Cyclone Gulab live tracker How to track Cyclone Gulab in real-time on smartphone?

Cyclone Gulab live tracker: A cyclone known as Cyclone Grab will hit parts of ORISSA and Andhra Pradesh on the night of September 26th. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has announced that the cyclone will hit the northern coast of Andorra and southern ORISSA with winds of 95 km/h. As for the latest update, a deep recession is escalating into a cyclone storm in the Bay of Bengal.

Cyclone Gulab live tracker. Today we will land in the part of KALINGA PATNAM between VISAKHA PATNAM and GOPALPUR. IMD issued a warning for extreme heavy rains in and around parts of ORISSA and Andhra Pradesh on Sunday 26th September. The Meteorological Department also issued an emergency alert for southern CHATTISGARH on Monday. Cyclone Grab has yet to hit any significant part of the country, but we have listed several online cyclone tracking websites that can help you track ongoing cyclones and monitor their movements in real time.

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Cyclone Gulab live tracker How to track Cyclone Gulab

If you’re worried about the cyclone, download the Cyclone Gulab live tracker app to keep track of its movement in real-time on your smartphone. The app provides detailed information about the storm’s path and intensity, so you can stay safe during its passage. The app is also updated regularly with weather updates, so you can stay up-to-date on all the latest developments. If you’re feeling brave and want to track the cyclone in real-time, the app provides live tracking of the storm’s movement.

If you are worried about the cyclone that is currently bearing down on Andhra Pradesh, then you will want to keep an eye on the Cyclone Gulab live tracker. This website provides real-time updates on the storm, as well as information on how to prepare for it. You can also find out where the cyclone is located, as well as its strength and trajectory. If you are in the area and are concerned about the safety of your loved ones, then you should check this website regularly to make sure that you are up-to-date on the latest information.

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Cyclone Gulab live tracker

Cyclone GULAB live tracker Details

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Cyclone GULAB live tracker

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About Cyclone GULAB live tracker

Cyclonic Storm Grab, named by Pakistan, intensified in the Bay of Bengal and H. landed near the coast of ORISSA Andhra Pradesh on 26 September. Due to the current weather conditions, heavy rain is expect in parts of ORISSA, Andhra Pradesh and Southern India. IMD has issued a cyclone warning for northern Andhra Pradesh and the coast of neighbor South ORISSA. Cyclone Gulab live tracker.

The center of Cyclone GULAB was about 370 km east-southeast of GOPALPUR in Odisha and 440 km east of KALINGAPATNAM in Andhra Pradesh on Saturday night, according to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) forecast. According to IMD, the cyclone is likely to move nearly west and cross the coasts of North Andhra Pradesh and South ORISSA between KALINGAPATNAM and GOPALPUR on Sunday night.

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Official IMD website (Mausam app and website)

It may not be the best design, but you can download or access the IMD app and website. The website is call and is one of the most updated weather services in India thanks to technology from the Government Weather Monitoring Service. This website allows you to track Cyclone GULAB and other updates related to the natural phenomenon via a dedicated Cyclone section of the website.


Available on both Google Play Store and App Store, the UMANG App (or Integrated Mobile Application for New Age Governance) is an all-in-one app for e-government services across India, from central to local government agencies. Users can access IMD updates and information directly from the UMANG app. This is convenient when using a smart phone.

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RSMC website

IMD has a second web service that can be used to track cyclones in real time. The Regional Specialized Meteorological Center website for typical cyclones in the North Indian Ocean can be accessed at Users can monitor and track it. Follow the cyclone by checking the website all day today.

Sky met Weather

When it comes to Indian weather forecast, Sky met Weather App, another very reliable app also made in India, provides users with a very reliable tool for forecasting all types of weather including monsoon rains . Sky met meteorologists analyze data from a pan-India network of over 7,000 automate weather stations and satellite imagery.

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Cyclone GULAB Live Status Highlights

  • Ahead of Cyclone Grab , an orange alert was issued for the states of ORISSA and Andhra Pradesh.
  • Cyclone GULAB is expect to reach parts of ORISSA in the next three hours with moderate to severe thunderstorms and wind speeds of 30-40 km/h.
  • Cyclone Grab Approaching Coastal States from Bay of Bengal Cyclone Grab is expected to make landfall on Sunday night, according to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD).
  • According to IMD BHUBANESWAR, some districts of ORISSA including PURI, KHORDA, NAYAGARH, GANJAMA and GAJAPATI could experience winds of 30-40 km/h. Flooding in low-lying areas, poor visibility and traffic delays in urban areas are expect.
  • Cyclone Grab Yellow Alert has been issue for JAGATZINGPUR, KENDRAPARA, BADRAK, BALASORE and RAYAGADA districts in ORISSA.

This is expect to move west around midnight on September 26 and cross the coast between KALINGAPATNAM and GOPALPUR in northern Andhra Pradesh and southern ORISSA within six hours. Cyclone Storm ‘Grab’ has been moving almost westward over the past 6 hours at a speed of 10 km/h in the north west and adjacent west-central bays of the Bay of Bengal, and was 26-26 in the Central Bay of Bengal.

It is located near 18.3 degrees north latitude and 87.3 degrees east longitude, about 270 km east-south east of GOPALPUR (ORISSA) and about 330 km east of KALINGAPATNAM (Andhra Pradesh),” an IMD official said.


Do you want to know how cyclone Gulab is tracking? If yes, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will tell you how to track cyclone Gulab in real-time on your smartphone. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by Cyclone Gulab?

Cyclonic storm Cyclonic Gulab developed in the Bay of Bengal after a deep depression formed. Between Kalingapatanam in Andhra Pradesh and Gopalpur in Odisha, the system made landfall. Cyclone Gulab made landfall on September 26, 2021, according to the Indian Meteorological Department.

When Cyclone Gulab is coming?

On the evening of September 25, 2021, Cyclone Gulab formed in the Bay of Bengal after the monsoon season. According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), it may make landfall on the south Odisha and northern Andhra Pradesh coasts by September 26 evening.

What is Cyclone Gulab and how severe is it?

On the 26th of September 2021, the Cyclone Gulab maintained its westward march towards the north Andhra Pradesh-South Odisha beaches, with speeds of 75 to 85 km per hour and gusts up to 95 km per hour. Yaas wreaked havoc in Odisha just four months before, so this tropical storm hit.

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