How to get JIO Fiber free for one year: Just follow these steps 2023?

How to get JIO Fiber free for one year – New customers of JIO Fiber are provided with one month of free service. With Reliance JIO, users can use JIO broadband service for free within 1 year. Reliance JIO is doing everything in its power to popularize its broadband JIO service called JIO Fiber. To attract more customers, Reliance JIO offers new customers 1 month of free JIO fiber service. Additionally, the telecommunications giant is offering users the opportunity to use her JIO fiber connection for free for her one year. We have first hand experience and this is how the offer works.

Are you eagerly waiting for JIO fiber broadband? If so, then this blog is just for you! In this blog, we will guide you through the process of getting a new JIO SIM delivered at home for free in the year 2023. So let’s get started!

How to get JIO Fiber free for one year?

Reliance JIO does everything to promote its JIO Internet service, JIO Fiber. Reliance JIO offers new users a free installation of her JIO fiber and his 1-month subscription to JIO fiber to attract more people. In addition, the telecom company is offering subscribers a way to get JIO fiber connectivity for free for his one year.

The new JIO Fiber Plan is intended to attract postpaid customers and increase Reliance JIO’s chances of attracting and retaining Internet subscribers. JIO fiber services are as easy to use as plug-and-play prepaid contracts, making the revenue streams for your business much less predictable.

How to get JIO Fiber free for one year
How to get JIO Fiber free for one year

How to get JIO Fiber free for one year Details

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JIO Fiber

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JIO Fiber postpaid plans with free installation, set-top box, and router detailed

With free installation, set-top boxes and routers, these new JIO fiber optic postpaid plans start at Rs 399 per month and go up to Rs 3,999 per month for the high-end 1Gbps package, according to Reliance JIO. Please note that his JIO Fiber Postpaid Plan cost above does not include tax. So you have to pay 18% GST on top of your JIO fiber plan.

Aside from the free JIO Fiber installation gift, JIO Fiber says postpaid customers will have access to entertainment apps such as Disney+ Hot star, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sony Liv, Zee5, VOOT Kids and JIO Cinema. On April 22, 2022, JIO Fiber’s new postpaid plans will be available.

Base plan Internet speed Internet charge Entertainment top-up Entertainment plus top-up
Rs 399 30 MBPS ₹ 399 Rs 499 ₹599
₹ 699 100 MBPS ₹ 699 ₹ 799 Rs 899
Rs 999 150 MBPS ₹ 999 (with Amazon Prime)
₹ 1,499 300 Mbps Rs 1,499 (Amazon Prime, Netflix basic)
Rs 2,499 500 Mbps Rs 2,499 (Amazon Prime, Netflix standard)
₹3,999 1000 Mbps Rs 3,999 (Amazon Prime, Netflix premium)

You have to pay Rs 100 per month to access 6 OTT applications and Rs 200 per month to access 14 OTT apps. These add-ons are available for Rs 399 and Rs 699 plans. All other subscriptions give you access to all 14 OTT applications at no additional charge.

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Jio Fiber Recharge Online- Semi-Annual Plans

There’s no need to fret anymore! Jio Fiber Recharge offers several different plans to suit everyone’s needs. You can choose from monthly to semi-annual plans that offer you uninterrupted browsing and video streaming on all your devices. Plus, all you have to do is sign up and enjoy the benefits! If you’re looking for an affordable and reliable way to stay connected, Jio Fiber Recharge is the perfect choice!

How to get JIO Fiber free connection for one year?

As part of the promotional offer, JIO will provide 1 additional month of JIO Fiber Service free of charge to users who provide new references. Simply put, if a friend adopts her new JIO fiber connection through your referral, both you and your friend will get her one month of free service. Promotional offers can be used any number of times during the year.

For example, if your referral has 12 of her subscribe to her new JIO fiber connection, you will get free service for 12 months or her 1 year. Reliance JIO offers multiple JIO fiber plans in India such as Rs 999, Rs 699, Rs 399, Rs 1499, Rs 3999, Rs 8499. For more information, please visit the official Reliance JIO website.


Are you eagerly waiting for the JIO fiber connection to arrive at your doorstep? If yes, you are not alone as the anticipation is palpable. However, before you can get your fiber-optic internet connection, you will first need to get a new JIO SIM card delivered at home. And if that’s not enough, we have some good news for you too! You can also get a new JIO SIM card delivered at home through our online recharge service. Keep reading to learn more about this fantastic offer and how to take advantage of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get Jio fiber?

MSR stands for Municipal Separate Storm Sewer. The installation takes 1 to 2 hours, depending on site and routing, and involves two fiber connections: one on the pole and another inside the home. It's critical to have a good connection.

How can I convert postpaid Jio fiber to prepaid?

Currently, there is no way to migrate from Postpaid to Prepaid.

How can I get Jio fiber free for one year?

You'll receive 12 months or a year of free service, for example, if 12 people sign up for a new JioFiber connection as a consequence of your referral. JioFiber subscriptions starting at Rs 999 and ending at Rs 8499 are available in India from Reliance Jio.

What Is Jio Fiber Plan Increase?

Jio Fiber began at Rs. 699, so the Rs. 399 plan is completely new. Apart from the new base plan, the most significant change is that all plans now offer symmetrical download and upload speeds, which means download speed equals to upload speed

How Can I recharge Jio fiber 1 week?

Unlimited data access for seven days is available with the Jio Fiber plan. FTTX Weekly Plan-PV - 199 is the current name for the Rs. 199 Jio Fiber weekly prepaid plan voucher. For seven days, the package offers unrestricted voice calling and data connectivity of up to 100Mbps.

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