Hotstar Movies 2024 Streaming Watch Latest Hindi Movies, Hindi TV Serials & Shows

Hotstar Movies: If you are interested to watch Hindi Movies, and Serials, then you can enjoy them by using the Hotstar application which is provided on your smartphone. To get this application, you should have to go to the google play store of your device. On the Google play store, you can easily download and install this app on your mobile phone, and enjoy many movies, and web series. For more details, you may read the following article.

Hotstar is a free Indian entertainment streaming app. This app is provided on your mobile devices. The Disney plus Hotstar app permits you to stream famous films, TV shows, and news. The app also permits you to watch the many tv shows with old and new episodes. You may also read more details about this app here.

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Latest News: यदि आप अभी भी डिज्नी प्लस हॉटस्टार के सदस्य नहीं हैं, तो हम निश्चित रूप से आपको एक बनने की सलाह देंगे। विज्ञापन समर्थित योजना के लिए डिज्नी प्लस हॉटस्टार की वार्षिक सदस्यता 899 रुपये/वर्ष से शुरू होती है। एक प्रीमियम प्लान की कीमत 1,499 रुपये प्रति वर्ष या 299 रुपये प्रति माह है। और यह सिर्फ टीवी शो ही नहीं है – डिज्नी प्लस हॉटस्टार पर भी देखने के लिए हिंदी में दर्जनों फिल्में हैं।

Disney+ Hotstar

With Disney+ Hotstar being house to lots of the largest franchises involving Marvel Cinematic Universe, Star Wars, and Walt Disney’s own animated videos, users are never going to move out of content to stream. With an excess of Hindi content now lining up for direct-to-OTT announces, the way seems to have all bases covered, serving users all over age groups and many languages.

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With the streaming facility providing original content as well as a rich library of names from Pixar, Walt Disney Studios, and National Geographic, it’s typical to keep monitor of the new announcements every week. OTTplay does that work for you. Here are the new releases of many web series, movies, and many videos on Disney plus Hotstar.

How good is Hotstar ?

Hotstar is a popular streaming platform that offers a wide variety of content to its users. It provides access to live sports, television shows, movies, and original series. The platform has received positive reviews for its user-friendly interface, high-quality video streaming, and diverse content library. Hotstar also offers affordable subscription plans and allows users to download content for offline viewing. Overall, Hotstar is a great option for those looking for a comprehensive streaming service with a vast collection of entertainment options.


On Disney plus Hotstar, there are many categories like TV Shows, Movies, Web Series, Sports, and Others. To watch the movies, you should have to visit the movies section. In the Movies section, there are so many categories of movies like Hindi, English, Punjabi, etc.

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To watch the latest movies and tv shows in Hindi, you should have to follow some steps provided in the below section. You can read the short details related to Disney Plus Hotstar Hindi movies, and all here:

Disney+ Hotstar app 2024 Details

Name of AppDisney+ Hotstar
Article ForHotstar Movies Watch Latest Hindi Movies, Hindi TV Serials & Shows
App Available onGoogle Play Store & App Store
SupportsAndroid, and iOS
official Site

What Exactly Available On Hotstar?

Hotstar is a popular Indian streaming platform that offers a wide range of content across different genres. It has a vast library of movies, TV shows, and web series from India and around the world. Additionally, Hotstar also provides live sports coverage, including cricket, football, and other popular sports. Users can access a variety of regional language content in addition to Hindi and English. The platform offers both free and premium content, with the latter requiring a subscription fee.

Is Hotstar Provides discovery+ | Stream TV Online Shows?

Yes, Hotstar provides discovery+ which allows users to stream TV shows online. Discovery+ offers a wide range of content, including documentaries, reality shows, and exclusive originals across various genres like science, nature, crime, and adventure. Users can access this content by subscribing to the discovery+ add-on on Hotstar. The add-on also includes access to live events and specials.

How to Get Newest Web series & Movies?

There are several ways to access the latest web series and movies. One option is to subscribe to a streaming service like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Hulu. These platforms offer a vast collection of content, including original series and movies that are updated regularly. Another option is to use torrent websites or illegal streaming sites, but this comes with the risk of malware infections and legal consequences. It is always recommended to use legal sources for accessing entertainment content. Additionally, social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit often have discussions about new releases and recommendations for must-watch shows and movies.

What Is The Main Collection of categories On Hotstar?

Hotstar has a vast collection of categories that cater to various interests and preferences. However, the main collection of categories on Hotstar includes TV shows, movies, sports, news, and original content. These categories offer a wide range of options for viewers to choose from, making it a one-stop destination for all their entertainment needs. Additionally, Hotstar also offers regional language content to cater to its diverse audience base across India.

