Mi Smartphone Clearance Sale Now Live: Check Offers and Discounts on Redmi Note 10, Redmi K20 Pro and More?

Mi Smartphone Clearance Sale Now Live –Are you in the market for a new smartphone? If so, the Mi smartphone clearance sale might be the perfect time to check out the discount offers on several models! Starting from today and going until January 8th, you can get amazing deals on the new Redmi Note 10, Redmi K20 Pro, and more. So what are you waiting for? Check out the sale now and start saving money!

Xiaomi is hosting a clearance sale for its smartphones on its official website. The company is offering discounts on various smartphones that were launched in recent years. Yes, newly launched Redmi and Xiaomi smartphones are not a part of the clearance sale. The list of smartphones eligible for the Mi Smartphone Clearance Sale are fairly old in terms of launch timeline. Mi Smartphone Clearance Sale Now Live.

Mi Smartphone Clearance Sale Now Live

Are you in the market for a new smartphone? If so, you’re in luck! Mi smartphone clearance sale is now live, and it’s sure to have something for everyone. From the Redmi Note 10 to the Redmi K20 Pro, there’s a product for everyone. In addition to exclusive offers that won’t be available again anytime soon, you can expect to save a lot of money on top-of-the-line smartphones. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to hit the clearance sale button and start saving.

Xiaomi is offering a discount only on Redmi phones. The price of the devices under the clearance sale starts as low as Rs 3,999. The price is considerably lower, but keep in mind that devices purchased during the sale do not come with a warranty. We provide support or no after-sales service at all. Let’s see the list of Redmi phones that you can buy on mi.com during the sale.

Mi Smartphone Clearance Sale Now Live

Mi Smartphone Clearance Sale Now Live Details

Name Of Article Mi Smartphone Sale
Mi Smartphone Sale Click Here
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Mi Smartphone Clearance Sale Offers

Customers who want to buy Redmi smartphones in India at low prices can check Mi smartphone clearance information on the website. The cheapest smartphone you can get during the sale is the Redmi 6A. The phone features a 5.45-inch Full HD+ display with thick bezels. It is powered by MediaTek Helio A22 SoC and has a 13 MP main camera. It has a 3000mAh battery and supports 5W charging. During the sale, users can get the phone for just Rs 3,999.

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Consumers can also check out the Redmi Note 7 launched in 2019. The phone can be purchased for Rs 5,999 during the sale. The phone has a glass back and a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on top. Also under the hood is a 4000mAh battery and a Snapdragon 660 SoC. It has a 6.3-inch Full HD+ display with a 19.5: 9 aspect ratio, a 12 MP dual camera sensor on the back and a 13 MP camera on the front.

There is also a Redmi Note 7 Pro available. The device launched in India in his 2019 alongside the vanilla Note 7. Equipped with 48MP dual camera and 4000mAh battery. It also has a 6.3-inch Full HD+ display with a waterdrop notch on top. Inside is a Snapdragon 675 SoC. This phone can be purchased for Rs 6,999 during the sale.

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Mi Smartphone Offers

The phone features a 48-megapixel quad-camera setup, a Snapdragon 678 SoC, and a 6.43-inch Super AMOLED display. Equipped with a 5000mAh battery and supports 33W fast charging. Unfortunately, the Note 10 Pro/Pro Max models are not available for purchase during the clearance sale. If you want more premium offers without warranty, you can buy Redmi K20 series online.

The Vanilla K20 is available at Rs 14,999 and the Redmi K20 Pro is listed at Rs 17,999. The device features an all-screen design with a motorized pop-up camera. The K20 Pro features a 48MP triple camera setup with a 13MP ultra-wide camera and an 8MP telephoto camera. The device also has a 4000mAh battery and a Snapdragon 855 SoC under the hood.

