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CNC in Zerodha: The stock market trading business consists of several terminologies, that are too confounding for new traders and new investors. The terms are defined from stock products that pass on the stock market. Product codes like CNC and MIS are common under the popular Zerodha broking firm. Zerodha is a great firm in India that controls more than 30 lakhs of investors.

CNC in Zerodha

Zerodha was started by Nithin Kamath and Nikhil Kamath in 2011. It has grabbed grip over the years. Zerodha gives trading and investment opportunities to several Indian residents. There are complex terms utilized in the Zerodha, like CNC and MIS in Zerodha. All the newly added investors are required to be vast with all trading languages to confirm they don’t create losses.CNC & MIS in Zerodha

The Zerodha trading firm consists of many products such as CNC and MIS for equity, Deliveries, and Commodity segments. To grab more details, you may refer to this article.

Highlights Of  Zerodha

MIS is used in auctioning trading. The MIS includes commodities, stocks, futures, and options. The trader gets margins. These are credits given by the broker. The products of MIS are squared-off by the last of the day. To collect further information, you may read the below section of the article. In the below table, you can read the information regarding the CNC and MIS in Zerodha:

Name of the Portal Zerodha
Zerodha Provides Services MIS, and CNC
Article For CNC in Zerodha , MIS in Zerodha, What is CNC and MIS in Zerodha Kite
Location All over India
Category of the Article Portal Information
Mode of Services Online
Official Website

How To Do Zerodha CNC Order?

  • First of all, you should need to log in to your Zerodha Kite mobile app utilizing Zerodha login details and choose a stock from your watchlist that you want to buy.
  • Now fill in the quantity of stock you want to buy.
  • Then, you should have to click on “CNC” under the “product” section
  • The CNC stocks are calculated for long-term investments, select “market” as the order category because no possibility may be guessed exactly for a longer span of time
  • In case you wish to place a limit, SL, or SLM order, the method for it is similar to that of an auctioning one. The only distinction is that these orders rest held with you unlike auctioning orders that grab suborn off before the market closure timing.

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How Can I Place Zerodha MIS Order?

  • First of all, you should have to do the login to the kite mobile app and open your watchlist.
  • Choose the stock you want to purchase from your watchlist.
  • When you click on a particular stock, its whole detail (such as a number of orders, market depth, bid, offers, and quantity) along with the “buy” and “sell options will display.
  • Enter the quantity of stock you want to buy and choose the “MIS” box – that you are carrying out an auctioning trade.
  • MIS stands for “Market Intraday Square Off”. So, you will have to marketplace off your open situation before the market closure.
  • Now, You should have to choose your order category from these available options – “limit”, “market”, “SL” (stop loss limit order), “SLM” (stop loss market order).
  • You should have to place the stop loss order using Zerodha Kite.
  • If you wish to place a marketplace order, then you should have to choose the “market” as your order category.
  • In this situation, it will not be applicable to change the order price because it will get run on the recent market rate.
  • If you choose “limit” as the order category, then you may set an order category as per your need.
  • The order will get run if the limit price is gained before the auto quad off time.
  • In case you select “SL” which is a limit order with joined stop-loss, you require to set your “stop-loss price” which when extended runs the order as well as limits the losses. Some orders are run once the stock extends the stop-loss price.
  • For “SLM” you will have to set a “trigger price” for placing your order.
  • When the trigger price is beat, your order will be quad off.
  • This order will be quad off at the recent market rate as and when the stop-loss price is encountered.
  • You can also do your order a BO, CO, and AMO under the “variety segment”.
  • These are advanced types of orders and they are fully optional.

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Zerodha MIS & CNC Charges Check Here

You may place MIS orders on Zerodha Kite. You may order on both web and mobile apps of the Zerodha Portal. It is really free. The dealer does not charge any extra fee for spotting MIS as your order’s product category.

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