How to Add to Your Wishlist Favorite Movies on Hotstar?

Adding your favorite movies to your wishlist on Hotstar is a simple process. First, navigate to the movie you wish to add and click on the “Add to Watchlist” button. The movie will then be added to your watchlist, which can be accessed by clicking on the “Watchlist” tab on the top menu bar. You can also remove movies from your watchlist by clicking on the “Remove from Watchlist” button next to the movie title. Adding movies to your wishlist allows you to easily keep track of what you want to watch and ensures that you don’t miss out on any great content.

What Are The Main Functionality On Hotstar?

Hotstar is a popular streaming platform that offers a wide range of entertainment options to its users. Some of the main functionalities on Hotstar include live sports streaming, access to premium TV shows and movies, and original content produced by the platform. Users can also customize their viewing experience by creating personalized watchlists, setting reminders for upcoming shows, and downloading content for offline viewing. Additionally, Hotstar offers multiple language options and supports various devices such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, and gaming consoles.

Did Hotstar Provides An Additional Layer Of Security?

Hotstar, the popular streaming platform, provides an additional layer of security with its two-factor authentication feature. This means that users have to enter a code sent to their registered mobile number in addition to their password to log in. This helps prevent unauthorized access to user accounts even if someone else has obtained their password. In addition, Hotstar also uses encryption technology to protect user data and ensure privacy. Overall, Hotstar’s commitment to security measures helps provide a safe and secure streaming experience for its users.

Is Hotstar An unlawful service?

Hotstar is a legal streaming service owned by Disney+ that offers a wide range of movies, TV shows, live sports, and original content. It is available in multiple countries including India, the USA, Canada, and the UK. As long as you have a valid subscription or access to Hotstar through a legitimate partner, it is not an unlawful service. However, it is important to be cautious of websites or services claiming to offer free access to Hotstar content as they may be illegal and pose a risk for malware or piracy.

Is Hotstar Available The Satisfying Cinematic Experiences?

Hotstar is a popular streaming platform that offers a wide range of content, including movies and TV shows. It has an extensive library of Indian and international titles that can provide a satisfying cinematic experience for viewers. From Bollywood blockbusters to Hollywood hits, Hotstar has something for everyone. Moreover, it also offers live sports streaming, making it a one-stop destination for entertainment enthusiasts. So, if you’re looking for a platform that can deliver a fulfilling cinematic experience, Hotstar is definitely worth considering.

Does the Online Streaming Service With High Quality Available On Hotstar?

Yes, Hotstar is an online streaming service that provides high-quality video content. It offers a wide range of TV shows, movies, live sports events, and news broadcasts to its users. The platform is available on various devices such as smartphones, laptops, smart TVs, and tablets. Hotstar also offers premium subscriptions that provide access to exclusive content and features like ad-free streaming and downloads for offline viewing.

What Is The Streaming Convenience With Hotstar?

Hotstar is a popular streaming service that offers users the convenience of watching their favorite TV shows, movies, and sports events on demand. With Hotstar, users can access a wide range of content in multiple languages and genres, including Bollywood films, Hollywood blockbusters, TV serials, live sports events, news broadcasts, and more. Hotstar also offers personalized recommendations based on a user’s viewing history and preferences, making it easier to discover new content that they may enjoy. Overall, Hotstar provides an unparalleled streaming experience that combines convenience, variety, and quality entertainment.

What Are The Steps To Run Hotstar Downloading Process In Your Device?

To download Hotstar on your device, follow these simple steps. First, go to the App Store or Play Store on your device and search for “Hotstar.” Once you find the app, click on it and select “Install.” Wait for the app to download and install on your device. After installation is complete, open Hotstar and sign up or log in if you already have an account. You can then start streaming your favorite TV shows, movies, and live sports events. It’s important to note that Hotstar is not available in all countries, so ensure that it is accessible in your region before attempting to download it.

What Are The Minimum System Hotstar Downloading Requirements?

To download Hotstar on your device, you need to ensure that it meets the minimum system requirements. For Android devices, the operating system should be 4.1 or above, and for iOS devices, it should be iOS 9.0 or above. Additionally, you need a stable internet connection with at least 2 Mbps speed for uninterrupted streaming. It’s also recommended to have a device with at least 2 GB RAM and sufficient storage space to ensure smooth functioning of the app.

Does Hotstar Provides User Friendly Easy Interface?