Smartphones Selling Price Clearance Sale Price
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max (6GB+64GB) 16,999 13,499
Redmi Note 9 Pro (4GB+128GB) 15,999 11,999
Redmi Note 9 (6GB+128GB) 14,999 12,499
Redmi 8A Dual (2GB+32GB) 7,499 5,499
Redmi 5 (2GB+16GB) 7,499 4,499
Redmi 5 (4GB+64GB) 10,999 7,999
Redmi Note 9 Pro (4GB+64GB) 13,999 10,999
Redmi Note 8 Pro (6GB+128GB) 16,999 13,999
Redmi 8A Dual (3GB+32GB) 8,299 7,299
Redmi Note 8 Pro (6GB+64GB) 15,999 12,999
Redmi Y3 (3GB+32GB) 9,999 5,999
Redmi Note 8 (3GB+32GB) 9,499 6,499
Redmi Y3 (4GB+64GB) 12,999 8,499
Redmi Note 9 (4GB+64GB) 11,999 7,499
Redmi 6 Pro (3GB+32GB) 8,999 4,499
Redmi Note 7S (4GB+64GB) 12,999 7,999
Redmi Note 7 (3GB+32GB) 9,999 5,999
Redmi K20 (6GB+128GB) 24,999 18,999
Redmi K20 (6GB+64GB) 21,999 14,999
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max (8GB+128GB) 19,999 14,999
Redmi Note 7 (4GB+64GB) 11,999 7,999
Redmi Note 7S (3GB+32GB) 10,999 6,999
Redmi Note 5 Pro (6GB+64GB) 13,999 9,999
Redmi Note 6 Pro (4GB+64GB) 11,999 9,999
Redmi Note 6 Pro (6GB+64GB) 15,999 10,999
Redmi 6 (3GB+64GB) 8,499 6,499
Redmi Note 9 Pro (6GB+128GB) 16,999 11,999
Redmi K20 Pro (8GB+256GB) 29,999 17,999
Redmi Note 5 (3GB+32GB) 9,999 6,999
Redmi Y2 (4GB+64GB) 10,999 6,999
Redmi Note 5 (4GB+64GB) 11,999 7,999
Redmi 4 (2GB+16GB) 6,999 4,499
Redmi Note 9 (4GB+128GB) 13,499 8,999
Redmi 9 (4GB+64GB) 9,499 7,499
Redmi Y1 (4GB+64GB) 10,999 8,999
Redmi 7 (3GB+32GB) 9,499 6,499
Redmi Note 9 Pro Max (6GB+128GB) 18,499 11,999
Redmi 7A (2GB+32GB) 6,699 4,999
Redmi 9 Power (4GB+128GB) 11,999 9,999
Redmi 8A (2GB+32GB) 6,999 4,499
Redmi 6A (2GB+16GB) 5,999 3,999
Redmi K20 Pro (6GB+128GB) 26,999 14,999
Redmi Y1 Lite (2GB+16GB) 6,999 4,999
Redmi Note 7 Pro (4GB+64GB) 10,999 5,999
Redmi Y2 (3GB+32GB) 8,999 4,999
Redmi Note 4 (3GB+32GB) 9,999 4,999
Redmi 6A (2GB+32GB) 6,499 4,499
Redmi Note 7 Pro (6GB+64GB) 12,999 6,999
Redmi 5 (3GB+32GB) 8,999 6,499
Redmi 5A (2GB+16GB) 5,999 4,499
Redmi 6 Pro (4GB+64GB) 10,999 6,999
Redmi Note 4 (4GB+64GB) 10,999 6,999
Redmi 8A (3GB+32GB) 7,499 5,999
Redmi 6 (3GB+32GB) 7,999 5,999
Redmi 8 (4GB+64GB) 9,999 6,999
Redmi Note 5 Pro (4GB+64GB) 12,999 7,999
Redmi Note 7 Pro (6GB+128GB) 13,999 9,999
Redmi 5A (3GB+32GB) 6,999 5,999
Redmi 7A (2GB+16GB) 6,499 4,499
Redmi 4 (4GB+64GB) 10,499 7,999
Redmi 7 (2GB+32GB) 8,499 4,999
Redmi Note 4 (2GB+32GB) 9,999 4,999
Redmi 8A Dual (3GB+64GB) 8,999 5,499


If you’re looking for discounts on Mi smartphones, the clearance sale is now live! Check out offers and discounts on the Redmi Note 10, Redmi K20 Pro and more. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to get the best deals on some of Mi’s most popular devices. Don’t wait any longer, head on over to our website and take a look!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can Xiaomi phones be tracked?

Xiaomi also provides you with a way to locate your missing gadget, in addition to Google. The Mi Cloud service from Xiaomi You can see information stored in the cloud or locate and delete the device from afar, similar to Apple's iCloud. As a result, you may use your Xiaomi/Redmi device to monitor the item if you had set it up using a Xiaomi account.

How do I know if my Xiaomi phone is used?

Xiaomi introduced Mi Commerce, which is an online-to-offline integration, among them. Users will be able to browse and purchase Xiaomi products in their local offline shop while sitting at home thanks to the Mi Commerce platform.

What Is it safe buying second hand phone?

Last year's phones, for example, are available at a good price. You should, however, exercise caution. If a used phone isn't going to last, or if you discover it has been stolen, you may save money by buying it. However, in the long run, you may lose money.

What Is it worth to buy a secondhand phone?

Shopping for a used phone is usually a good idea. Not only will it save you money, but if you're on a tight budget, a high-end phone that's a few years old may offer a better experience than a cheap new phone.23-Feb-2022

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