HDFC Life Child Plan 2023 Benefits, Features, Details, Reviews

HDFC Life Child Plan – HDFC Disaster protection Organization Restricted is an exceptionally presumed name in the life coverage portion. The organization offers a scope of disaster protection plans which are reasonable for a wide range of monetary objectives that you could have. Kid life coverage plans are likewise presented by HDFC Life which helps you in anticipating a got monetary eventual fate of your kid. We should investigate the scope of youngster plans presented by HDFC Life.

If you’re planning on having a child in the next few years, now is the time to get your affairs in order. That’s because the HDFC Life Child Plan 2023 will soon be available to eligible members. This coverage ensures that you and your loved ones are taken care of during these exciting times, and it has a few extra perks that make it even more valuable. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the HDFC Life Child Plan 2023, and why it’s the perfect option for parents-to-be.

HDFC Life Child Plan 2023

Child protection plans are those plans which guarantee a got monetary corpus for the kid’s future regardless of whether the parent isn’t anywhere near. HDFC Youngster plans are proposed to guardians and secure the parent’s life under the arrangement. These arrangements have an inbuilt waiver of premium rider. That’s what this rider determines assuming the guaranteed parent passes on during the term of the approach, the arrangement wouldn’t stop. Future expenses would be postponed off and paid by HDFC Life itself.

This extraordinary advantage makes kid arrangements an idiot proof arrangement for your kid’s security. Additionally, HDFC youngster plans come both in the customary variation and the ULIP variation. While conventional kid protection plans guarantee a got and a reliable corpus, ULIP kid plans assist you with boosting your speculations through market-connected returns. We should examine the kid life coverage plans presented by HDFC Life.

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HDFC Life Child Plan 2023 Details

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Why child plans are needed?

Parenting can be an exhausting and challenging experience. Trying to juggle work, family, and your own personal life can be hard enough. But when you add a new child into the mix, things can become even more complicated. That’s why it’s important to have a child plan in place from the start. This will help you to organize your priorities and make sure that you’re taking care of yourself and your child while still fulfilling your responsibilities. Here are some reasons why it’s essential to have a child plan.

Kid protection plans assist you with arranging a monetary corpus for your kid. Through a kid protection plan, you get the accompanying advantages –

  • The arrangement reserves a particular corpus implied exclusively for the fate of your youngster
  • The expenses paid for kid insurance contracts help you in saving duty. The charges are permitted as a derivation under Segment 80C up to INR 1.5 lakhs. Consequently, through a kid plan, you can make an asset for your kid, yet you can likewise save your expenses as well
  • The advantages got from the approach are likewise tax-exempt. The advantages qualify as a tax-exempt pay under the standards of Segment 10 (10D) of the Personal Expense Act. In this manner, you can get the greatest corpus for your kid’s necessities.
  • HDFC kid plans are presented as both conventional and unit-connected plans. They, hence, assist you with making an ensured or a market-connected corpus which would be ideal to satisfy your kid’s fantasies

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List of HDFC Child plans

When it comes to choosing the right child plan, there are a lot of factors to consider. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the most popular HDFC child plans, so you can get an idea of what’s available and what suits your child’s needs. We’ve also included information about each plan, so you can get a better understanding of what you’re getting for your money. Ready to choose? Let’s get started!

Here are the insurance plans which are offered by HDFC Life as child insurance plans –

HDFC Life YoungStar Udaan

HDFC Life’s YoungStar Udaan is a customary kid protection plan which assists you with making a surefire corpus for your kid. The elements of the arrangement are as per the following –

  • The arrangement offers three choices of Goal, The scholarly world and Vocation. The choice that you pick would decide the manner by which the arrangement advantages would be paid
  • Charges are payable just for a restricted period
  • The cash back advantages can likewise be profited in regularly scheduled payments as opposed to in yearly ones.
  • In the event of death of the guaranteed during the strategy residency, the passing advantage is paid. Future expenses are deferred off on the off chance that the Exemplary Waiver plan choice is chosen and the arrangement proceeds. The endurance and development benefits are paid as and when guaranteed
  • The arrangement is presented as a partaking kid plan.
  • In the event that you pick a high total guaranteed level, you can guarantee a top notch refund
  • Strategy advances are additionally accessible during the term of the arrangement to deal with your monetary necessities

Eligibility conditions of HDFC Life Young Star Udaan Plan

Entry age 30 days to 60 years
Maturity age 18 years to 75 years
Term of the plan 15 years to 25 years
Premium payment term 7 years, 10 years or (term – 5) years

HDFC SL YoungStar Super Premium

This HDFC kid plan is a unit-connected protection plan which permits you to make a decent corpus for your kid through the advantage of market-connected returns. The notable elements of the arrangement are as per the following –

