Liberty Health Plan Benefits, Feature, Buy And Renews

Liberty Health Plan – Freedom Medical coverage is the wellbeing section of Freedom General Protection Restricted. It offers an assortment of great health care coverage intends to cover all medical services and hospitalization needs of various individuals. These extensive plans are sensibly estimated and offer credit only treatment at all organization clinics of the organization.

Freedom General Insurance Agency Restricted is a joint endeavor between US-based Freedom Shared Protection Gathering, DP Jindal Gathering and Enam Securities.came into reality in the year 2013 with a plan to give extensive protection answers for individuals. It offers numerous protection items, like health care coverage, vehicle protection, bike protection, business protection, and so forth. It has in excess of 1200 representatives working across 110 workplaces in 95 urban communities. Besides, Freedom General Insurance Agency partakes in a case settlement proportion of 94% as of the monetary year 2019-20.

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Liberty Health Plan

Freedom General, a joint endeavor between Freedom Citystate possessions PTE Ltd and Enam Protections and DP Jindal Gathering, grasps the imperativeness of wellbeing and in this way, offers far reaching medical coverage designs that benefit every person. The protection supplier covers pre and post hospitalization expenses, the expense of second interview and offers a let loose turn time of upward to 15 days. These one of a kind medical coverage strategies guarantee that your wellbeing is their need.

Liberty Health Plan is a health insurance company that offers a wide range of benefits, including hospital stays, doctor visits, and prescription drugs. If you buy or renew your policy through Liberty Health Plan, be sure to know about the company’s feature and benefit options. Here are some of the most important things to know about Liberty Health Plan’s features and benefits.

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Liberty Health Plan

Liberty Health Plan Details

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About Liberty Health Plan

Freedom General Protection Restricted is a joint endeavor between Freedom Citystate possessions PTE Restricted, a gathering organization of US-based Freedom Common Protection Gathering, Enam Protections, an exclusive and oversaw firm that makes long haul interests in recorded organizations, and DP Jindal Gathering, a modern combination. The Freedom General Protection, laid out in 2013, has figured out how to offer an assortment of protection arrangements which incorporate wellbeing and individual mishap protection, representative pay protection, vehicle and bike protection, business protection, fire and designing protection, marine protection and other various protection administrations in India.


The protection supplier holds a worker strength of in excess of 1,200 faculty over an organization of 97 workplaces in 95 urban communities across 28 territories of India. It additionally holds 5000+ medical clinics in its organization where credit only offices are given to its policyholders. With regards to medical services contributions, the back up plan accomplishes a scope of health care coverage items for people, families, and corporates. Throughout the long term, the organization has been deliberated with a few honors for its predictable and unrivaled exhibition. A portion of the honors incorporate Model Safety net provider Asia – Computerized and Omni channel grant 2017, Most Powerful Retail Pioneers – CMO ASIA, Advanced Change Grant 2016, and so forth.

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Top Liberty Health Insurance Plan Types

Freedom Health care coverage offers protection inclusion to its policyholders against clinical expenses emerging because of the treatment of sickness and additionally injury. Following are the main 4 health care coverage plans presented by the protection supplier to satisfy your different medical services needs:

1. Liberty Health Connect Health Insurance Policy –

The Freedom Wellbeing Interface Strategy is a far reaching health care coverage strategy that offers a large group of variations to cover your clinical costs, for example, E-Associate, Fundamental, World class, and Preeminent. The arrangement gives the total guaranteed sum going from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 15 lakh. The base and greatest section age of the safeguarded under this arrangement is 18 years and 65 years individually. It is accessible on an individual and a family floater premise with lifetime sustainability choice and strategy residency of 1 and 2 years. A few advantages of this plan remember for patient treatment, day care strategies, domiciliary hospitalization, medical clinic everyday money recompense, organ giver cover, rescue vehicle charges, and so on.

2. Liberty Health Connect Supra Health Insurance Policy –

The Freedom Wellbeing Interface Supra is a top-up health care coverage plan that assists you with improving the inclusion of your current health care coverage strategy. Notwithstanding the top-up cover, the arrangement likewise offers a very top-up choice. The summarize protected choices under the top arrangement goes up to 20 lakh with deductible material up to Rs. 10 lakh, while under the very top-up choice, the total safeguarded choice arrives at up to 1 crore with a deductible up to Rs. 40 lakh. The approach offers inclusion for individuals from the age of 91 days to 65 years, which can be stretched out with its lifetime inexhaustibility choice. The strategy offers different approach advantages like in-patient treatment, no co-installment, no sub-limit, overall cover, reload of the total safeguarded, and some more.

