Muharram 2024: Date, History and Importance of Ashura

Muharram/Ashura : The name of the 1st month of the Islamic calendar is Muharram. This is the religiousness month for Muslims. The new year of Islam starts from this month. The Tenth day of the month of Muharram i.e. Tenth is called Roz-e-Ashura. This day is contemplate very special in the Islamic calendar because on this day Hazrat Imam Hussain was Dead. Hazrat Imam Hussain, the younger grandson of the creator of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad, gave Death along with 72 of his associate in Karbala. That’s why this month is remembered as the month of Sadness. Tazias and parade are taken out in the memory of the martyrdom of Imam Hussain. The lore of taking out tajiya is seen only among Shia Muslims, whereas people of Sunni group do not act tajidari.

Muharram/Ashura 2024

In India, Muharram begin on July 31, so Ashura is on Aug 9, Tuesday. In Pakistan and Bangladesh also Ashura is on Aug 9. On the other hand, in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, UAE, Iraq, Bahrain and other Arab countries, Muharram begin on July 30, so there Ashura is on Aug 08, Monday. The Islamic calendar starts from the month of Muharram. It is the 1st month of the Islamic calendar year. This year Muharram has begin from 31st July. The 10th day of Muharram is popular as Yaum-e-Ashura.

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Muharram/Ashura 2023 Shubh Muhurat

What is Ashura?

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On the day of Ashura, Imam Hussain and his companions were martyr while facing the atrocities of Yazid. Remembering the martyrdom of Imam Hussain on the day of Ashura, mourning is celebrate in Karbala on the tenth of Muharram. Karbala, a small town 100 km northeast of Iraq’s capital Baghdad, is where Imam Hussein and his companions were martyr.

In the memory of Imam Hussain who was martyr in Karbala, there is a place named Karbala in every city in the world. On the tenth day of Muharram, the Tajis are buries in Karbala itself. Yazid brutally martyr Imam Hussain and his companions on the tenth day of Muharram. Remembering the atrocities of Yazid, the Muslims of the whole world remain immersed in mourning on this day.

Muharram-Ashura 2024 Historical Importance of Ashura

The martyrdom of Imam Hussain, the grandson of Prophet Hazrat Mohammad, took place on the 10th day of Muharram i.e. Ashura. About 1400 years ago, for the protection of Islam, Hazrat Imam Hussain, along with his family and 72 companions, gave martyrdom. This war between the army of Hazrat Imam Hussein and Yazid took place in the Iraqi city of Karbala.


Shia Community Takes Out Tazia

On the day of Ashura, people of the Shia community take out Tazia and celebrate mourning. The tomb of Hazrat Imam Hussein is in Iraq. A similar type of tazia is make and a procession is taken out. People mourn all along the way and say ‘Ya Hussain, we didn’t happen’. Those Tajis are considere to be the symbols of the martyrs of the battle of Karbala. The procession starts from Imam bara and ends at Karbala. All the freshmen are buries there. The people involved in the procession wear black clothes.

At the time of Tazia’s procession, they say – ‘Ya Hussain, we did not happen’. It means that Hazrat Imam Hussain, we are all sad. We were not with you in the battle of Karbala, otherwise we too would have sacrificed our lives to protect Islam.

What is the significance of Ashura?

Muharram means to ‘not permitted’ or ‘forbidden’. The Muslim group recalls and mourns on Ashura day when Imam Hussain is said to have decapitate in the fight of Karbala. The Shia group mainly wears black on this day, notices fast, and takes out stride and parade to mark the Tenth day of the month of Muharram. People can be perceive chanting “Ya Ali” and “Ya Hussain” in the parade. The group also abstains from celebrating cheerful or celebratory ceremony in this time. It is trust that Muharram was mention to as the “sacred month of Allah” by Prophet Muhammad, and consequently it became a pivotal month for the Muslim group among the twelve moony months of the Islamic calendar. Meanwhile, Sunni Muslims generally notice the Ashura day by keeping fasts and contribution prayers to Allah.

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