What is difference between Lakh and Million 1 Million in Rupees, Lakhs, & Crores Clear All Doubts

What is the difference between Lakh and Million? It’s a common question asked by Indians, so here’s a simple answer. Lakh and Million are two popular ways of measuring the size of population in India. As per Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), 1 Lakh = 100,000 and 1 Million = 10 million. The difference between lakh and million is that Lakh means a group of one lakh whereas Million refers to a group of 10 million people.

We have given essential details about a million, one crore, one lakh and thousand in this piece of writing by using numbers for ease of understanding the data point being discussed here

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Lakh & Million Difference

What is the difference between Lakh and Million? They are two ways of measuring India’s population size. Millions is a unit used to measure, 1 million = 10 lakhs (10 x 100 thousand). A Lakh means 100 thousand or one hundred thousands, One lak has a value similar to that of an American dollar in the United States currency system!

The case is different when it comes to International units. There are differences in the way we deal with numbers and our currency system is not the same here as there.Lakh & Million Difference
According to the international numbering system, ‘Million’ is the term used for ‘lakh’ that we use in the Indian numbering system. In mathematics, 1 million means one thousand thousand (1000000), this means 1 Million is equivalent to 10 Lakhs.

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When it comes to Indian numeration, it is done in the following way: CC, LL, TT, HHH. Where,

1. The letter C stands for crores.
2. L stands for lakhs.
3. T stands for tens of thousands.
4. The Hundreds are represented by the letter H.

What is Lakh

Lakh is a unit of measurement equal to one hundred thousand. It is used in several countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. In English, it is known as “thousand.” 1 lakh means

The word “lakh” originated from the Hindi language and derived from the Sanskrit word “lakshana,” which means “one hundred thousand.” This term was commonly used for referring to 10,000 soldiers or 10,000 people.

History of Lakh

Lakh is a Hindi word that means “ten thousand”. It is also the name of an Indian currency. The Lakh was first introduced in 1948 as a replacement for the Rupee. The Lakh was divided into 100 paise.

The Lakh replaced the Rupee because it was more durable and easier to handle. The coins were made of brass and copper and had a value of 10 rupees each.

In 1957, the Lakh was decimalized and it became 10 paise to a rupee. In 1960, new coins were introduced with denominations of 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 Lakhs. These coins were minted until 1964.

What is Million

Million is used to represent a large number in the International number system. We represent millions using conversions to represent in Indian numeral system.1 millions means

History of Million

Million first appeared in English in the early 15th century and is derived from the Latin word mille, meaning thousand. The term million first appeared in French in the late 14th century and was borrowed from Italian. It is composed of the words mille (thousand) and lira (coin). Million first appeared in Spanish in the early 16th century and is composed of the words millón (million) and moneda (currency).

1 Million in Terms of Lakhs

As per the Indian currency system:

  • 1 – Ones
  • 10 – Tens
  • 100 – Hundred
  • 1000 – Thousand
  • 10,000 – Ten thousand
  • 1,00,000 – One Lakh
  • 10,00,000 – Ten Lakh
  • 1,00,00,000 – One Crore
  • 10,00,00,000 – Ten Crore

As per the international currency system:

  • 1 – Ones
  • 10 – Tens
  • 100 – Hundred
  • 1000 – Thousand
  • 10,000 – Ten thousand
  • 100,000 – Hundred thousand
  • 1,000,000 – Million
  • 10,000,000 – Ten Million
  • 100,000,000 – Hundred million
  • 1,000,000,000 – Billion
  • 10,000,000,000 – Ten Billion

How to Covert Million in Lakhs

Here is a simple formula to remember the difference between lakh and million. Have a look:

  • 1 Lakh = 100 Thousands = 1 followed by 5 Zeros = 100,000
  • 10 Lakhs = 1 Million = 1 followed by 6 Zeros = 1,000,000
  • Similarly here, 1 Crore = 10 Million = 1 followed by 7 Zeros = 10,000,000

In other words, it can be said as one thousand is multiplied by one thousand, it makes one million.

Let’s have a look at the below-mentioned detail of one million in lakhs:

MillionIn Lakhs
1 Million10 Lakhs
2 Million20 Lakhs
3 Million30 Lakhs
4 Million40 Lakhs
5 Million50 Lakhs
6 Million60 Lakhs
7 Million70 Lakhs
8 Million80 Lakhs
9 Million90 Lakhs
10 Million100 Lakhs
50 Million500 Lakhs
100 Million1000 Lakhs

1 Million in Rupees and Words

1 million in rupees India and words are given below:

