Most Runs in ODI World Cup By a Player, Full List

Most Runs in ODI World Cup: In addition to Sachin Tendulkar and Virat Kohli, several other cricketing legends have left their mark on the ODI World Cup. Ricky Ponting from Australia is another standout performer, holding the record for the most centuries in World Cup history with five to his name. His aggressive batting style and leadership skills propelled Australia to multiple World Cup victories during his tenure. Among the Sri Lankan greats, Sanath Jayasuriya’s explosive batting at the top of the order revolutionized the limited-overs format. His ability to take on bowlers from the first ball made him a feared opponent in World Cup competitions.

From the West Indies, Brian Lara’s elegant stroke play and ability to dominate bowling attacks set him apart as one of the finest batsmen in cricket history. Lara’s record-breaking 400 not out in Test cricket showcased his unparalleled skill and talent. South Africa’s AB de Villiers, known for his innovative stroke play and agility on the field, redefined the role of a modern-day batsman. De Villiers’ ability to adapt to various situations and score quickly made him a valuable asset in ODI World Cups. These legendary players not only entertained fans around the world but also inspired a generation of cricketers with their exceptional talent and sportsmanship on the grand stage of the ODI World Cup.

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Most Runs in ODI World Cup 2024

The Cricket World Cup is the premier championship for One Day International (ODI) cricket, governed by the International Cricket Council (ICC) and conducted once every four years. Unlike Test cricket, ODIs consist of one inning per team and are completed within a single day. The first ODI match occurred between Australia and England on January 5, 1971, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. The inaugural Cricket World Cup was hosted in England in 1975, initiating a series of 12 tournaments to date. Initially, matches had 60 overs per inning, but since the 1987 World Cup, all matches have been played with 50 overs per inning.

The ICC World Cup, held once every four years, is the most prestigious cricket competition where nations worldwide vie for the coveted trophy. In a surprising turn of events in 2023, England, the reigning champions from 2019, exited the tournament early. The final showdown pitted India against Australia, with Australia securing their sixth World Cup victory. India was the exclusive host of the tournament, running from October 5 to November 19, featuring one-day internationals with each team batting for 50 overs. The tournament’s competitive environment often leads to high-scoring games by batsmen. A few players consistently stand out by achieving impressive run totals in the World Cup. Today, we will delve into the leading run-scorers in the history of the ICC World Cup.

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Most Runs in ODI World Cup

Most Runs in ODI World Cup Details

Article ForMost Runs in ODI World Cup By a Player
Tournament Name ODI World Cup
Official WebsiteClick Here
YearAll World Cup Year

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Most Runs in ODI World Cup

Sachin Tendulkar has set a record in ODI World Cup history by scoring an impressive 2278 runs in 45 matches. His remarkable performance and control in World Cup events have solidified his position as one of the finest batsmen in cricket history.

Virat Kohli closely trails Tendulkar with 1795 runs in 37 matches, showcasing his exceptional batting skills and ability to thrive under pressure. The presence of players from diverse cricketing nations in the list of thousand-plus run scorers in ODI World Cup history highlights the global reach of cricket and the distributed talent across nations.


Players with the most runs in ODI World Cup records

  • Sachin Tendulkar (India): 2278 runs in 45 matches, averaging 56.95.
  • Ricky Ponting (Australia): 1743 runs in 46 matches, averaging 45.86.
  • Kumar Sangakkara (Sri Lanka): 1532 runs in 37 matches, averaging 56.74.
  • Virat Kohli (India): 1289 runs in 30 matches, averaging 53.7.
  • Rohit Sharma (India): 1243 runs in 21 matches, averaging 65.42.
  • Brian Lara (West Indies): 1225 runs in 34 matches, averaging 42.24.
  • AB De Villiers (South Africa): 1207 runs in 23 matches, averaging 63.52.
  • Shakib Al Hasan (Bangladesh): 1201 runs in 32 matches, averaging 42.89.
  • Chris Gayle (West Indies): 1186 runs in 35 matches, averaging 35.93.
  • Sanath Jayasuriya (Sri Lanka): 1165 runs in 38 matches, averaging 34.26.

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List of players with the most runs in a single World Cup

The list of players with the most runs in a single ICC Cricket World Cup tournament:

  • Sachin Tendulkar: He is at the forefront with an impressive total of 2278 runs. Showcasing remarkable consistency and skill in 45 World Cup games. His capacity to deliver under pressure resulted in six centuries and 15 half-centuries. Establishing him as the top scorer in ODI World Cup history.
  • Ricky Ponting: He is recognized as one of the most accomplish captains in ICC World Cup history, scoring 1743 runs in 46 matches. With an outstanding batting average of 45.86 and unparalleled leadership skills. He is consider a true icon of the sport.
  • Kumar Sangakkara’s: He scored 1532 runs in 35 innings with a graceful batting technique. Proving his capacity to stabilize the innings for Sri Lanka. His reliability and resolve establish him as a standout player in World Cup cricket.
  • Virat Kohli: Following the example set by his idol Tendulkar, Kohli has become a key player in the Indian cricket team, scoring 1278 runs in 37 matches. His performance in the World Cup, with five centuries and 12 half-centuries, has been significant.
  • Rohit Sharma’s: His knack for turning small beginnings into significant scores has render. Him a crucial component of India’s batting order amassing 1243 runs in 28 games with an impressive average of 60.57.
  • Brian Lara: One of the finest left-handed batsmen in cricket accumulated 1225 runs across 34 matches. Showcasing his exceptional skill in stroke play and capacity to control bowling attacks from the opposition.
  • AB de Villiers: Affectionately referred to as Mr.360, he display his batting skills for South Africa, amassing 1207 runs in only 22 innings with an impressive average of 63.52.
  • Shakib Al Hasan: Bangladesh greatly benefited from their all-round brilliance. As they scored 1201 runs in 36 matches and made significant contributions with both batting and bowling.
  • Chris Gayle’s: He was a formidable opponent in World Cup cricket due to his explosive batting style. Amassing 1186 runs in 35 matches at an impressive strike rate of 90.53.
  • Sanath Jayasuriya: One of Sri Lanka’s top all-rounders scored 1165 runs in 38 innings. Showcasing his talent to impact a game. His aggressive batting and effective left-arm spin bowling. These individuals have made a lasting impression on the ICC Cricket World Cup through. Their outstanding batting displays, securing their places in cricket history.


The ICC Cricket World Cup has seen some of the most remarkable batting displays in the history of cricket. These players have made a lasting impact on the sport with their exceptional ability to score runs. Their achievements have not only brought success to their teams but have also created numerous unforgettable moments for cricket enthusiasts around the globe. While new talents will surface as the World Cup progresses, the legacy of these batting icons will endure forever.

Most Runs in ODI World Cup FAQ’S

Who is Sachin Tendulkar?

Sachin Tendulkar, a retired Indian cricketer, is widely recognized as one of the best batsmen in cricket history, with multiple records in Test and ODI cricket, including the highest run scorer.

What is the ICC Cricket World Cup?

The ICC Cricket World Cup is the top global competition for One Day International (ODI) cricket, occurring quadrennially with teams from various countries vying for the esteemed trophy.

How many teams participate in the ICC Cricket World Cup?

The ICC Cricket World Cup typically features 10 teams, although the number may vary depending on the tournament. Teams qualify for the World Cup through regional qualifying tournaments.

What is the role of the umpire in cricket?

Umpires are responsible for officiating cricket matches, ensuring that the game is played according to the rules and regulations. They make decisions on matters such as wickets, boundaries, and fair play.

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