  • There are two inclusion choices under the strategy. The other is the Life and Wellbeing Choice which covers basic ailments as well.
  • The passing advantage can likewise be gotten in two ways. One is the Save Advantage wherein, on death, a passing advantage is paid to the recipient. Future charges are postponed and paid by the organization towards the arrangement. On development, the asset esteem is paid.
  • The other choice is Save – n – Gain benefit. Under this advantage, in the event of death of the protected, the passing advantage is paid.
  • half of the charges payable are paid to the recipient during the term of the arrangement and half is paid towards the asset esteem. On development, the asset worth would be paid
  • There are four kinds of venture subsidizes which you can decide to contribute your expenses

Eligibility conditions of HDFC SL YoungStar Super Premium Policy

Do you want to learn about the eligibility conditions of HDFC Super Premium Policy for the senior citizens? If so, you’re in the right place! In this post, we will discuss the various eligibility conditions that apply to the policy, and what you need to do in order to be eligible. We will also highlight some important points that you need to know if you’re interested in buying the policy. So be sure to read on!

Entry age 18 years to 65 years
Maximum maturity age 75 years
Term of the policy 10 years to 20 years
Sum assured Minimum – 7 times the annual premium

Maximum – 40 times the annual premium

Premium Minimum – INR 15,000

Maximum – no limit

Premium payment term Equal to the term of the plan

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HDFC Life Click 2 Wealth Plan

This is a unit-connected insurance plan which bends over as a kid plan on the grounds that the arrangement has a payment waiver choice. Accordingly, guardians can purchase this arrangement for kid arranging. In the event of their sudden passing, the top notch waiver advantage would defer the premium and the approach would proceed. Different features of the strategy are as per the following –

  • This is a web-based plan which is accessible straightforwardly on the site of HDFC Disaster protection
  • Assuming the superior waiver choice is chosen, the mortality charges deducted would be returned when the arrangement develops
  • There are three arrangement choices accessible for you – Contribute Additionally, Premium Waiver and Brilliant Years Advantage
  • Under the Brilliant Years Advantage choice, you can appreciate inclusion till 99 years old
  • There are ten kinds of venture reserves and the arrangement likewise permits limitless free exchanging between them

Eligibility conditions of HDFC Life Click 2 Wealth Plan

Entry age 30 days to 65 years
Maturity age 18 to 99
Term of the policy 10 years to 40 years or (99 – entry age)
Sum assured Single premium:

Minimum – 1.25 times the single premium

Maximum – as approved by the insurance company

Limited or regular premium:

Minimum – 10 times the annual premium

Maximum – as approved by the insurance company

Premium Single premium:

Minimum – INR 24,000

Maximum – no limit

Limited or regular premium:

Minimum – INR 12,000/year

Maximum – no limit

Premium payment term Single premium- once

Limited premium – 5 years, 7 years

Regular premium – 10 to 40

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How to apply for HDFC child plans?

Are you a parent of a child who is currently enrolled in an HDFC child plan? If so, you might be wondering how to apply for the same. Well, worry no more! In this post, we’ll guide you through the entire process of applying for HDFC child plans, from start to finish. We’ll also provide tips on what documents you’ll need to provide, and answer any questions that might come up along the way. So don’t delay – start applying today!

You can apply for HDFC child plans online or offline.

Offline application

To apply disconnected you can either visit any closest part of HDFC Life to apply for the arrangement or you can contact a HDFC Disaster protection specialist. Under both these occurrences, you would need to top off a proposition structure and give all the pertinent data about yourself. The premium would likewise must be paid alongside the proposition structure to apply for the strategy. After application, HDFC Life would evaluate your application and assuming everything is found all together, the arrangement would be given.

Online application

You can likewise apply for HDFC kid plans on the web. HDFC Life permits simple internet based modes to purchase its extra security strategies and purchasing youngster plans is the same. You can just visit and under the head ‘Plans’ pick ‘Kids’ Arrangements’. Then, at that point, pick the ideal HDFC youngster plan fitting your requirements and apply on the web. To apply you would need to top off an internet based application structure. The internet based premium would likewise be expected to be paid to finish the application interaction. When the application is submitted, HDFC life would survey your application and proposition inclusion. Online plans are given all the more rapidly and the cycle is very consistent.

Documents required for buying HDFC child plans

These documents are as follows –

  • Age proof of the insured
  • Age proof of the child
  • Identity proof of the insured and the child
  • Address proof of the insured
  • Photographs of the insured and the child
  • Application form, filled and signed
  • Income proof of the policyholder

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How to make a claim in HDFC child plan?

Development and cash back claims are not difficult to make. The organization generally is familiar with moving toward cases and starts preparations. The organization would, then, at that point, pay the advantage straightforwardly into your ledger.

In the event of death claims, in any case, the organization knows nothing about the passing of the protected. The candidate ought to, in this manner, illuminate the insurance agency of the passing. A passing case structure ought to be filled and submitted alongside the demise testament of the guaranteed. The organization could likewise require different records according to its necessities.

Documents required for making death claims

  • Death certificate of the insured
  • The claim form, Enter and signed by the nominee
  • Medical and hospital reports
  • Police FIR for accidental death
  • Coroner’s report, police inquest report, panchnama, etc. for accidental deaths
  • Other documents as and when required by HDFC Life

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