Is the Snapdragon 778G Plus better than the Snapdragon 860?

Is the Snapdragon 778G Plus better than the Snapdragon 860 – Smartphone fanatics are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest devices to hit the market. So when Qualcomm announced their new Snapdragon 778G Plus and Snapdragon 860 mobile processors, everyone wanted to know if they were better than the older Snapdragon 845. Well, the short answer is that it depends on your needs and preferences. But based on these reviews, it seems that many people believe that the Snapdragon 778G Plus is a better choice overall. So if speed is your main priority, then the Snapdragon 778G Plus might just be what you’re looking for!

The Snapdragon 778G Plus is the hot (not literally) chip in the Android world right now, as it power the Nothing Phone (1). Accordingly to Nothing, This snapdragon 860 deliver performance and effects. Not only that, Qualcomm has added wire less and reverse wireless charger support to the Snapdragon 778G Plus, thus Phone nothing (1) wireless and reverse charger are confirm.

Is the Snapdragon 778G Plus better than the Snapdragon 860

When it comes to processor choice, there is a lot of confusion out there. Which one should you choose? Well, the answer comes down to personal preference. Today, we’re going to be taking a closer look at the Snapdragon 778G Plus vs. the Snapdragon 860, two of Qualcomm’s latest processors. Let’s see which one is better for your device.

Is the Snapdragon 778G Plus better than the Snapdragon 860

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Is the Snapdragon 778G Plus better than the Snapdragon 860?

There’s no wrong answer when it comes to the Snapdragon 860 vs. the Snapdragon 778G Plus – they’re both great options for a phone. However, if you’re looking for a phone that will be best suited for gaming or productivity, the 778G Plus is a better choice. It has more cores – eight vs. six – which makes it better for tasks like gaming and photography. Additionally, it has better battery life and faster performance overall. If you’re looking for better performance in specific areas, like office work or graphics-heavy games, the 860 may be a better choice. However, keep in mind that the 778G Plus is newer and faster overall, so if battery life is a top priority for you, it may be worth considering. Ultimately, the decision comes down to what you need the phone for – so make your choice based on what you need and what you’re expecting from it.

The Snapdragon 778G Plus is an highest mid-range chip, while the Snapdragon  is a flag ship chip. However, there are plenty of Snapdragon 860 SoC smart phone that are like to be more affordable than Snapdragon 778G Plus SoC mobile phones, such as the Moto Edge 30.

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Snapdragon 778G Plus vs Snapdragon 860 specs comparison

While both chip set offers an Octa-core processor, the Snapdragon 860 has a primary high-performance ARM Cortex-A76 core processor with a maximum clock speed of 2.96 GHz. Similar, the main core of the Snapdragon 778G Plus SoC is base on an improve ARM Cortex-A78 core processor with a slight lower clock speed of 2.5 GHz.

In terms of GPU, the Snapdragon 860 come with Adreno 640 graphic, while the new Snapdragon 778G Plus SoC use the Adreno 642L GPU. Look at these characters, Snapdragon 778G Plus seem to be a more better processor compare to the Snapdragon 860 SoC.

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CPU and Memory

When it comes to choosing a mobile processor, there are a few things to consider. One of the most important is the CPU and memory. The Snapdragon 778G Plus has more memory than the Snapdragon 860, which means faster app loading times and less lag time when using your phone. It also has an octa core processor, which means it offers great performance when it comes to graphics and gaming. If speed is of the utmost importance, then the Snapdragon 778G Plus should be your go-to choice. However, if you are looking for a more affordable option, the Snapdragon 860 may be a better choice. Both processors have great camera performance, so it really comes down to what you need and want in a mobile device. So, the decision comes down to what you are specifically looking for in a mobile processor.

Snapdragon 778G+ Snapdragon 860
Frequency 2500 MHz 2960 MHz
Cores 8 8
Bit 64 64
Lithography 6 nm 7 nm
Transistor count 4680 million
Core configuration 1×2.5 GHz Kyron 670 Prime
3×2.2 GHz Kyron 670 Gold
4×1.9 GHz Kyron 670 Silver
1×2.96 GHz Kyron 485 Prime
3×2.42 GHz Kyron 485 Gold
4×1.8 GHz Kyron 485 Silver
Power consumption 5 W 10 W
Memory Type LPDDR5 LPDDR4x (Quad Channel)
Max. Memory 16 Gb 16 Gb
Memory Frequency 4666 2133
Memory Band Width 17 34.1
Neural Processor Unit Available Available
L1 cache 512 KB 512 KB
L2 cache 1 MB 1 MB
L3 cache 2 MB 2 MB
Instruction set architecture ARMv8.3-A ARMv8.1-A

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Snapdragon 778G Plus vs Snapdragon 860 performance

On Geek’s bench 5, the Snapdragon 778G Plus-powered by Moto Edge 30 score 821 in the single-core test and 2,353 in the Multi-Core test. Similar, the Snapdragon 860-powered by POCO X3 Pro score 782 in the Geek bench 5 single-core test and 2,644 in the Multi-core test.

In AnTuTu-5, the Moto Edge 30 post around 5,40,000 on An Tutu 5, while the POCO X3 Pro posted an average scored of around 5,60,000 on processor. These numbers clear show that the more than two-year-old Snapdragon 860 is just as power full as the Snapdragon 778G Plus. So, a mobile with Snapdragon 870 or Snapdragon 778G Plus must deliver the same day-to-day performance.

Which one to choose?

If you are going to choose between a mobile with Snapdragon 778G Plus processor and a Snapdragon 860 SoC, then we recommend you to go for the mobile with Snapdragon 778G Plus processor. Although the Snapdragon 860 seem slight more powerful than the Snapdragon778G Plus SoC, the Snapdragon 778G Plus is a more efficient processor as it is base on a 6nm processor, while the Snapdragon 860 is base on a 7nm processor.

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When it comes to choosing a new smartphone, it’s important to consider a few factors, including price and performance. The Snapdragon 778G Plus is a newer processor than the Snapdragon 860, and some people believe it offers better performance. If you’re looking for an upgrade from your current phone, the Snapdragon 778G Plus may be a good option for you! Additionally, it’s available at a lower price, which may be appealing to some consumers. It’s important to read reviews before making any buying decisions, as they can provide valuable information about the chip. So, what’s your verdict? Is the Snapdragon 778G Plus better than the Snapdragon 860? Let us know in the comments below.

Pros of Qualcomm Snapdragon 860

  • High GPU frequency (~38%)
  • Supports 33% higher memory band width (34.13 against 25.6 GB/s)
  • 23% high CPU clock speed (2960 vs 2400 MHz)
  • Shows better (up to 7%) An Tutu 9 score – 561K vs 524K

Pros of Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G

  • Announced 2-years and 2-months later
  • Has a small size transits (6 versus 7 nm)
  • Better instruction set architecture


So, after reading through the blog, do you think the Snapdragon 778G Plus is better than the Snapdragon 860? According to the reviews, it seems that this phone might be a better option for some users. However, it is important to remember that the Snapdragon 778G Plus is not perfect and there are some downsides to consider. If you’re looking for a phone that offers great performance and is backed by a good warranty, then the Snapdragon 860 might be a better option for you. However, if budget is a major concern for you, then the Snapdragon 778G Plus might be a better option. So, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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