CPS Account Payslip Statement & Annual slip Download Online at Cps.tn.gov.in

CPS Account PaySlip: CPS stands for a contributory pension scheme. This is a legal pension scheme made by the government of India. The scheme covers all the state and central government employees. A compulsory part of the employee’s salary is administered to the CPS scheme. To act as a retirement advantages fund when the employee will retire. A contributory pension scheme extends the workers’ pension amount. The employee will later receive the CPS as pension money in retirement. In this article, you may grab the CPS Account payslip, Annual slip Download Online Cps.tn.gov.in Pay Slip Statement, etc.

CPS Account Payslip

CPS Account slip is available at cps.tn.gov.in. Those employees who are looking to download their Account Slip, Annual Slip, Salary Slip Statement, etc can visit the official website as shown in the below article. As mentioned above that it is a contributory pension yojana. This is a legal pension scheme. It is created by the government of India. The scheme works for all the state and central government employees. A mandatory part of the employee’s pay scale is handled by the CPS scheme. In this scheme, the workers’ pension amount has been extended by the government of India. You may read the article to get further information about Account Slip.CPS Account Payslip Statement

The CPS scheme is a government initiative that covers all states. This means employees have contributory pension scheme accounts based on the state they work and also live in. The government of Tamil Nadu is responsible for its employees and also responsible for the CPS account information. An example of a state government controlling the CPS account is the state government of Tamil Nadu. Employees keep records and update particular CPS accounts. Although, every employee may use their CPS account through the online web portal. For more information, you may read the details shown below.

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Overview of CPS Scheme

Name of the Scheme Contributory Pension Scheme
Initiated by  Government of India
Aim  The aim of the government is to save pension amounts for a employees
Article Name CPS Account slip, Pay Slip Statement, Annual slip Download Online Cps.tn.gov.in
Official Website  www.cps.tn.gov.in

CPS Account Annual slip Statement

The state government of Tamil Nadu employees may grab the CPS information online by using the official link such as http://www.cps.tn.gov.in/. Every state has an official link appear for the employee to verify the CPS annual slip, account slip. You may also grab the statement of the payslips. The employee invests 14% of the basic salary. The amount is cut by the employer monthly. The online platform assists employees learn about their investments anytime. It also displays transparency and accountability on the government side. You may also read the detailed information related to the CPS Payslip Status, etc from the below section of the article.

The online platform of the CPS Scheme assists employees to know about their contribution amount at any time. It also provided transparency. It also offers accountability on the government side. In these digital days, everyone becomes active about it and lives with digitalization. So concerning this digital step, Tamil Nadu comes with a new yojana provided by the Tamil Nadu State. Government employees of Tamil Nadu state may utilize this scheme and check the CPS Account slip and GPF Statement 2022 online. You have just required to log in yourself to the official website and you are applicable to download CPS Scheme Annual Account Statement Slip 2021-22.

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What Is Method To Check CPS Statement Slip 2021-22?

Government employees will be applicable to verify their annual account statements (AAS) by visiting the official portal started for it. AAS is made by the National pension scheme (NPS). About the CPS statement, the National pension scheme sends the annual statement and notifications through a registered email id.

  • First of all, you should have to go to NPS’s official website portal i.e. www.cra.nsdl.co.in (or) https://cra-nsdl.com/CRA/.
  • When you get the home page, enter your PRNA number in the provided space.
  • After this, fill in the security code shown on your screen and then you should have to click the “Submit” button.
  • Now, they make the CPS statement quickly and you will grab this statement in your mail.

CPS Annual Slip Download: To download the CPS Annual Slip 2022, you can visit the official website as shown in the below section. By visiting the CPS official website, you can download the annual slip easily.

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How To Do CPS Payslip Login 2022?

  • Open the official website for CPS Payslip at http://www.cps.tn.gov.in/.
  • When the main page of the website appears, you should have to click on the “Account Statement“ option.
  • After this, you will watch a login page appear on the computer screen.
  • In this login form, you have to fill in CPS number and also enter your date of birth.
  • When it is completed, then you should have to click on the “Login” button.
  • In the last section, the CPS account statement will be created and appears In front of you.

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