Career Option After Class 10th Class How to Select Best Subject ?

Career Option After Class 10th Class: After 10th class Result released every students face some question for their career such as ‘What do I do after Class 10th? Which subject should I opt for? My parents want me to take up Science but I’m wan to study in arts; what should I do? If you are one of these students who passed 10th Board exam, these would be some of the questions that would be haunting you right now.

We are here to help you.a We will share all opportunities option after taking Science, Commerce and arts subject, what would subject best for your career.

Streams | Career Options After 10th Class Result

The biggest decision for your career is choosing the right stream. Taking the right subject is very important after that everything will happens depend on your decision. Mostly students follow their parents or friends to choose subject. This may wrong and dangerous decision for your career. Many students choose the stream without understanding what they will get after joining it. So we are doing discussion on streams that are available after Class 10.

Career Option

If you have already finished your class 10th and are awaiting results then it is the right time to think about the career options. This will help you decide which course to choose. Many students just take up any stream without a proper career path in mind. It can be because of a number of reasons like they might think that it is too early to worry about a career, or because they want to stick with their friends, or they take up a particular stream under parental pressure

Class X is a crucial stage in a student’s life as it is after the board exams that one needs to decide the future career path which starts with deciding the streams one should select. To do this one has to consider certain things including after evaluating all the pros and cons associated with it so that he/she can take an informed choice

Science – The Most Favourite after 10th class

Science is the all most attractive subject so every parent wants their child choose it. The Science Subject offers many career options such as engineering, medical, IT and computer science and even research in various department. If you are not comfortable with science stream than can change for any subject from Arts or Commerce stream at the graduation level. On the contrary, Arts or Commerce students do not select this option.

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For making career in Computer Science, IT and Electronics, you must deal with Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics along with a few electives subject such as English, Math, Hindi. You want to make career in Engineering field than you need to select PCM { Physics,  Chemistry, Mathematics } For Medical Option you can pick PCB { Physics,  Chemistry, Biology }.


Commerce is the second most popular subject among the Class 10 students. If you are interesting to make career in finances and economics, you must go  for Commerce Subject. Commerce Subject can lead you to some of the most high paying jobs such as Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries, Investment Banking and Financial Advisors.  In addition to this, you will also get foundational training in accounting, auditing, income tax, marketing and general business economics as part of the commerce stream.


Today, Arts subject has emerged as the widest study subject  among all three, offering some interesting and exciting career opportunities. Students must Deals with a very wide range of courses such as History, Geography, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, languages, Anthropology, Human Resources, journalism etc. Today, Arts students have a plethora of career options and most of them are equally lucrative and satisfying as the ones available through Science or Commerce streams. An Arts student can select for career options such as Journalism, Literature, Social Work, Teaching and many others.

Stream-Independent Career Options

Do you want to leave school and instead opt for vocational training? Are you looking for career options after 10th class? Read about after 10th courses list below and understand which ones could be the right for you.


Polytechnic is a diploma course for those who have already determined they want to go with technical career. It is a 3-year course which gives you a variety of career options in engineering-related fields. You can also select to a full-fledged engineering course after you complete your diploma course.

Industrial Training

This is a specific trade training for those wishing to take up blue-collared jobs such as being a plumber, an electrician, a mechanic, etc. It is a 2-year course within the engineering sphere and is provided by many certified institutes across the country. In the end, one must pass the All India Trade Test to be certified as a professional.

Paramedical Course

Graduation is not compulsory for many of the paramedical needs in the Healthcare field. They can be performed by any certified professional under the supervision of a fully qualified medical professional. After 10th, 2-year courses such as Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology, Diploma in Ophthalmic Technology or Diploma in Hospital Food Service Management are considered good enough to enter in medical field.

Computer Course

Thanks to the IT revolution in India, Computer courses are a rage across the country, as are the pouring job opportunities. These are usually 3-12 month courses on in-demand technologies such as graphic design, animation, MS-Office, web-designing, Photoshop, SEO, programming languages such as Python, Java, etc. These courses are available both offline and online and are targeted mostly at youth hoping to land a job upon completion.

How to pick the right Career Option?

As students are bombarded with endless options, it is always a good idea to make them aware of their own capabilities and strengths. This is most important for students who are stuck on what to do after 10th. Thus, before making any choice, awareness about the courses after 10th becomes crucial.

Every student has a unique set of skills, strengths, and weaknesses and hence it is very important to choose from the top courses after 10th class. But before choosing what is best, do you know about the scope and opportunities available after each subject or stream? To simplify this process, you can follow a few simple guidelines that are provided below

Assess Interests & Passion

First of all You must follow your interests and passions. And the first step in this process is identifying which subject or career option suit you. And you can do something with this option for a lifetime and still be happy and satisfied with it, only if you truly enjoy it. Therefore, irrespective of which stream you pick, make sure that you find the subjects covered under it interesting.

Check Your Strengths And Weaknesses

After Choosing your interests, the second step for you to check your skills and abilities. If you select a subject or career option merely on the basis of your interest but do not have the right skills and abilities to deal with the subjects that it covers, it will pose a big problem in your future. Therefore, you must do a thorough analysis of your skills and abilities, determine your strengths and weaknesses and pick a stream that is in accordance with your strengths.

Identify the Right Career Choice

Once you identify about your interest or passionate, you will realize that the list of long and varied. Not everything that you like or are interested in can be transformed into a great main-stream career choice. Therefore, you need to identify which of your interest areas can offer you good opportunities, in which you can build a lasting career. You can take help from professional career counsellors who can help you analyse your skills and help you choose the right career option.

Seek Help from Others

If even after the first three steps you still feel you are confused and undecided about the career then you need to help from a parent, professional counsellor or a senior. So don’t delay and concern with some one who can help. You can also tell us through comment box we will help you as soon as possible.

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