New India Assurance Personal Accident Plan 2024, Benefits, Features, Buy & Renew Details, Reviews

New India Assurance Personal Accident Plan – Do you know what New India Assurance Personal Accident Plan 2024 is? If not, you’re not alone. This new policy is a major change for the Indian insurance market, and it could have a significant impact on your wallet. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what this policy offers and why it might be a good option for you. We’ll also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of this policy, and provide tips on how to get the most out of it. So whether you’re looking for affordable insurance or a policy that offers unique benefits, this blog post has something for you.

The New India Assurance Company is owned entirely by the government. It is a general insurance multinational with operations in approximately 26 nations and a Mumbai, India, headquarters. AM Best has given it an A rating, making it the only direct insurer in India. CRISIL also gives it an AAA/STABLE rating. In the non-life insurance market, New India Assurance leads the pack. They offer a wide range of products, including insurance for medical expenses, travel, and accidents, among others. Personal insurance, commercial insurance, industrial insurance, social insurance, and liability insurance are all offered by the business.

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New India Assurance Personal Accident Plan 2024

Are you looking for a comprehensive personal accident insurance plan that will cover you and your family in the event of an accident? If so, you’re in luck! New India Assurance has developed a new personal accident plan that is designed specifically for Indian residents. In this blog post, we’ll discuss all the details of this plan, including the benefits it offers and how to apply. We’ll also provide a short overview of the application process so that you can be sure you’re fully prepared for when the time comes.

Life insurance is necessary to cover the possibility of death, medical insurance is necessary to cover any illness, and personal accident insurance is necessary to protect you from disability or death caused by an accident. These policies are very affordable and provide protection in the event that an accident affects your ability to earn money. Individual accident insurance should be purchased by all earning individuals. These policies are a must-have for anyone who has ever taken out a loan because they will provide you with the financial support you need to repay the loan in the event of an accident that reduces your earning capacity. In the event of an accident-related death or disability, the insurer will pay out under this policy.

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New India Assurance Personal Accident Plan

Details New India Assurance Personal Accident Plan

Name Of ArticleNew India Assurance Personal Accident Plan
New India Assurance Personal Accident PlanClick Here
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Personal Accident insurance Plans offered by New India Assurance Company limited

Are you an adult who’s not sure if you need personal accident insurance? Are you worried about the cost? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the different types of personal accident insurance plans offered by New India Assurance Company limited and how they can benefit you. We’ll also provide a comparison of the different plans so that you can decide which one is right for you. So whether you’re looking for affordable coverage or want to protect yourself from unexpected costs, this blog is for you.

The New India Assurance Company limited offers personal accident insurance cover with varied features. Different plans offered by the company are:

  • Personal Accidental Policy
  • Janata Personal Accident Insurance
  • Rasta Apatti Kavach

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Personal Accidental Policy

Many young adults don’t have any type of accidental insurance, which can lead to a lot of potential financial problems in the event of an emergency. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of having a personal accidental policy and how it can help you protect yourself from unforeseen costs. We’ll also provide tips on how to find the best policy for you and how to make sure it’s effective when you need it most.

Age at Entry5 years70 years
Policy Term1 year
Sum Insured72 months income from productive employment (earning individual)
50% sum insured of earning spouse (non earning spouse)
25% of sum assured of earning parents (dependent children)
Rs 1 lakh (non earning spouse),
Rs 50000 (dependent children)
Max Policy Renewal Age70 years
Type of CoverageIndividual / Family

Salient Features Personal Accidental Policy

  • According to the strategy, organization will give the remuneration on account of death or actual injury to life guaranteed, exclusively and straightforwardly in outcome of a mishap by fierce, outside and apparent mean.
  • “Demise just cover” is given to cover the passing of the protected individual.
  • “Exhaustive Inclusion” is likewise given which covers passing, extremely durable incapacity or brief complete handicap of the guaranteed individual because of a mishap.
  • The strategy is a 24 hours cover and can be work around the world.
  • You can cover your companion and kids under a solitary strategy according to their extraordinary family bundle and can likewise get 10% markdown on the complete premium.
  • This approach likewise covers the costs happened for the carriage of dead body from the spot of mishap to medical clinic.
  • In the event of the passing or super durable handicap of the safeguarded individual, a training reserve for limit of two kids is payable. This asset assists the kids with proceeding with their review with next to no monetary difficulty in the event of any loss happened to their folks.
  • For the predefined gatherings, “Gathering Mishap strategy” is additionally accessible with rewarding rebate on premium relying on the size of gathering.
  • Various sorts of mishaps are covered under this strategy like-street mishap, train mishap, mishap because of any regular catastrophe, additionally mishaps be brought about by any psychological warfare or fear based oppressor act.
  • No Case Reward will be given in which the capital aggregate guaranteed will be increment by 5% on each no case years restricted to greatest half of aggregate guaranteed under table A, B and C

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Coverage Personal Accidental Policy

  • Any passing or incapacity out of infection or disease isn’t cover under the approach. Just passing or inability because of outside, vicious and noticeable mishap is covered under this inadvertent insurance contract.
  • Credit only cover will be given at all the empanelled clinics for rest of the clinics repayment office is accessible.
  • This strategy additionally covers the costs caused for the carriage of dead body from the spot of mishap to medical clinic up to 2 % of aggregate safeguarded subject to limit of Rs2500/ – .