Yes, Hotstar provides a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface. The platform has a clean, modern design that makes it easy for users to navigate and find the content they are looking for. The homepage features personalized recommendations based on the user’s viewing history, making it easier to discover new shows and movies. The search functionality is also efficient, allowing users to quickly find what they are looking for. Overall, Hotstar interface is intuitive and well-designed, making it a popular streaming platform among users in India and around the world.

What is Disney Hotstar subscription?

Disney Hotstar is a streaming service that offers access to live and on-demand content from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and other popular brands. This includes shows like The Lion King Jr. Show and Toy Story Land Previews that are exclusive to the service. You can also watch movies and TV shows from past seasons or buy individual episodes or movie tickets for viewing offline.

the Disney Plus Hotstar Mobile subscription is available in as many as four tiers. In addition to the yearly subscription, the company is offering monthly, quarterly, and half-yearly versions of this plan. Here’s how much they will cost:

  • 1 month: Rs 49
  • 3 months: Rs 149
  • 6 months: Rs 199
  • 12 months: Rs 499

Check Hotstar Plans in details

Disney Hotstar subscriptions gives you unlimited access to all of the abovementioned content as well as ad-free viewing experience across all devices including mobile phones iOS/Android/Windows 10 Mobile etc., DTH services like Sony LIV and Airtel Digital TV Zero & Above plans subscribers in India excluding JioTV , select apps such as Netflix , Amazon Prime Video , Hulu with Live TV .

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Is Disney+ Hotstar premium worth it?

Disney+ Hotstar premium is currently available in India, and it offers a number of exclusive benefits that are not available on the regular Disney+ service. These include access to live sports events, as well as ad-free viewing for all films and TV shows. The subscription also allows you to watch both Disney Channel and ABC content without any commercials.

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Additionally, you can use the ‘Watch Now’ feature on the app to instantly stream select movies and TV shows on your mobile device or computer. You can even share your favorite movie or show with friends via Facebook, WhatsApp, or Twitter!

There are a few things to consider before deciding whether Disney+ Hotstar premium is worth its price tag. First of all, it’s important to decide which channels you want access to (Disney+, ABC networks). Then make sure that those channels meet your programming needs (movies &TVshows). Finally, be aware of potential data charges if you’re streaming videos online frequently. However, overall this may be one of the best investments an Indian consumer could make right now!

Latest Hindi TV Series On Hotstar

Name of Web Series NamePeak Weekly Views (India)
Rudra Edge of Darkness10.8 Million Views
Anupama Namaste America10.6 Million Views
Home Shanti7.1 Million Views
Masoom Season 110.9 Million views
Special Ops Season 110.8 Million Views
Arya7 Million Views
Great Indian Murder6.3 Million Views
Escaype Live5.5 Million Views
Criminal Justice5.2 Million Views
Hostages5.1 Million Views
City Of Dreams5 Million Views
Grahan4.9 Million Views
Pariwar4.8 Million Views
Human4.7 Million Views
Malgudi Days4.6 Million Views
Special Ops Season 1.54.5 Million Views
Criminal Justice Behind Closed Doors4.4 Million Views

Watch Hindi TV Series and Movies Online

Looking for Hindi TV series and movies online on hotstar? You’ve come to the right place! Hotstar offers a variety of Indian television shows and movies, so you’re sure to find something that interests you. Not only that, but their HD quality ensures that these videos will look great on any device.

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Plus, they have an extensive library of Hindi films that you can watch whenever you want. From family dramas to action-packed blockbusters, Hotstar have everything that you need in one place. So don’t wait any longer – start streaming your favorite Hindi TV series and movies at hotstar today! To watch the new and upcoming movies on Hotstar, you can follow the steps as follows:

Disney Plus Hotstar Hindi Movies Watch Online

  • The Kardashians
  • Escaype Live
  • 9 Hours Created by Krish Jagarlamudi
  • A Thursday (2022)
  • Human (2022– )
  • Kaun Pravin Tambe? (2022)
  • Gundala (2019)
  • Shiddat (2021)
  • Aashiqana (2022– )
  • Grahan (2021– )
  • Atrangi Re (2021)
  • The Great Indian Murder (2022– )
  • Bhoot Police (2021)
  • Three’s Definitely a Crowd (2022)
  • The Empire (2021– )
  • Wedding Agreement: The Series (2022– )
  • Yuni (2021)
  • The Legend of Hanuman (2021– )
  • Teka Teki Tika (2021)
  • Dil Bekaraar (2021– )
  • Susah Sinyal: The Series (2021–2022)
  • I Am Alone, So Are You… (2019)
  • Eeswaran (2021)
  • Netrikann (2021)
  • Annabelle Sethupathi (2021)
  • Saving Chintu (2022)
  • Motorcity (2012–2013)
  • Parampara (2021– )
  • Collar Bomb (2021)
  • Shaadisthan (2021)
  • Ankahi Ansuni (2021– )

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How Can I Download Disney Hotstar App on Google Play Store?

