How To Fix Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code On Android 2024?

How To Fix Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code On Android : A connection problem or invalid MMI code is the number one issue that Android device users face. If you’re facing the same issue, don’t worry! This blog will help you to fix the connection problem or invalid MMI code on your android device. We’ll overview the different possible causes of the connection problem and provide troubleshooting tips to solve it. Let us help you get back to using your android device the way it should be used – with a stable and error-free connection!

MMI codes are not use regular by a mobile user, but when they are use their proper function is extreme important. Therefore, when an Android user see a message saying “Connection problem or invalid MMI code” it must be high frustrate. This error stop them from make certain call and send some text message until they solve this issue. Fortunately, there are multiple solution for this problem and you can try them one-by-one if you are encountering this issue on your Android phone.

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How To Fix Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code On Android

What are MMI Codes?

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Man-Machine-Interface or MMI codes are android phone codes that contain characters like hashtag (#) or asterisk (*) in them. All the MMI codes have some kind of similar, but this does not mean that they are the same. These codes fall into different category base on the different action they must perform.

Primarily there are four type of MMI codes:

  • SS Codes: The Supplementary Service Codes are hard-codes into every mobile around the world and your network operator cannot change them. These codes are used to control feature like number presentation, call forward, etc.
  • USSD Codes: The Unstructured Supplementary Service Data Codes are the coded designated by the service provider. These codes are sent to the network provider to access information like prepaid card balance, call plan details, etc.
  • Manufacturer MMI Codes: These codes are defined by the mobile manufacturer and are specific to your mobile model. These codes are used for operation like resetting the android device, activate service menu, etc. You do not have to press ‘send’ after enter these codes as they are execute as soon as the last character or digit has been enter.
  • SIM Control Codes: These codes are used to change the SIM details, such as its PIN code.

As you must see there are several type of MMI codes and the invalid MMI code error must be cause due to proper function of any of these code types.


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How To Fix Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code On Android

Every now and then, you must play into the Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code pop up error on your Android device. This generally happen when a user is trying to send an Man-Machine-Interface code. What is a MMI code you ask? It is those funny codes you enter on your dial that include an asterisk (*) or hashtag (#) characters, like call on your Verizon Wireless phone to check account balance, or some times it is just a prefix code you enter before a mobile number.  If the Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code problem is drive you nuts, we got a few solution that should solve your issue. How To Fix Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code On Android.

Simple Reboot

Simple turn off your mobile (tap the Power button for a few second) and reboot again, see if that helps in fix the connection problem or invalid MMI code on your mobile. This method 1 must sound simple, but some times that’s all it take to get rid of the invalid MMI code error.

Reboot in Safe Mode

By using your mobile in safe mode, you must better trouble shoot your phone since it will play just the stock Android program. By eliminate all other apps playing in the back ground, you must test to see if the invalid MMI code problem persist without other apps working through app disable. Safe mode will disable pre-installed apps and services that came with the mobile.

So to solve the Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code issue.

To reboot in safe mode or enter safe mode, follow steps:

  1. Turn off your phone.
  2. Press and hold the power button to turn on, continue hold the power button until the logo display appear.
  3. Press and hold the volume down button until the reboot is finished.
  4. You should see “Safe mode” at the bottom left corner of your display.

A combination with the Home button might be need for this process. Contact your mobile manufacturer to verify or check the manual that came with the mobile. Once in safe mode, try enter the MMI you were use before to see if the problem persist. If you do not have issue send the text message at this point, then most like a culprit app that may have recent install is cause the conflict.  You must start by uninstall the most recent app and go from there.

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Add a plus sign (+) or comma (,) to the code

Trying to add a comma at the end of your code and dial again, a USSD code for example, if you were try to dial *1234 then try dial*1234, you must add a comma by hold the asterisk (*) button for about 3-5 second. Check if the error is gone after you add a comma at the end of the prefix.

