Microsoft announces 5 new features for Teams: Check details?

Microsoft announces 5 new features for Teams – Microsoft Teams has added 5 latest features aimed at reducing the stress of Covid-19 frontline workers. These include the Walkie Talkie app, virtual meeting management, Microsoft Viva, Reflexes Shift Connector and voice notification. The tech giant is announcing these latest features via a tweet. Watch our latest video to learn more about these newly added features. Microsoft is also bringing a scheduled broadcast feature and the ability to record up to 49 videos to its video conferencing platform, Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft has announced five new features for Teams – including a new way to share files and folders, as well as a new way to communicate with team members. The company says these features make it easier for teams to work together, collaborate more effectively, and get their work done faster. Teams is a collaboration platform that’s used by organizations of all sizes to communicate, share files, and work on projects.

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Microsoft announces 5 new features for Teams

Welcome to the March edition of Teams News. This month we are announcing a new rich update. The goal is to make the meeting experience more efficient and inclusive for all Teams users, so find out how these updates affect you! From the healthcare industry to frontline workers and end-user experiences to meetings, we have a lot of news waiting for you.

Microsoft recently held its Ignite 2024 event. In addition to announcing its new hardware in the form of Surface Laptop 5 and Surface Pro 9, the company also announced new Microsoft 365 features, including new features like Teams Premium and Microsoft Places, as well as updates to Viva, Microsoft’s digital employee experience. platform Here are the main highlights.

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Microsoft announces 5 new features for Teams

Microsoft announces 5 new features Details

Name Of ArticleMicrosoft announces 5 new features for Teams
5 new featuresCheck here
Official SiteClick here

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5 important new Microsoft Teams updates

Microsoft Teams is a platform that businesses of all sizes can use to collaborate more efficiently. With new updates, Microsoft is continuing to improve the platform, making it easier for teams to work together and achieve their goals. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at 5 important new Microsoft Teams updates. So be sure to read on for all the latest information!

Webinar follow up

Have you ever hosted a webinar but struggled to capitalize on sales opportunities because you couldn’t track attendees? Tracking webinar attendees should be much easier with the latest update to Microsoft Teams. Microsoft now offers a new Dynamics 365 integration that means you can automatically segment webinar follow-up messages, send polls and keep the conversation going.

New call features

Microsoft announced several new Teams calling features this summer. They include:

    • An attendance dashboard. This show you who attend the meet, how they participate and how engage they are.
    • Spotlighting multiple users. Until now, the main speaker was the only person who would be spotlight on a Team call. However, it is now possible for the call organize to spot light multiple speaker so their video stream are prioritized.
    • Chat bubbles. The Team call chat will now appear as bubble on top of the video itself – rather than attend have to open up a separate chat panel. This should make it easy to follow conversation.
    • A laser pointer feature. This clever update means the present on a call will now be able to use a kind of ‘laser pointer’ – as if they were give a presentation in a physical room. That allows them to highlight particular important statistic or message on their slide show.
    • Live transcriptions. Microsoft Team now give you the option to generate a live transcription of all speakers through out the call. This mean that attend can read the conversation later. It’s also helpful for people who arrive late so they can get up to speed quick.

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Several hardware updates

As we begin to work in a hybrid world, it is useful to connect various device to Microsoft Teams to facilitate meetings with employees wherever they are. In the latest Teams update, Microsoft announced several important new hardware integrations and improvements, including:

    • Intelligent speakers. Microsoft announced integration with EPOS and Yealink smart meeting room systems that better recognize the speaker and provide a more natural speaking experience.
    • Surface Hub updates. Microsoft also announced the introduction of Teams Rooms on the Surface Hub. This improves the hybrid calling experience for people connecting from home and office.
    • New cameras, headsets and other kit. Microsoft also announced a number of integrations with hardware vendors offering video call headsets, HD cameras and meeting room audio kit.

Support for business workflows

Some of the most interesting new updates announced for Microsoft Teams in Summer 2021 are related to workflow improvements. Microsoft has introduced a number of features that allow administrators to set tasks linked to the Planner and To Do apps. If you work primarily in Teams, you might not notice all the updates to your work list in these other apps, so this integration should make it easier to remember all the work you’ve done. Another interesting workflow improvement is related to approvals. Instead of sending confirmations via email, you can now send Microsoft Teams confirmation templates (or create your own) directly in Teams channels. For example, if you want to receive confirmation for a customer discount, you can simply use the new confirmation forms in Microsoft Teams and send them to your manager. They can then agree from the chat channel.

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Wellbeing has always been an important part of the Microsoft Teams experience. Perhaps the most important feel-good upgrade this summer is the ability to give compliments. Managers and colleagues can now send an employee an honor badge and boost morale.

Staying on top of new Microsoft Teams updates

Using a constantly updated business communication and collaboration platform is very beneficial. When you use Teams, you know you always have the latest security tools and features at your fingertips. However, it can be difficult to keep up with this constant change. At FITTS, we work closely with our customers to understand what they need from Microsoft Teams. We help them stay on top of updates, prepare for future changes, and get the most out of the app. Read our case study with Investec to learn how we help our customers use Teams more effectively.


Microsoft has announced 5 new features for Teams, which are currently in preview. While the company is offering more information on the features, it is not yet possible to use them in production. This article discusses Microsoft’s announcement and provides an overview of the new features.


What's new in Teams calling?

Teams rooms with dual front of room displays on Windows devices may currently seat up to 18 video participants 3x3 on each screen if there is no content being shared. During video conferencing, this allows for more individuals to be seen at the same time.

How do you check if Microsoft teams is updated?

The desktop application updates itself so you don't have to. You can still find out if there are any updates available by clicking the Settings and More button beneath your profile picture at the top right of Teams, and then selecting Check for updates. The web application is kept up to date at all times.

How Can Microsoft Teams spy?

Internal persons such as those involved in calls, meetings, chat, or an employer may watch, record, transcribe recorded conversations.

What Is Microsoft Teams Free 2024?

Yes, I agree. Chat messages and search are included in the free version of Teams. Individuals and groups may conduct online meetings and video and audio calls.

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