3. Liberty Secure Health Connect Health Insurance Policy –

The Freedom Secure Wellbeing Interface is a health care coverage plan intended to offer clinical service to families. It is isolated in four variations specifically Secure Fundamental, Secure World class, Secure Preeminent and Secure Total, which accompanies the aggregate protected choices from Rs. 2 lakh to Rs. 15 lakh. Individuals between the age of 18 years and 65 years get inclusion under this strategy however can expand it everlastingly with the lifetime sustainability choice. This approach is accessible with adaptable strategy residencies of 1, 2 and 3 years. It gives a scope of advantages, for example, in-patient treatment, day care methods, crisis emergency vehicle charges, total reward, wellbeing check up, remain fit advantages, etc.

4. Arogya Sanjeevani Health Insurance Policy –

The Arogya Sanjeevani Strategy is a reasonable health care coverage strategy accessible on a person as well as family floater premise, where it offers inclusion to various connections including self, companion, kids, endlessly parent in-regulation. It gives the choice to pick the aggregate guaranteed from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 5 lakh in products of Rs. 50,000. The base and most extreme passage age under the arrangement is 18 years and 65 years, however the inclusion can be reached out as far as possible with the lifetime inexhaustibility choice. The advantages of this plan contain in-patient treatment, pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization, AYUSH treatment, waterfall inclusion, day care technique, aggregate reward, and so on.

What Is a Health Insurance Top-Up Plan and Why Should I Buy It?

A health care coverage top-up plan is a standard health care coverage strategy that offers remuneration against the clinical costs solely after as far as possible, known as deductible, of your current approach gets crossed. It is a prudent method for improving health care coverage inclusion. This plan offers additional total safeguarded for a solitary case after the fatigue of total guaranteed of your current arrangement. Furthermore, a very top-up medical coverage strategy likewise accessible that gives a comparable sort of advantage over the predetermined deductible sum applied on a total each approach year. The essential contrast it holds is that this permits inclusion for various cases in a strategy term after as far as possible is crossed.

Freedom Health care coverage offers a top-up strategy that offers very top-up cover too under its two variations. The base section age under this plan is 18 years and the most extreme passage age is 65 years. This approach has no pre-arrangement wellbeing examination for proposers with no present or past unfavorable clinical history. The summarize safeguarded choices under the top variation arrives at up to 20 lakh with deductible appropriate up to Rs. 10 lakh, while under the very top-up variation, the summarize guaranteed reaches to 1 crore with a deductible up to Rs. 40 lakh. The advantages gave under this approach remember for patient treatment, zero co-installment, zero sub-limit, overall cover, reload of the aggregate guaranteed, devotion perk, and so on.

Why Choose Liberty Health Insurance?

Liberty Health Insurance is a great option for those who want quality health insurance without all the hassles. We offer a variety of plans that fit a wide range of needs and budgets, and our customer service is top-notch. Plus, our plans are easy to access and easy to understand – so you can get the coverage you need without any hassle. Contact us today to learn more about Liberty Health Insurance!

Freedom Health care coverage offers a scope of contributions to its clients. A couple of them are:

  • High Case Settlement Proportion – The protection supplier obtains a case settlement proportion of 81.03% in the monetary year 2019-20. It divulges the devotion, execution, and dependability of the safety net provider with regards to the settlement of medical coverage claims.
  • 5,000+ Credit only Emergency clinics – The guarantor holds in excess of 5,000 medical clinics in its organization where its policyholders can undoubtedly seek the credit only therapy. This organization is spread the country over to guarantee policyholders get clinical help any place they are.
  • Fast and Bother Free Case Cycle – The Freedom Medical coverage offers a straightforward, smooth and quick case settlement process through its own committed in-house guarantee handling unit known as Freedom Wellbeing 360, which processes with a creative and comprehensive way to deal with help policyholders needing the hour.
  • Grants and Acknowledgment – The safety net provider has been conveying the best protection answers for a really long time and for which it is granted with esteemed grants like ‘Rising Star Back up plan’ at the Indian Protection Grants, ‘Business of Decision’ by Greatness Grants, ‘Best Arising Association’ in BFSI” by Patel Gathering and Co., and so on.

