Jio fiber Broadband Plans, Offers, Data Limit, Validity Details

Jio Fiber Broadband Plans Welcome to our blog on Jio fiber broadband plans, offers and data limit details. We are here to help you understand all the important details about Jio fiber broadband plans, including data limit, validity period, and other associated information. If you’re looking to switch to Jio fiber broadband and want to make sure that you’re getting the best plan for your needs, read on! We also have a comprehensive list of all the Jio fiber broadband plans available currently.

Jio Fiber  users that it will deliver broadband internet at a high speed of up to 1Gbps. These Jio Fiber broadband plans are detailed below along with their benefits. Reliance  Jio Fiber broadband service is available across India in a year of its official launch. The high-speed internet over fiber network offers a range of speeds up to 1Gbps. Currently, Jio Fiber and Jio TV+ are offered in a bundled package that comes with truly unlimited data, unlimited voice across India sans any FUP and subscription to as many as 12 OTT apps.

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Reliance Jio on Monday introduced new Jio Fiber broadband plans and also offer consumers unlimited data at high speed and comparatively lower prices. The company’s truly unlimited broadband plans now start at Rs 399 per month, which makes Reliance Jio one of the most affordable broadband service provider in India. The Jio Fiber broadband plans go up to Rs 8,499 per month for speeds of up to 1Gbps. If you are looking for a new broadband connection or just want to switch from some other service provider, Jio Fiber is a good option to get.

Jio Fiber Broadband Plans

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Jio Fiber Details

Brand  NameJio Fiber
Model NameJio Fiber Broadband Plans
Price PlansClick Here
Subscription OffersCheck Now

Jio Fiber Renewed Broadband Plans

The Jio Fiber broadband service offers several features like a 4K set-top-box, landline connection, dual-band router, OTT subscriptions, TV video calling, along a range of prepaid plans. While Jio Fiber offers  plans, including monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually, we’ll be analyzing the monthly plans for this comparison.

Monthly rentalInternet speedFUP Data limitFree VoiceOTT Apps
Rs 39930 Mbps3,300 GBIncludedNot included
Rs 699100 Mbps3,300 GBIncludedNot included
Rs 999150 Mbps3,300 GBIncluded16 Apps
Rs 1,499300 Mbps3,300 GBIncluded16 Apps
Rs 2,499500 Mbps4,000 GBIncluded16 Apps
Rs 3,9991 GB7,500 GBIncluded16 Apps
Rs 8,4996600 GB15,000 GBIncluded16 Apps

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Jio Fiber Broadband Plans, Speed, OTT Subscription Offers

Reliance Jio introduced its Fiber broadband service in India in 2019. The company since then shook the broadband industry with its aggressive pricing and range of other benefits. The Jio Fiber plan is a perfect hybrid of broadband and DTH services. The company is currently offering a unified proposition where customers not only get high-speed internet but also a 4K step-top box to watch all the video content on their TVs. Furthermore, with most of its broadband plans, the brand offers a plethora of OTT subscriptions including the likes of Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix, Disney Plus Hotstar, Zee5, Sony LIV, Eros Now, and more.

You also get a wide range of broadband plans starting from Rs 399, which goes up to Rs 8,499. Reliance Jio also offers internet speeds starting from 30Mbps to 1Gbps with its range of broadband plans. So, if you are looking to Reliance Jio Fiber plans, we have compiled this article with all the details.

Jio Fiber Rs 399 Broadband Plan – 30Mbps Speed

To start with the entry-level broadband plan, the company currently offers Jio Fiber Bronze. The pack comes with a price tag of Rs 399 and offers 30Mbps of internet speed. The plan also comes with a FUP data limit of 3,300GB per month and offers unlimited voice calls. However, there are no OTT apps bundled with this plan.

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Jio Fiber Rs 699 Broadband Plan – 100Mbps Speed

The Rs 699 plan is known as Jio Fiber Silver broadband plan. The pack comes with 100Mbps of internet speed and offers unlimited data  for its customers. Furthermore, users will also get unlimited voice calls, though, like Bronze, it also does not come with any bundled OTT subscription benefits.

Jio Fiber Rs 999 Broadband Plan – 150Mbps Speed

Reliance Jio also offers Gold broadband plan that comes with a price tag of Rs 999. The plan comes with internet speeds of 150Mbps and offers a free subscription to 14 streaming apps worth Rs 1,000 per month. The pack also offers unlimited data  and comes with unlimited voice calls.

Jio Fiber Rs 1499 Broadband Plan – 300Mbps Speed

Up next is Jio Fiber Rs 1,499 broadband plan, which is also known as the Diamond plan. The prepaid broadband pack offers internet speeds of up to 300Mbps and comes with unlimited data benefits . The pack also comes bundled with a subscription of 15 apps, which is worth Rs 1,650 per month.

Jio Fiber Rs 2,499 Broadband Plan – 500Mbps Speed

Reliance Jio also has a Diamond+ plan, which will cost you Rs 2,499. The broadband packs offer 500Mbps of internet speeds and come with unlimited data with a FUP limit of 3,300GB per month. The broadband plan from Jio also offers a subscription to 15 apps, which is worth Rs 1,500 per month.

