Kotak Premier Moneyback Plan 2024 Benefits, Features, Details, Reviews

Kotak Premier Moneyback Plan – Do you want to save money on your next purchase? If the answer is yes, you’re in luck! The Kotak Premier Moneyback Plan offers some of the best savings available on products and services across the board. This plan offers customers a range of benefits, including 20% cashback on all their purchases, free delivery on orders over Rs.1000, and no need to carry any extra credit or debit cards. With so many benefits to choose from, it’s hard to go wrong with the Kotak Premier Moneyback Plan. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start saving!

This is a good plan to use in the event of anticipated major expenses because it not only provides but also regular payouts. In addition, this Kotak life insurance plan does not have a maximum sum assured, so as long as you can pay the premium, you can take any amount of coverage you want. Additionally, it provides policyholders with tax advantages and the opportunity to receive maturity bonuses, resulting in payouts ranging from 110 to 130 percent of the initial sum assured.

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Kotak Premier Moneyback Plan 2024

A savings cum protection plan with participation is the Kotak Premier Moneyback Plan. To meet interim financial needs, this limited pay plan provides one-time, lump-sum cash payouts throughout the policy term. With yearly reversionary bonuses and a one-time maturity addition, savings grow. The plan provides superior life protection because it covers accidental death, in which case an additional Basic Sum Assured and Death Benefit are paid. It lets customers select between a fixed policy term of 16, 20, or 24 years.

If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy financial institution, look no further than Kotak Premier. With this 2024 moneyback plan, you can be sure that you’re getting the best possible deal on an insurance policy that suits your needs. And if you ever have any questions or problems with the policy, we’re here to help. So what are you waiting for? sign up today and get started!

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Kotak Premier Moneyback Plan

Kotak Premier Moneyback Plan 2024 Details

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Eligibility Conditions of Kotak Premier Moneyback Plan

Kotak Premier Moneyback Plan is one of the most popular banking products in the country. It offers a wide range of benefits to its customers, including a moneyback scheme. However, there are some eligibility conditions that you need to meet in order to qualify for the moneyback scheme. In this article, we have outlined these conditions in detail so that you know what you need to do to qualify.

Minimum age
  • The minimum entry age is 2 years
  • The maximum entry age depends of the policy tenure
  • For 16 years the maximum age is 59 years.
  • For 20 years the maximum age is 55 years.
  • For 24 years the maximum age is 51 years.
Maximum maturity ageThe maximum maturity age is 75 years.

Key Features of Kotak Premier Moneyback Plan

If you’re looking for a flexible and easy way to save money, the Kotak Premier Moneyback Plan is perfect for you. Plus, the plan is easy to use – all you have to do is provide your bank account and card details and you’re ready to go. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start saving!

TypeThis is a savings and protection plan with participation and limited pay.
Sum assured
  • The guaranteed minimum is Rs.1.5 lakhs.
  • The maximum amount that can be guaranteed is unlimited.
CoverageDeath benefits: The policyholder’s age-based assured sum will be paid in the event of death. It will be approximately 105% of the paid premiums.

  • 11 times the premium or a basic sum assured will be the sum assured for entry under 45.
  • The total guaranteed for section at an age more prominent than 45 years will be multiple times the yearly premium or a fundamental aggregate guaranteed.

Maturity benefits: Throughout the policy’s duration, the plan makes regular payments. The policyholder will receive the remaining basic sum assured, as well as the acquired reversionary bonus, terminal bonus, and maturity additions, when the policy comes to an end.

BasisIndividual policy
PremiumsThe premiums will depend on the sum assured.
Premium paying term8 years, 10 years and 12 years
Premium paying modesAnnual, half yearly, quarterly and monthly
Premium modal factorThis is the way the yearly superior payable will be determined in light of the paying mode:

  • Annual – 100%
  • Half yearly – 51%
  • Quarterly – 26%
  • Monthly – 8.8%
Policy validityAs long as all premiums are paid, the policy’s term will serve as its validity.
  • Accrued reversionary bonus
  • Terminal bonus
Other features
  • Grace period: 30 days for all payment methods, with the exception of monthly,
  • after receiving the policy document. The grace period for monthly payments is 15 days.
  • In the event that premiums remain unpaid, the policy can be reinstated within two years.
Add-on covers / RidersCouples can purchase this policy with three additional riders.

Benefits/Advantages of Kotak Premier Moneyback Plan

If you’re like most people, you’re always looking for ways to save money. And if you’re looking for ways to save money on your everyday expenses, the Kotak Premier Moneyback Plan is a great option for you. This plan offers customers a range of benefits, including discounts on car rentals, travel, and domestic and international supermarkets. Plus, you can earn cash back on your purchases – so you can get the most out of your money! What are the benefits of the Kotak Premier Moneyback Plan? Learn more in this article.

Some of the advantages of taking this policy are:

  • Under section 80C of the IT Act, the policy’s premiums are eligible for tax deductions.
  • The passing/development benefits got from this arrangement are qualified for tax cuts under segment 10(10D) of the IT Act.
  • On the premiums, there is a discount of Rs.2 rupees for every If the amount guaranteed is greater than Rs. 1,000,5 lakhs.
  • If additional premiums are not paid, the policy will be converted to a paid-up one with a lower value rather than lapse once it reaches surrender value.

How To Plan Works?

The policyholders will receive payments from this savings plan on a regular basis. The payment intervals will change depending on how long the policy is in effect, but it will typically pay between 110 and 130 percent of the investor’s premiums over the course of the policy. Additionally, there are two benefits to it: The guaranteed benefits and the non-guaranteed benefits are the two types.

Premium Payment

Following the preceding illustration, an eight-year premium payment is shown below.

End of YearAnnualized



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There are three riders that can be taken with this policy. They are:

  • Kotak Term Rider If the parent policy is used, the Kotak Term Rider can be used to increase the amount that is guaranteed.
  • Kotak Life Guardian Benefit In the event that the policyholder dies before all premiums have been paid, this rider covers the payments made toward the policy.
  • Kotak Accidental Disability Guardian Benefit This rider is similar to the Life Guardian Benefit in that the policyholder’s remaining premiums will be paid by if they become disabled as a result of an accident.

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