyer comes to the store & hands the Store’s contract document to Gautam, which create him tense. In professional, Dhara motivate Gautam &  becomes a family support system for taking care of his 3 Big brothers.

Shiny Doshi is Act Dhara’s female main role. Kinshuk Mahajan is Act the male main of Gautam Pandya. Kruttika Desai is Act the Main role of Suman Pandya (Gautam’s mother). Akshay Kharodia Act by role of Dev Pandya, Kanwar Dhillon Act by the role of Shiva & Mohit Parmar Act the role of Krish Pandya. All these 3 are Gautam’s Big brothers. Alice Kaushik is Act on the role of Raavi Pandya (Shiva’s wife) & Simran Budharup is Act on the role of Rishita Pandya (Dev’s wife).

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Pandya Store Cast with Real Names

Cast Real Name Role
Gautam Pandya Kinshuk Mahajan Dhara’s Husband
Dhara Pandya Shiny Doshi Gautam’s wife
Shiva Pandya Kanwar Dhillon Gautam’s brother
Krish Pandya Mohit Parmar Gautam’s brother
Dev Pandya Akshay Kharodia Gautam’s brother
Young Dev Pandya Jovian Fernandes Gautam’s brother
Young Shiva Pandya Swarnim Gautam’s brother
Young Krish Pandya Harminder Gautam’s brother
Prafulla Pallavi Rao Gautam’s Mani
Jignesh Mohit Sharma Anita’s father
Suman Kruttika Desai Gautam’s mother
Jagat Narayan Krunal Pandit Prafulla’s husband
Darshan Farrukh Saeed Gautam’s father
Anita Shrishti Maheshwari Gautam’s friend
Saroj Aarti Sharma Anita’s mother
Raavi Alice Kaushik Shiva’s wife
Rishita Simran Budharup Dev’s wife
Keerti Seth ShrutiBisht Rishita’s sister
Janardhan Seth VijhayBadlaani Rishita’s father
Kalyani Seth GeetikaShyam Rishita’s mother


In January 2020, Star Plus schedule an official Hindi remake of star Vijay’ Tamil series Pandian Stores to be produced by Mahesh Pandey Production under the banner Khandaan. With a change in title to Hum– Ek Makaan Ek Dukaan, Moving began in February 2020 with part shot in Varanasi but, shooting was halted in March 2020 Pending to the Covid-19 prevalent.

The channel changed its programming Category to comedy from drama due to which it was clear out & the Story was changed completely to suit it. Behind Time, Moving began in July 2020 post COVID-19 crack & the show was flow with the banner Gupta Brothers “Chaar Kunware From Ganga Kinare” from 5th October 2020, as a drama series to suit Star Bharat comedy category.

In December 2020, Star Plus Declared another Hindi Tv re-creates of Pandian Stores Banner Pandya Store produced by Sphere Origins which First on 25 January 2021.

Repeat Telecast Timing

The most watched & Famous Star Plus show Pandya Store starts from 25th January 2021. You can See the show on Star Plus & online platform Disney Plus Hotstar. The running time of this serial is from Monday to Saturday from 7:30 PM.

Show name Pandya Store
Channel Star Plus & Disney + Hotstar
Produced By Sphere Origins
Starting Date 25th January 2021
Telecast Time Mon-Sat at 11:00 PM
New Timing Mon-Sat at 7:30 PM
Repeat Telecast Mon-Sat at 10:00 AM

How Can I Watch Pandya Store?

So We Can I Watch This Serial on Star Plus, Monday through Friday at 7:30PM And Online Platform On Disney Plus Hotstar Also.

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