Free Fire OB29 Update Size, Server, Download, Patch Notes?

Free Fire OB29 Update – Hello everyone! Here is the latest update for Free Fire OB29. Size wise, it’s about the same size as the previous update (around 1.4GB). Server-wise, it seems that there are still some servers experiencing issues, but we’re doing everything we can to get them resolved as soon as possible. In terms of downloads and patch notes, there isn’t much new to report at this point. We’ll be releasing another update soon that should address some of the server issues and add a few new features. Until then, keep your fire burning!

Update dates, sizes, servers, downloads, patch notes and release dates for Free Fire OB29 are described here. More information on the Free Fire OB29 Advance Server can be found here. Free Fire OB29 Update.

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GARENA will release the Free Fire OB29 update on August 4th, 2021. We don’t know the exact timing of the pre-server OB29 release, but we can be certain that it will be released on August 4th, 2021. New updates introduce various new features such as new characters, new pets, and various changes to the game and Mechanics. 

Free Fire OB29 Update Size

Hello everyone and welcome to our blog post on the Free Fire OB29 update size. As you know, the OB29 update was released on October 5 and it contains a number of changes and improvements for both PC and console players. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the update size and how it affects each platform. We’ll also provide a list of the most important changes and details about how to download and install the update. Thank you for reading!

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OB29 is now available for free on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! This update has been made in order to shorten loading times and fix server issues. There are also patch notes for players to read. Keep an eye out for more updates in the near future!

Free Fire OB29 Update

Free Fire OB29 Update

The Free Fire servers will be shut down during the update. Shared from 12:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. On August 4th at 30:00 PM, the servers will be shut down for a new patch update. Free Fire players will not be able to access the game login or play during this time.

The server is intentionally shut down by the official, as this makes the process of updating so smooth. So some players have to look for reasons why free fire doesn’t open today. After 5pm on August 4, 2021, you can access the game with updated features. Free Fire OB29 Update.

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FF OB29 Advance Server details

Game NameFree Fire
PatchOB29 Update
TypeAdvance Server
Update release date4th August 2021
Advanced Server LinkClick Here

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Free Fire OB29 Update size

Free Fire OB29 will be released on August 4th, 2021, so it will come with various new patches such as Lone Wolf mode, AC80 weapon, Dimitri character and various other updates. These updates are wrapped up in the game’s previous size. Players are looking for answers to the wonders of the Free Fire OB29 update.

Looking at previous versions, we can assume that the size of the new update will be at least 500 MB on Android devices. After installation, you will need 2 GB of storage space on your mobile device. Make sure your phone has enough free space to download and install the OB29 Advance Server. For iOS devices, the size is up to 700-800 MB.

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Free Fire OB29 Advance Server Download

Free Fire Advance Server download links will be available on the Free Fire official website after 17:00 on August 4, 2021. The parties also provide download files on the Play Store. Players must download and install the Free Fire OB29 update on their mobile phone to play.

Download links will also be updated on this page after official patch updates. You can also get the download link here. The exact file size and OBB data size will also be updated on this page.

Free Fire OB29 Patch Notes

The free fire OB29 update is now live and includes new weapons, vehicles, and environments. Size has been increased significantly as well as the number of servers that can be occupied at one time. There are also patch notes for the game which include various changes and updates. If you’re experiencing any issues with the game, make sure to check out the patch notes for more information on how to fix them.

Keep in mind that the game is still in beta so there may be further changes and updates that are made. So, if you’re a free fire fan and are looking forward to trying out the new content, now is the best time! This page provides previous Free Fire OB29 patch notes. You can check it below.

Free Fire OB29 Patch notes


As we continue to update our readers on the latest news and events in the game, we would like to share with you the latest update on the game, Free Fire OB29. This update includes a new map, size, server, download, and patch notes. Make sure to keep checking back for more updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What was the size of the Free Fire OB29 update?

The Lone Wolf mode, two new characters - Dimitri and Thiva, and other features have all been added by developers. On the Google Play Store, the update is 453 MB in size.

What is the size of Free Fire latest update?

Players will need to download a cumulative file size of 532 MB if they install the game for the first time or after uninstalling it.

What is the size of Free Fire Max after update?

The MAX variant provides a superior gameplay experience, superior audio, visual quality, and other improvements when compared to the original. As a result, the Free Fire Max is significantly bigger, accounting for about 1 GB of memory.

What will be the size of Free Fire after 29 update?

The size of the Free Fire OB29 update is something that players are curious about. We might anticipate that the new software size for Android devices will be at least 500 MB based on previous versions. It will need 2 GB of space on your mobile device after installation.

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