Jio Fiber Rs 3,999 Broadband Plan – 1Gbps Speed

The company also offers high-end broadband plans as well and Rs 3,999 is one of them. The pack is also known as Jio Fiber Platinum and comes with 1Gbps of internet speeds. The pack also offers unlimited data (FUP: 3,300 GB) as well. Furthermore, the pack also comes bundled with 15 streaming applications, which is worth Rs 1,650 per month.

Jio Fiber Rs 8,499 Broadband Plan – 1Gbps Speed

Lastly, the Rs 8,499 broadband plan comes with a free subscription of 15 apps, which is worth Rs 1,800. The pack offers 1Gbps of internet speeds and comes with unlimited voice calls as well. The broadband plans offer download with a FUP limit of 6,600GB.

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Jio Broadband Plans 2024

Jio Fiber Plans ListData & SpeedValidityPrice
Jio Fiber ₹199 Data  PlanUnlimited @100 Mbps7 Days₹199
Jio Fiber ₹399 Monthly PlanUnlimited @30 Mbps30 Days₹399
Jio Fiber ₹699 Monthly PlanUnlimited @100 Mbps30 Days₹699
Jio Fiber ₹999 Monthly PlanUnlimited @150 Mbps30 Days₹999
Jio Fiber ₹1,197 Quarterly PlanUnlimited @30 Mbps90 Days₹1,197
Jio Fiber ₹1,499 Monthly PlanUnlimited @300 Mbps30 Days₹1,499
Jio Fiber ₹2,097 Quarterly PlanUnlimited @100 Mbps90 Days₹2,097
Jio Fiber ₹2,394 Semi-Annual PlanUnlimited @30 Mbps180 Days + 15 Days₹2,394
Jio Fiber ₹2,499 Monthly PlanUnlimited @500 Mbps30 Days₹2,499
Jio Fiber ₹2,997 Quarterly PlanUnlimited @150 Mbps90 Days₹2,997

Jio Fiber Top-Up Plans

Reliance Jio is also offering top-up plans for Jio Fiber customers. However, unlike its mobile services, the top-up plans will be only used for ISD calls. Moreover, the top-up plans come with unlimited validity. This means that if you are making a call internationally, then you will need to top-up your Jio Fiber number with the following amount:

₹ 10 – talk time value of Rs 7.47

Rs 20 –  talk time value of Rs 14.95

₹ 50 –  talk time value of Rs 39.37

₹ 100 –  talk time value of Rs 81.75

Rs 500 –  talk time value of Rs 420.73

Rs 1,000 –  talk time value of Rs 844.46

Jio Fiber New Broadband Connection Benefits

New customers, Reliance Jio Fiber is offering a free trial for 30 days. Under this, customers will get a host of interesting benefits. To start with, one will get 150Mbps of internet speeds along with a 4K set-top box.

Customers can avail of the 30-day trial offer in two ways. However, it is will be required to pay a refundable deposit amount in both the scenarios. To start with the first option, pay a refundable amount of Rs 1500. With this plan, users will get 150Mbps of internet speeds along with a Wi-Fi router. Furthermore, one will get truly unlimited data and voice calls. However, the plan does not include OTT subscriptions and 4K step-top box. The company also offers a second option in which one has to pay a refundable amount of Rs 2,500. Under this offer, customers will get all the benefits of the above-mentioned plan along with 4K step-top box and OTT subscriptions to different streaming applications.

How to apply for Jio Fiber New Connection, Installation Charges

You can continue using Jio Fiber after the free trial. There won’t be any additional charges for Jio Fiber broadband installation. That said, the one-time refundable amount, which includes a deposit for devices and advances towards installation services (Rs 1,000), that is paid while availing the free trial.


In this blog post, we have covered all you need to know about Jio fiber broadband plans. From data limit to fiber broadband plan validity period, we have covered it all. So, now that you know everything you need to know, make sure to check out our website for more helpful content.

FAQ’S About the Jio Fiber

What's the validity period for Jio Fiber Broadband Plans?

It's validity period were according to the plans. It have many Plans Options such as Monthly plan, Annual Plan.

How long does Jio fiber last without recharge?

If you don't have your cable/internet hooked up to your modem, and haven't had a cable/internet recharge in over three months, your cable company might take your equipment and put it into storage. Even if you are still using your cable/internet, it is always a good idea to check in with your provider to make sure that they are doing their job and keeping your equipment properly hooked up.

Is Jio fiber free for 6 months?

No, the The JioFiber postpaid plan, which is available for six months, costs Rs 2,394 (plus GST). This means that a 30Mbps broadband plan will cost you 399 per month. Unlimited data and free phone are included with this package. The cost of the 12-month plan is Rs 4,788 (incorporated GST).

Is Jio Fiber Box free?

Users will get an Internet Box (Gateway Router), Set Top Box, and Installation worth Rs 10,000 at no cost when they join a JioFiber Postpaid connection.

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