Or try to add a plus (+) sign after the asterisk (*) sign in your code. This process force the operation to look for the invalid MMI code error. For example, if you were dial*1234 then try dial *+1234 you must get the plus (+) plus sign by holding zero for about 3-5 seconds. The plus sign should get rid of the error message and allow the call to go through. This process force the operation to look for the USSD code error.

Check Network Settings

You could be getting the Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code error because you are not get reception. Try to set your wireless provider, go to:

  1. Settings
  2. Network Connection
  3. Mobile Networks
  4. Navigate to Network Operators
  5. Search Networks and select your wireless provider

You must want to try this method 2 a few times before giving up on it. It must take a few tries before it connect to the available network. If the network operator search does not find your carrier or service provider, then you must want to check your SIM card for possible problem that must be interfere with the network or SIM authentication.

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Check Sim Card

If you have a dual sim phone, you have two choice here.

  1. Disable on of your SIM cards and activate only the SIM that you plan on use to send the MMI code. The mobile must not be use the correct SIM card if you have both SIM cards playing together.
  2. Under your phone dual SIM settings, find the voice call setting by tap on the menu. There it should give you an option to select with SIM card to use or “Always ask”, choose that “Always Ask” option. When you try to dial the MMI code, the mobile will prompt you and ask which SIM you want to use, that why you will have the option to select the correct SIM card.

If you have a traditional single SIM phone, try something simple like pull your SIM card and blow on it, wipe it down a little, and plug it back in. See if that will re-establish connection.

Turn on SMS over IMS

This step is for the tech geek and we would not get into detail on how to do it since any wrong move use this method could destroy your mobile, or just cause more headache to undo. It basic involve you use the Android secret code *#*#INFO#*#* or dial 4636 in the dial aka *#*#4636#*#* to enter the Android Test Menu or information mode, this is where professional technician go to geeks out on your mobile information or device information. You must play ping test and activate radio and turn on SMS over IMS here that could solve your “Connection Problem or Invalid MMI Code” problem . If you really want to try this method, feel free to google “how to turn on SMS over IMS“.


If you are experiencing connection problems on your Android device, the first step is to troubleshoot the issue. This blog will guide you through the different steps you need to take to fix the connection problem or invalid MMI code. Make sure to keep the following tips in mind to get your device back up and running as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common causes of an invalid MMI code on my Android phone?

If you're experiencing issues with your Android phone that relate to the mobile network, the most likely cause is an invalid MMI code. This code is used by your carrier in order to identify the type of device you are using and the service you are subscribing to. To troubleshoot and fix the issue, try re-pairing your device with your carrier or using a different SIM card. If that doesn't work, then it may be due to poor signal strength, dropped calls, or blocked calls.

How can I fix a connection problem with my Android phone?

There are a few things that you can try if you're having trouble connecting to the internet on your Android phone. 1. Finally, open Developer Options and turn on USB Debugging . This will allow you to connect to the phone via the computer. 2. Reset the network settings by going to Settings > Wireless and Network > Cellular Network and tap Reset. 3. If that doesn't work, go to Settings > About Phone and tap on Build Number seven times to enable Developer Options. Once Developer Options is enabled, you should be able to access the menu where you can check if the phone is in airplane mode.

What should I do if I'm having trouble connecting to the internet or my Android phone?

If you're having trouble connecting to the internet or your Android phone, try the following: 1. Check if there's a firewall or antivirus program blocking access to certain websites or apps. 2. Make sure your phone is fully charged and that there are no obstructions between the antennae and your phone. 3. Make sure you're using the most updated version of your Android OS. 4. If all else fails, disconnecting and reconnecting your device may solve the problem.

How can I avoid running into this problem in the future?

There are a few things that you can do in order to avoid experiencing connection issues in the future. Some of the steps that you can take include: 1. Resetting network settings or factory resetting your device may help to fix the problem. 2. Always make sure that your Android phone is fully updated and have the latest security patches installed. 3. If connection issue still persists, then it's time to visit an Android service center for a repair or replacement.

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