How to Change UPI Pin on Paytm App (Without Debit Card) ?

How To Change UPI Pin on Paytm App – You can use a variety of RBI-approved payment apps with the Unified Payment Interface (UPI) to make online payments. It helps save some time when you are not carrying cash and have to pay somewhere. Your bank account may be at risk if your UPI PIN or PIN for your online payment apps is compromised or discovered by someone else. Following that, you might have to change your UPI PIN. If you remember your old UPI PIN, then you will not need your debit card to change the UPI PIN.

Changing your UPI PIN is also possible with Paytm, Phonepe, and GPay. You need need your debit card on hand, though, in order to reset your UPI PIN. The most popular form of payment in the nation is still UPI. Data from the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) shows that in September 2024, the volume of transactions using the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) exceeded 11 lakh crores. Any transaction made using the payments app needs to have a UPI PIN, which is a four- or six-digit number that the user sets. When users link their bank accounts to UPI apps like Phonepe, Paytm, and Google Pay, they must first set a PIN.

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How To Change UPI Pin on Paytm App?

A mechanism to enable UPI payments even without having a debit card has been developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NCPI). Users who sign up for this service, also known as the Aadhar card-based UPI PIN service, can start UPI payments by simply connecting their Aadhar number to the relevant bank account. In this article, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of setting a UPI PIN without a debit card so you may enjoy all the advantages of UPI-based payments, even though the service is currently available on some apps and banks.

One of the quickest ways to send money to someone is through UPI. It enables you to send anyone up to Rs. 1,000,000 in just a few easy clicks. Because it is quick and simple compared to other payment methods, it is also hazardous because all it takes to transfer money is a four- or six-digit number. The four or six digit number, or your UPI Pin, should be kept private. However, if your UPI Pin has already been compromised, you must promptly replace it. In this article, we’ll explain how to use the Paytm app to modify your UPI pin.

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How to Change UPI Pin on Paytm App

Change UPI Pin on Paytm App Details

BrandChange UPI Pin
ModelChange UPI Pin on Paytm
Official SitePAYTM

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What is Aadhar card-based UPI PIN service?

The government has developed a service that enables UPI ID holders to make payments to other people and businesses even without a debit card. Users can link their UPI ID with an Aadhar card instead of a debit card, which has historically been the conventional method, with this UPI-based payment mechanism. The need in this case is that owners of UPI IDs make sure the same mobile number is registered with both their Aadhar card and bank account. With the implementation of this service, the government hopes to lessen the stress of carrying cash, even for small payments, by encouraging those without debit cards to complete cashless transactions using UPI.

How to Change UPI Pin without debit card on Paytm?

  • Open the Paytm app on your smartphone.
  • Tap on your profile by clicking on the top left corner.
  • Scroll down and look for Profile Settings and tap on it.
  • Tap on Security and Privacy.
  • Tap on Change UPI Pin.
  • Once you follow the above step, you should be seeing all the banks linked in your Paytm app. Just tap on the bank for which you want to change your UPI Pin. Tap on the Change Pin.
  • Once you click on Change Pin, you will receive an OTP, simply put the OTP in the Enter OTP section, and below that enter a new UPI Pin.
  • Click on Submit and confirm again.
  • Lastly hit the Submit button. Now your UPI Pin should get changed within some time.

That’s how easily you can change your UPI Pin from Paytm without using a debit card. Other than Paytm, you can also reset UPI Pin using other apps like Phonepe and Google Pay. We have made a dedicated post for the Google Pay app, you can read it here. We will soon come up with a post that will show you how to reset your UPI Pin on the Phonepe app.

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How to create your Paytm UPI PIN?

As you know, Paytm is one of the most popular mobile payments app in India. It offers a number of benefits such as cashless transactions, real-time app-based payments and more. One of the security features of the app is its UPI pin, which is used for various purposes like making payments, signing up for services and more. In this article, we will tell you how to change your Paytm UPI pin. First, go to settings on the app and select “Add new UPI PIN.” Next, enter your name, email id, mobile number and click “create!” You will receive a 4-digit pin in the email which you need to enter on the paytm app when making a purchase or signing up for any services. Make sure that you keep this pin confidential as it is used for two-factor authentication (2FA).

  1. Download Coin tab app for Android or iPhone
  2. Install app using mobile number which is registered in your Paytm account. One SMS will be sent from your phone to verify your mobile number
  3. Select Paytm for BHIM registration
  4. All your bank accounts will be registered and activated for Paytm BHIM services
  5. Select Generate UPI PIN option
  6. Enter your debit card last 6 digits and expiry date
  7. You will get OTP from Paytm for creating your UPI PIN
  8. Enter UPI PIN you want to set
  9. Confirm UPI PIN again
  10. Your UPI PIN will be registered with Paytm and you can now use it to perform financial transactions on your mobile

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How to Set UPI PIN using Aadhar card on Paytm, Google Pay ?

