How to download digital voter ID card on your smartphone?

How to download digital voter ID card on your smartphone – A voter ID is an important document that proves an individual’s identity. However, people can misplace this card, increasing the risk of data theft. The Indian government has introduced the e-Epic card, a secure PDF version of voter ID, to address these concerns. Individuals can download this electronic map to their mobile phones and smart devices. However, you should know the process to download your voter ID. Keep scrolling for instructions on how to do this. How to download digital voter ID card on your smartphone.

As the world heads to the polls to elect new leaders, there is a need for a reliable election system that is secure and tamper-proof. One such system is digital voter ID cards, which are digital versions of voter IDs that have been issued by some countries. If you’re interested in downloading digital voter ID card on your smartphone, this blog provides all the necessary details. In addition, this blog also covers the features and advantages of digital voter ID cards. So whether you’re looking for a way to make voting easier or just want to secure your vote, read on!

How to download digital voter ID card on your smartphone?

Photo voter ID or EPIC is required during the voting process and supports proof of identity or address. The Electoral Commission of India (ECI) is now allowing citizens to download their voter cards online. In just a few steps, you can save and download an electronic version of your photo ballot card, called an e-EPIC. Delivered in non-editable and secure PDF format. How to download digital voter ID card on your smartphone. The e-EPIC is valid and accepted just like the original voter ID. Registered voters may store their e-EPIC on their Digi Locker or smartphone and take a printed copy with them for reference. To help you out, we’ve outlined all the steps for downloading your digital voter card online.

There’s no question that voting is a crucial part of our democracy, and the sooner you can get involved, the better. That’s why it’s important to have a voter ID card, which is a digital representation of your identity. If you’re interested in voting in the upcoming election, make sure to visit and download your digital voter ID card onto your smartphone or tablet! You can use it to vote in any elections scheduled this year, including county, state, and national elections. Make sure to keep your voter ID card with you when you go to cast your ballot early or on Election Day itself!

How to download digital voter ID card on your smartphone

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What Is a Digital Voter ID?

Digital Voter ID Card or e-EPIC is a portable document launched by the Government of India on 25th January 2021. Individuals can download this PDF version of the voter card to their mobile phone or computer. This feature allows voters to store their voter ID digitally in her locker or upload it to cloud her storage, thus protecting data and unique voter ID numbers. The Digital Absentee Ballot complements the currently issued PCV EPIC for new registrations. The government has reportedly allowed the use of digital voter IDs on Election Day in West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Assam and Puducherry.

Therefore, those who do not yet have their voter card or have lost their original card should familiarize themselves with downloading their voter card. You can print this e-card and laminate it yourself for future use. Those interested in security should know that digital voter ID cards come with demographic data such as a serial number, a protected QR code for her with an image, and a part number. I have. Since this digital card acts as proof of your identity, it is imperative that you learn how to download your voter ID card in a few simple steps.

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How to Download a Digital Voter ID Card?

The central government will allow new voters registered with a unique mobile phone number in their e-roll during the 2021 Special Summary Revision and general voters to download their digital voter badges from the Indian Electoral Commission Portal and the National Voter Services Portal Allowed.

  • Individuals may follow the steps above to complete the download of voter ID cards.
  • Go to the official portal of the Indian Electoral Commission and select Download e-EPIC.
  • Next, enter your e-EPIC number and the one-time password sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Finally, click Download your voting card online.
  • Alternatively, you can download your digital ballot card from the National Voter Services Portal by following the instructions above.
  • User must register or login to her NVSP website.

Individuals must enter a form reference number or EPIC number. Enter her OTP sent to the registration number to complete the process and click Download e-EPIC. Now let’s understand why you need to select the download voting card option.

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What Are the Features of Digital Voter ID?

It’s election time! And what better way to make sure you have the latest information on the election than by downloading a digital voter ID card on your smartphone? The card is secure and contains all the information about you – name, photo, address, etc. You can access and print the card from any smartphone or computer with Internet access. Additionally, it’s easy to register and vote using your digital voter ID card – just follow these simple steps! In case of any problems during the voting process, an audio guide will help you out without any hassles. So download your digital voter ID card and get ready to cast your vote with ease!

Benefits of using a digital voter ID include:

  • Individuals can use their unique QR code to retrieve their PDF version of their voter ID.
  • This is a sustainable method.
  • This saves you the trouble of visiting a government agency to apply for an absentee ballot.
  • Only registered first-time voters will receive this e-EPIC on their mobile phone.
  • This ensures the necessary data security.
  • These maps will be accessible from February 2021.
  • However, you must link your mobile phone number to your ECI.
  • Voters are not required to create new maps after changing states or cities.
  • Individuals can download the digital version by changing their address online.
  • Those who do not agree to the electronic version of this voter card may also receive a paper copy.
  • Introduced option to download voter ID to ensure there is no delay in voter ID delivery.
  • This e-EPIC can be stored in a DigiLocker, saving you the hassle of carrying multiple documents.

Anyone eligible to claim a Digital Voter Card can review the steps above. It is recommended to register on the official website to download your voter ID. This eliminates the risk of facing scammers and fake portals.


If you are an eligible voter and want to ensure that your voice is heard during the election process, you will need to download a digital voter ID card on your smartphone. This card will allow you to access important voter information, cast your vote, and more. Make sure to read the blog below for more details on how to download digital voter ID card on your smartphone.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download a digital voter id card

If your mobile number is not registered in Eroll, follow these steps 1 Go to https www nvsp and download e EPIC Card 2 Login as a new user 3 Click on e EPIC Download 4 Enter EPIC Number or Form Reference Number 5 Verify the OTP sent on the registered mobile number 6 Click on Download e EPIC If Mobile number isn't verified in Eroll, you'll need to do this 7 Pass the Face liveness verifications 8 Update your mobile number to finish KYC 9 Update your mobile number 10 Download e EP

How to download a voter ID card online

You'll get an application number on your registered phone number and email ID after completing the process at https eci gov in 2.

What are the benefits of having a digital voter ID card?

Having a digital voter ID card is definitely one of the benefits of voting. It allows you to access your voting information from any device, eliminates the need for carrying around different documents during elections, and can be used to vote in online and offline polls, sign up for notifications of election events, and more. The card is free and portable, so you can carry it with you wherever you go. Additionally, it's highly secure since it uses biometric authentication measures.

How does one acquire a digital voter ID card on their smartphone?

To acquire a digital voter ID card on your smartphone, you will need to download the app and follow the onscreen instructions. Registration is simple and can be done on your mobile device within minutes. After registration is complete, you will receive a unique ID number that you can use when voting in future elections.

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