Million In Rupees India/NumbersIn Words
1 Million is equal to10 Lakhs (10,000,00)Ten Lakhs
2 Million is equal to20 Lakhs (20,000,00)Twenty Lakhs
3 Million is equal to30 Lakhs (30,000,00)Thirty Lakhs
4 Million is equal to40 Lakhs (40,000,00)Forty Lakhs
5 Million is equal to50 Lakhs (50,000,00)Fifty Lakhs
6 Million is equal to60 Lakhs (60,000,00)Sixty Lakhs
7 Million is equal to70 Lakhs (70,000,00)Seventy Lakhs
8 Million is equal to80 Lakhs (80,000,00)Eight Lakhs
9 Million is equal to90 Lakhs (90,000,00)Ninty Lakhs
10 Million is equal to100 Lakhs (100,000,000)1 Crore
50 Million is equal to500 Lakhs (500,000,000)5 Crores
100 Million is equal to1000 Lakhs (1000,000,000)10 Crores

1 Million in Rupees

1 million in rupees are given in the table :

  • 1 Million = 10 Lakhs (10,000,00)
  • 2 Million = 20 Lakhs (20,000,00)
  • 3 Million = 30 Lakhs (30,000,00)
  • 4 Million = 40 Lakhs (40,000,00)
  • 5 Million = 50 Lakhs (50,000,00)
  • 6 Million = 60 Lakhs (60,000,00)
  • 7 Million = 70 Lakhs (70,000,00)
  • 8 Million = 80 Lakhs (80,000,00)
  • 9 Million = 90 Lakhs (90,000,00)
  • 10 Million = 1 Crore (100,000,000)
  • 50 Million = 5 Crores (500,000,000)
  • 100 Million =10 Crores (1000,000,000)

1 Million in Crores

1 million in crores can be written as below details:

  1. 1 Million = 0.1 Crore
  2. 10 Million = 1 Crore
  3. 50 Million = 5 Crores
  4. 100 Million = 10 Crores
  5. 200 Million = 20 Crores
  6. 500 Million = 50 Crores
  7. 1000 Million = 100 Crores

1 Million Dollars in Rupees India

India uses Rupee as its currency. USD is a more popular currency in the rest of the world called Dollar or also known as US Dollar and you will hear about it being referred to by this name, for example $100 bill . One Indian Rupee is equal to 100 paise or one dollar.Dollar means in ruppes

In India, we use both the terms “lakh” and “crore.” We simply say lakhs & crores

The dollar exchange rate changes every day in India based on the economy of the country. Thus, formula to calculate one million dollars in Indian rupees is given below:

1 Million X Indian Dollar Rate = 1 Million Dollar in Rupees

Let’s Understand by Example: Assume 1 USD In India is 75 rupees. So, the calculation of one million dollars is:
1000000 (1 Million) X 75 (Dollar Rate) = 75000000 (1 Million Dollar in Rupees).

1. One Million Dollars in Rupees India would be approximately Rs. 1,00,000,000.
2. In order to exchange money in India, you will need to visit a bank or an authorized money changer.
3. It can take anywhere from 2-5 days for the currency exchange to complete depending on the liquidity of the rupee and the location of the bank or authorized money changer.

1 Million in Hindi

एक मिलियन को दस लाख भी कहते हैं। एक मिलियन और दस लाख में छह शून्य होते हैं, अंको में एक मिलियन को 10,00,000 लिखा जाता है, और दस लाख को भी अंको में 10,00,000 ही लिखा जाता है।

1 Million in Hindi = 10 लाख (10 Lakhs)

Q. 1 मिलियन में कितने लाख होते हैं?

ANS:- 1 मिलियन 10 लाख के बराबर होता है।

1 करोड़ में कितने मिलियन?

1 मिलियन में 10 लाख होते है। 100 लाख 1 करोड़ के बराबर होता है। आप यह भी कह सकते हैं की एक करोड़ में 100 लाख होते है। अब यदि 1 करोड़ को मिलियन में बदलना चाहते है तो आप कुछ इस प्रकार बदल सकते है।

1 करोड़ = 100 लाख
चूँकि 1 मिलियन = 10 लाख तो इसलिए
100 लाख = 10 मिलियन इस कारण
1 Crore = 10 Million

FAQ’s About Lakh & Million

How many thousands make a lakh?

1 lakh means 1,00,000 which is equal to one hundred thousand. Therefore 1,00,000=(100×1000) Hence one hundred thousands make a lakh. 1 Lakh = 100 Thousands = 1 followed by 5 Zeros = 100,000.

1 million is equal to how many lakh?

Ten lakhs make a million. Let us understand the relationship between lakh and million. Explanation: 10 lakhs = 10,00,000. 1 million = 1,000,000.

How many zero in crore?

Seven zeros in one crore In the Indian numbering system

How many lakhs are in a million?

There are 10 lakhs in one million. According to the Indian numbering system, one lakh appears after ten thousand while in the international numbering system, hundred thousand appears.

How many Lakhs is 1 billion?

1 Billion is equivalent to 10,000 Lakhs (1,000,000,000).

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