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Liberty Health Insurance Tax Benefits

The medical coverage plans of Freedom Health care coverage are great for your wellbeing as well as investment funds. You can get the tax breaks subject to the limit of your top notch measure of the health care coverage strategy according to segment 80D of the Annual Assessment Act. Following are the tax reduction subtleties which can be profited with the Freedom Medical coverage Plans:


Premium Paid

Deduction under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act

Self, Family, Children


When Policyholder and Parents are below 60 years

Rs. 25,000

Rs. 25,000

Rs. 50,000

When Policyholder and family members are below 60 years with parents above 60 years

Rs. 25,000

Rs. 50,000

Rs. 75,000

When Policyholder, family members and parents are above 60 years

Rs. 50,000

Rs. 50,000

Rs. 1,00,000

Members of HUF

Rs. 25,000

Rs. 25,000

Rs. 25,000

Non-resident Individuals

Rs. 25,000

Rs. 25,000

Rs. 25,000

Freedom General Protection Guarantee Settlement Proportion

The Case Settlement Proportion means a proportion of the quantity of medical coverage claims settled out of the all out health care coverage claims got by the protection supplier during a monetary year. Here are the figures of the medical coverage Guarantee Settlement Proportion of Freedom General Protection for the last two successive years:

Financial Year

Claim Settlement Ratio

FY 2019-2020


FY 2019-2020


Liberty Health Insurance Claim Process

The health care coverage guarantee process is a system under which the policyholder raises a solicitation for a case against their clinical costs caused from the protection supplier. A medical coverage guarantee can be handled in two ways which are credit only cases and repayment claims.

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Credit only Case Interaction of Freedom Health care coverage

At the point when a protected part benefits the clinical therapy at an organization medical clinic of their protection supplier, the case is handled in a credit only way, i.e., the guarantor takes care of the clinical costs straightforwardly to the clinic.

Here are simple steps to raise a cashless claim with Liberty Health Insurance:

Close the Safety net provider
Illuminate Freedom General Protection about your hospitalization something like 48 hours preceding your affirmation in the medical clinic, in the event of arranged hospitalization, and in somewhere around 24 hours of confirmation, in the event of crisis hospitalization at 1800-266-5844.

Pre-Authorisation Solicitation
Policyholders ought to present a total report of the sickness, therapy subtleties alongside vital confirmation from the specialist or emergency clinic.

Confirmation of Archives
The organization clinic will impart the archives to the back up plan or Freedom Wellbeing 360, an in-house guarantee handling unit of the guarantor. The archives gave will be checked by the case settlement group of the back up plan.

Guarantee Endorsement
The case settlement group of the back up plan can request more data or reports during the confirmation interaction. They could actually dismiss the case, on the off chance that they find the gave data bogus or insufficient.

Settlement of Guarantee
In the event that the case demand gets endorsed, the safety net provider will issue pre-approval to the organization clinic for a credit only office and pays for the permissible case sum.

How to Make a Liberty Health Insurance Reimbursement Claim?

At the point when a policyholder gets treated in an emergency clinic which isn’t an organization medical clinic of Freedom Health care coverage, the case settlement cycle of repayment type is handled. Under this interaction, the guaranteed people or policyholders are expected to take care of all their hospital expenses, yet can raise a case repayment demand later with their back up plan.

Following are the simple steps to raise a health insurance reimbursement claim request with Liberty Health Insurance;

Seek the Clinical Treatment
Seek clinical treatment at the non-network clinic of your protection supplier and make the total installment for medical clinic bills and different costs. Accumulate every one of the bills, receipts, archives, reports, and so forth.

Submit Vital Records
Send every one of the pertinent records recorded in the approach terms to the protection supplier or Freedom Wellbeing 360 in the span of 15 days of release from the medical clinic.

Records Expected for Freedom Health care coverage Repayment Guarantee:

  • Properly finished guarantee structure
  • Unique bills, receipt and release testament from the emergency clinic
  • Unique money updates from emergency clinic or scientists with appropriate remedies
  • Unique receipt and obsessive test reports with legitimate remedies
  • Specialist’s report expressing the idea of activity performed with the first bill and receipt
  • Going to specialist’s or alternately expert’s unique bill and receipt with the report of conclusion
  • Clinical history or synopsis of the protected person
  • Unique bills and receipts for asserting rescue vehicle charges

Confirmation of Reports
The protection supplier or Freedom Wellbeing 360 will complete a check cycle to find out the data or records gave. They might try and request some more data or reports or archives for the confirmation.

Guarantee Settlement
On finding every one of the reports and clinical records exact and legitimate, the protection supplier or Freedom Wellbeing 360 will acknowledge the case solicitation of the guaranteed individual and will repay the total allowable measure of the case after the pertinent derivations.

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