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Ad on covers Personal Accidental Policy

  • Unplanned Clinical Costs Likewise the clinical costs up to of 10 % of aggregate guaranteed or up to 40% of the passing/incapacity remuneration will be paid. Both Person too as individual approaches can be reached out to cover these clinical costs brought about during treatment of a mishap.
  • Schooling Inclusion for youngsters On account of death or extremely durable incapacity of guardians instruction asset will be payable with the restriction of greatest two kids, for their further investigations.
  • Any Indian Non military personnel working in far off nations can pick of war risk cover which can be remembered for current arrangement by paying some additional premium.

Cover provided under the policy:

Types of Cover   A  BTable CTable D
Accidental Deathassured 100 %100 % of sum assured100 % of sum assured
Loss of two limbs or one limb
and one eye or both eyes
to 100% of sum assuredup to 100% of sum assuredup to 100% of sum assured
Loss of one eye or one limb 50% of sum assuredup to 50% of sum assuredup to 50% of sum assured
Permanent total disablement other than as mentioned above for example- paralysissum Assured 100%100% of sum Assured100% of sum Assured
Permanent Partial DisabilityPre-specified portion of sum assured depends upon type of disability and its fraction.Pre-specified portion of sum assured depends upon type of disability and its fraction.
Temporary Total Disability1% of sum insured is payable on weekly basis for max of 100 weeks

Exclusions Personal Accidental Policy

  • It gives no case sum in the event of the passing of guaranteed individual because of self injury, or self destruction or endeavor to self destruction.
  • It gives no case sum in the event of the passing of guaranteed individual because of taking inebriated alcohol or medications.
  • It gives no case sum in the event of the passing or injury to guaranteed individual because of the ailment/illness not shrouded in arrangement.
  • On the off chance that the guaranteed individual has abused any regulation with criminal aim, his case will be dismissed.
  • It gives no case sum assuming that the demise of safeguarded individual caused because of pregnancy.

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Several types of personal accident policy issued by New India Assurance company are:

Individual personal accident policyGroup personal Accident policy
Passenger flight coupon:  to provide cover against any personal accident while travelling in a scheduled flight as a passengerGramin personal accidental policy if the person is residing in rural area. Cover wil be provided under table C for a capital sum insured of Rs 10000/-
Janta Individual Mishap strategy: Under this approach cover as referenced under Table C will be given up to limit of Rs 100000/ – . Strategy for longer term as long as 5 years is likewise accessible.Understudy Wellbeing Protection: Accessible for the everyday schedule going understudies. It give cover as referenced under table B up to the furthest reaches of rs 10000/ –
Raj Rajeshwari Mahila Kalyan Yojna: It’s accessible for the ladies in age gathering of 10 to 75 years. Cover as referenced under Table C will be given up to the furthest reaches of Rs 25000/ – . In the event of unmarried ladies, on the off chance that she bites the dust guarantee sum will be paid to candidate or lawful hier. If there should arise an occurrence of hitched ladies guarantee sum will be payable to spouse assuming husband passes on. No case will be payable in the event of death of spouse.Bhagyashree Kid government assistance Strategy: It’s accessible for the young lady kid in the age gathering of 0 to 18 years and whose parent’s age doesn’t surpass 60 years. In this arrangement if both or both of the guardians kicked the bucket because of a mishap measure of Rs. 25000/ – will be stored in any monetary organization with the young ladies’ name. This cash will be dispensed to assist young lady kid to the living guardian or designate watchman. Bunch strategies are additionally accessible under this plan.

How To Apply New India Assurance Personal Accident Plan?

You can download the pre printed application structure for Coincidental cover Protection plan from organization’s site and submit it to their closest branch alongside other required archives. Likewise you can straightforwardly visit their branch to finish the customs. After the installment of the superior sum the arrangement will be given straightforwardly or through the enrolled post.

How to Claim:

Chosen one/Trustee need to contact their closest branch to suggest them about the episode. Fill the case structure give the vital evidence and archives and all your case sum or costs will be paid as material.

Documentation for death claim:

  • Claim form
  • Death Certificate
  • Post mortem report
  • Police report
  • Original policy documents

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