Future Generali Pearls Guarantee Plan 2024 Benefits Features Details Reviews

Future Generali Pearls Guarantee Plan 2024-A life insurance plan called Future Generali Pearls Guarantee was made for people who want to get more out of their investments. Members are protected at all times thanks to this plan’s protection and financial stability. This product is ideal for the modern person who wants to take advantage of the benefits of Future Generali life insurance without sacrificing their lifestyle due to its adaptability and ease of use. The Future Generali Pearls Guarantee Plan serves two purposes: it provides policyholders and their families with protection and cashback.

This is ideal for people who want to buy insurance but also want to make money on their investments in such plans. This plan offers protection for a longer period of time at affordable rates with a limited premium payment term. The Pearls Guarantee policy is a non-linked, non-participating plan that pays an assured amount at maturity to maximize protection.

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Future Generali Pearls Guarantee Plan 2024

Are you looking to have a secure retirement? If so, you’ll want to take a look at the Future Generali Pearls Guarantee Plan 2024. This plan provides you with guaranteed returns on your investments, regardless of the market conditions. Plus, there are no penalties for withdrawing early, so you can comfortably retire when you want to. If you’re ready to take your retirement planning to the next level, contact us today to learn more!

In addition to life insurance, Future Generali India Life Insurance offers policies for saving and investing, retirement planning, planning for children’s futures, and cancer, heart, and critical illness insurance. The sum assured coverage, policy tenure, income payout options, and mode of premium payment that the policyholder selects are all quite adaptable under all of these plans. Additionally, they provide women policyholders with special discounts on premium rates.

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Future Generali Pearls Guarantee Plan 2023

Future Generali Pearls Guarantee Plan 2024 Details

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Eligibility  Who is the Future Generali Pearls Guarantee Plan for?

Additionally, Future Generali is a national organization with ISO certification. The insurer’s commitment to resolving issues as soon as possible is demonstrated by its high claim settlement ratio (90.26 percent for 2015–16).The policyholder could benefit from returns and peace of mind by purchasing this plan, making it an excellent investment choice.

An individual looking to avail the profit under this plan should keep these basic criteria in mind:

ParametersCriteria for eligibility
Minimum age at entry7 years
Maximum age at entry55 years
Minimum age at maturity23 years
Maximum age at maturity73 years
Plan typeNon-linked, non-participating scheme

Sum Assured and Premium Range  What you get and what it costs

Sum Assured is a new insurance company that offers a wide range of insurance products at premiums that are significantly lower than the industry average. In this post, we’ll be taking a look at what you get with Sum Assured, and at what costs you will be paying. So whether you’re looking for car insurance, home insurance, or even pet insurance, be sure to read on to learn more about this affordable and reliable option.

Sum assured

On maturity or survival, the Pearls Guarantee scheme promises a guaranteed cashback amount. This amount is a specific percentage of the amount that will be guaranteed. In layman’s terms, the sum assured is the value of the policy, or the amount paid by the insurer in certain situations. The policyholder’s age and the length of the policy determine the amount of coverage.

Minimum Sum AssuredBased on age of policyholder and policy term
Maximum Sum AssuredBased on age of policyholder and policy term


To keep the policy in good standing, the policyholder must pay a set fee. This top notch goes about as a speculation, with it offering returns. A policyholder’s premium determines the sum assured; failure to pay this amount causes the policy to lapse. The Pearls Guarantee plan allows policyholders to save money by only requiring them to pay premiums for a specified amount of time (rather than for the entire policy term).

Minimum term of the policy16 years
Maximum term of the policy18 years
Premium Payment TermFor 16 year policy term – 10 years For 18 year policy term – 12 years
Premium Payment Mode
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Half-yearly
  • Yearly
Minimum Single Premium AmountNo option for single premium
Maximum Single Premium AmountNo option for single premium
Minimum Monthly Premium AmountRs.1,132.50
Maximum Monthly Premium AmountDepends on sum assured
Minimum Quarterly Premium AmountRs.2,650
Maximum Quarterly Premium AmountDepends on sum assured
Minimum Half-yearly Premium AmountRs.5,200
Maximum Half-yearly Premium AmountDepends on sum assured
Minimum Yearly Premium AmountRs.10,000
Maximum Yearly Premium AmountDepends on sum assured

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Plan Coverage What the Future Generali Pearls Guarantee Plan covers

Depending on the circumstances, the Future Generali Pearls Guarantee policy provides a maturity/survival benefit in addition to a death benefit. The following benefits are highlighted in the table: A death benefit will be paid to the policyholder’s nominee in the event of the policyholder’s death during the policy period. The amount that will be paid is different depending on whether the death occurred during the premium payment term or after it ended.

  • In the event of death during the premium payment term: The nominee will receive the highest sum of the following in this instance:
  • 10 x annualized premium
  • 1.20 x sum assured
  • 1.05 x total premiums paid
  • The nominee will receive the highest sum of the following if death occurs after the premium payment term:
  • 10 x annualized premium
  • 1.20 x sum assured – this amount will be paid even if a certain portion of the guaranteed cashback has already been paid
  • 1.05 x total premiums paid
Maturity BenefitWhen the policy term is up or over, a certain amount is due to the policyholder. The plan’s guaranteed cashback component consists of this amount, which is equivalent to a certain percentage of the amount guaranteed. After the premium payment term has ended, 10% of the sum assured is returned annually. The maturity benefit is equal to 120 percent of the sum assured after the policy term has ended, with 70 percent being paid out.
Death Benefit

Exclusions What the Future Generali Pearls Guarantee Plan does not cover

Whether the policyholder is in a sane or insane state, the insurer will not provide any benefits if they take their own life. If the policyholder takes their own life within a year of purchasing the policy, the nominee will receive compensation equal to 80% of the amount that is guaranteed. If the suicide occurs within a year of the policy’s renewal, the insurer will pay the nominee either the surrender benefit or 80% of the paid premiums if the suicide occurs after the policy has been renewed.

Other Key Features

Grace periodIf the premium is paid annually, biannually, or quarterly, there is a 30 day grace period.The grace period is limited to 15 days if the premium is paid monthly.
Free look period30 days if a policy is purchased via distance marketing channels like SMS, email, DTH, telephone, magazines, and so forth.15 days if the policy is bought in another way.
RevivalBy paying all outstanding premiums plus any interest, a policy that has expired due to nonpayment of premiums can be reinstated. Revival is only possible if all outstanding debt is paid off within two years of the initial missed payment.
Surrender valueA surrender value is available for policies whose premiums have been paid for a minimum of three years. Either the special surrender value or the guaranteed surrender value will be paid for these policies.
LoanThere is no provision for loan under this policy.

Tax Benefits – How you can save with the Future Generali Pearls Guarantee Plan

The premium paid for this policy qualifies for tax deductions for the policyholder. Under the Income Tax Act, the maturity or death benefit amount is also eligible for tax benefits. To fully comprehend the benefits offered, one should seek the advice of a tax professional.

Why you should buy the Future Generali Pearls Guarantee Plan

Simply purchasing a protection plan does not suffice because there may be circumstances in which the coverage is inadequate. Given that inflation would not reduce the value of the investment over time, a plan that provides cover in addition to guaranteed returns on an investment is a superior choice. One such plan is the Future Generali Pearls Guarantee Plan, which combines the growth and protection of other investment strategies with those of a standard insurance policy.

Even if something were to happen to the policyholder during the policy term, he or she can rest assured that his or her family will be financially secure. The maturity returns, which are 20% higher than the selected sum assured, are appealing. Future Generali provides cost-effective premium options, making the purchase and ownership of this policy simple.

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