To download this platform on your device, you should have to follow some guidelines as given here:

  • First, go to the google play store on your phone.
  • on the google play store, you should have to search for the Disney Plus Hotstar App.
  • After getting the Disney Plus Hotstar App, You should have to click on the ‘Install’ button.
  • Now, your Disney + Hotstar App will get downloaded and installed on your device automatically.
  • You should have to wait for some time.
  • After a few minutes, your app will get installed on your device.
  • After this process, click on the ‘Open’ button to see the app.
  • Now, you can enjoy many latest Hindi movies on this platform.

How to Download Movies on :- Click here

How To Watch Latest Hindi Movies On Disney+ Hotstar?

  • First of all, go to the Hotstar App as provided on your phone and device.
  • Search for the Hindi Movie, which you want to watch online.
  • After getting the Movie, you should have to click on that movie’s option.
  • Then, you can enjoy the movie on your device.

How To Watch Latest Hindi TV Shows On Hotstar?

  • In the First step, go to the Hotstar App offered on your phone and system.
  • Look for the Hindi Movie, that you wish to watch online.
  • After getting the film, you should have to click on the option of TV Show.
  • Then, you may get the benefit of the TV show on your device.

Important Links:

Hotstar access Here

What should I watch on Disney Plus Hotstar?

With Disney Plus Hotstar, fans have access to a wide variety of exclusive content that is not available on other platforms. This includes original series, movies, and short-form videos. Some of the most popular titles include The Mandalorian and Star Wars: The Clone Wars reruns.

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The service also offers live sports events like MLS games and cricket matches as well as daily captions for international news coverage in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam language regions. Fans can also watch their favorite Hollywood films with English subtitles or listen to music from IndianDesi artists exclusively on the app.

Overall Disney Plus Hotstar is an excellent platform for entertainment lovers who want to explore more than just what’s available on traditional cable providers.

How can one get a free account on Disney+Hotstar in India?

If you are looking to watch Disney+Hotstar in India, you will need to sign up for a free account. This is possible by visiting the website and clicking on the “create an account” button. From here, fill out your basic profile data including your username and password. You can also choose one of the available subscription plans that suits your needs. Once you have completed this process, click on “sign in” to begin watching Disney+Hotstar content! Alternatively, download the Hotstar app from Google Play or App Store and register for a free trial before signing up for a paid subscription plan.

Is Disney plus Hotstar free?

Disney plus Hotstar is not free, but it does include a number of features that are exclusive to the service. These features include access to live streaming of all current Disney and Star Wars movies as well as ESPN content, ad-free viewing for everything on the platform, and more. In addition, you can also use Disney plus Hotstar to purchase movie tickets in advance or book tables for your party directly from the app.

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Which are the top web series of Disney Hotstar?

When it comes to Disney web series, there are a number of titles that stand out from the pack. Some of the most popular include The Lion and the Witch, Aladdin: A New Adventure, Moana, and Tangled. Each of these shows is packed with action, adventure, comedy- timing verrryyy well for kids who love classic stories retold in new ways! If you’re looking for family-friendly entertainment that will keep you entertained all season long (or longer), then look no further than Disney Hotstar’s lineup of awesome web series!

What is your review of Disney+ Hotstar India?

Disney+ Hotstar India is a great streaming service that offers a variety of content, including movies and TV shows. The platform is user-friendly and has an impressive lineup of live sports events. Additionally, it has a good selection of Indian programming that can be streamed in Hindi or English.

The subscription fee for Disney+ Hotstar India is affordable and the quality of the video output is excellent. Overall, I highly recommend this streaming service to anyone looking for high-quality Indian programming at an affordable price point!

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use Hotstar on multiple devices?

Disney+ Hotstar enables you to watch on two devices concurrently per subscription account. If you see an error message You are trying to access videos from more than two devices, it is likely your device limit has been exceeded.

How do I share my Hotstar account with friends?

To give access to your Hotstar account to your friend or family members, you have to share your login credentials along with your password.

How do you check how many devices are connected to Hotstar?

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