  • Download BHIM UPI or any UPI-enabled app such as Paytm, Google Pay, Phonepe etc. from the Google Play Store or App Store
  • Open the app and find the option to add a UPI ID. Subsequently, you’ll be required to select your registered bank account
  • Now create a UPI ID according to the app’s requirement and check its availability
  • Once you’ve come up with a UPI ID, in the next step select ‘Aadhar based verification’ and accept & agree to all the terms and conditions
  • Moving ahead, you’ll be required to validate your Aadhar number by entering the first 6 digits on the Aadhar card. Once done, hit ‘confirm’
  • Next, you can set a 4-digit or 6-digit UPI PIN depending upon the app you’re setting up the Aadhar based UPI ID
  • Now you may receive an OTP on the mobile number linked with your Aadhar card. Enter the OTP number by typing it if it’s not auto-fetched by the app
  • To end the Aadhar-based UPI ID registering process, enter the UPI PIN you had set earlier for the final confirmation.
  • Once done and verified, you can now use the newly created UPI ID to make payments to any UPI-enabled mobile number and scan QR codes as well.

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How To Get UPI PIN Without Debit Card?

As you are aware, the UPI PIN is a four- or six-digit number that you must provide when connecting your bank account to the UPI App. You must proceed with the details of your debit card in order to set the UPI PIN. But occasionally, consumers decide against using their debit card information. Or, some users wish to use UPI services but don’t have a debit card on them. What are my choices. I’ve tried a lot of various approaches and also found the answer. I wish my experience could be of assistance.

Contacted the Bank Branch to Get UPI PIN Without the Debit card

I spoke with the executive at my bank location and explained the situation. I told him that although I wanted to use the UPI service, I did not want to obtain the UPI PIN using the information from my debit card. What makes it possible? The executive informed me that using a debit card is currently required in order to obtain the UPI PIN. Therefore, you cannot enjoy the beneficial services of UPI if you do not have a debit card.

Went Through the Help Section of the UPI App

Then I visited the FAQ’s section of my UPI App to get the appropriate answer. Let us see how I did-

  • I opened BHIM UPI APP. Then I clicked on the three horizontal lines at the top right corner of the home page.
  • And selected the FAQs option. The app takes me to the BHIM UPI FAQs section.
  • Here I searched the hot issue, How to set UPI PIN.

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Contacted the Customer Care of UPI App

“UPI PIN is important to authenticate the transactions done on UPI platform, such as UPI Apps or *99# service,” he replied when I asked him. Your fund transfers are protected from fraud by it. Therefore, you must input the UPI PIN in order to complete any transaction. And you would need to use your debit card to generate your UPI PIN. I also questioned him as to why there weren’t any other options. He said that the NPCI had chosen the debit card option since there was no other, simpler choice for authentication. He informed me that when he integrates his account with the UPI App, a debit card is required to validate the account holder.

UPI PIN through the UPI App

At last, I tried through the UPI enabled app itself because I did not want to leave any means. For this, I have chosen the Phonepe app. Thus let us see how I tried-

  • Open the Phonepe app. Visit My Money option at the bottom of the home screen.
  • Tap on the UPI Bank Accounts option under the Payment Methods heading.
  • On the Bank Accounts page, you can see the saved bank accounts. Here you can see the RESET BHIM UPI PIN tab.
  • Now you can see a window to enter your Debit Card details. Thus you have none of the second option to set UPI PIN. Here you would have to enter the last 6 digits and expiry date of your debit card.
  • Just you click on continue, you receive an OTP on your mobile number. Enter the OTP on the UPI PIN page for the validation. Then enter a 4 or 6 digit code and reenter that code.

Trick To Set UPI PIN Without the Debit Card

Finally, I set a UPI PIN without a debit card using a technique. Although it’s not a foolproof strategy, the majority of individuals can apply it and succeed in their endeavors. There is a solution if the charges have caused you to lose ownership of the debit card. Debit cards must only be issued once. Use the debit card as soon as you obtain it to set the UPI PIN.


If you are having trouble changing your UPI pin on the Paytm app, here is a quick guide on how to do it. Simply follow the steps listed below and you’ll be up and running in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can we change UPI pin without debit card?

UPI apps, such as Google Pay, BHIM, and PhonePe, may be used to reset the UPI PIN. In the Google Pay app, users can select Forgot UPI PIN to reset a bank account.

How Can I access UPI without debit card?

You'll need to utilize your mobile phone number linked to your bank account, as well as the AADHAAR Card, in order to sign up for UPI without the need of a debit card.

How Can I use Paytm without ATM or debit card?

You can still send money to your paytm wallet through the Paytm mobile app and even if you don't have or use a debit card. To add money to Paytm without a debit card, use your credit card, net banking, or UPI ID.

Why can't I reset my UPI pin?

Select the bank account you want to change from the list. Tap the Cancel button to forget your UPI PIN. Enter the expiry date and the final six digits of your debit card number. Create a new UPI PIN.

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