Can a candidate with depression get selected in SSB?

Can a candidate with depression get selected in SSB – SSB remains a dream for various since childhood, which is not really easy to accomplish. Yet consistency and commitment help you grasp the dream and turn into reality. In the course of life, sometimes we fall back on some circumstantial event. Often youngsters land up in such unsuitable circumstances. These sources them to misery.

Depression is a mindset, that happens to evolve through some negative event you come across in life. A depressed person generally feels dejected for the surrounding, pain, and extreme position they have to pull through.

Can a candidate with depression get selected in SSB?

Depression is a very common condition, and it can severely impact a person’s ability to perform daily tasks. That’s why it’s important to assess whether a candidate is fit for service in the armed forces before making a decision. In this post, we’ll discuss how the selection process works and how depression can impact a candidate’s ability to meet the SSB criteria.

The Service Selection Board selects aspirants eligible to be Officers for the Indian Armed Forces. Eligibility criteria for Services Selection Board is thus very rigid. The selection process is done on the basis of personality, intelligence, paper-based, and group tasks. The interviewing officers mark each aspirant individually upon their physical and mental health, personality basis, and their ability to work in a group or team. The medical eligibility for Services Selection Board depicts, candidates applying for SSB must not mentally and physically sound. He or she must not have any defect such that it intervenes amidst the organization of their duty bestowed upon them.

How Can a candidate with depression get selected in SSB

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How to overcome depression?

Depression refers to a sultry feeling, where you endure to be in an irritable mood. You seem to lack interest in doing everything, have random mood swings, face sleep problems, and so on.

Depression impacts negatively a person’s physical and regular behavior as good. You become over conscious and over thoughtful with sorrow. To get over with so, you have you train yourself and your mind such that your view regarding life evolves around a different notion.

A psychiatrist remains an evident option but you can choose to solve your anxiety and depression problem by yourself as good. It only takes small habits development, practice well small doses of well-being every day and you get back to the right course of life.

Here are the following ways by which you can over depression:

1. Meditate

Meditation occupies the very 1st place on the list. It is well organized to top the list because it will help you calm and compose yourself so that you can absorb more goodness and cut out the pessimism within yourself.

Meditation helps to amplify between the well and bad. It boosts you to attain something you aspire. Meditating at least 15-25 minutes each day does help a lot.

2. Set small goals and give you the best to accomplish them

  • Each day try to figure out a schedule for yourself. Segment it with some duty and works. And tick off later you finish one. Do not give up before it’s impossible. Make up your brain such that you do not leave any of the set goals undone.
  • When you are in the starting stage make an easy and lesser number or work allocation. Eventually, increase the no and your dedication to keeping at it.
  • At the end of the day advantage yourself with some small treats if you accomplish all the tasks for the day.
  • Also recall, when you make a list of works for your day make it within your reach, manageable, measurable, and reality-based.
  • At the end of the day note down what you learn from the day and how you feel later you are done with doing all the tasks from your checklist.

3. Do good to others

Help others who seek help! One of the biggest happiness and compensation is when you make someone else happy. There’s barely any bigger pleasure than that.

Avoid making people count what you do for them and what they back with. Be happy for what you do rather than depending upon someone to make you feel better or pleasure.

4. Keep yourself engaged

Keeping oneself busy is one of the best ways to avoid unpopular thoughts. Reading good books, articles, watching well optimistic movies and series can help you prevent pessimistic thoughts. And the good choice of stairs (books and movies) can help to inculcate optimism within yourself.

5. Live in the Present

  • Do not sweep down the reminder with turn you off. Do not swim too far in the future that you miss the instant of the present.
  • Make every day count with the goodness of your work and be happy for your everyday work.
  • Even if everything goes wrong lookout for a positive end to it.
  • Avoid regretting something that went incorrect.

6. Eat-Sleep-Exercise Repeat

  • A healthy mind occupy within a healthy body. So, proper diet and rest become a crucial part of the regard procedure of well-being.
  • Exercising lifts your mood and enhances metabolism which in turn assist to keep your body and mind active.
  • Sleeping late at night or over-exercising or over-eating should equally be keep away from. A balance should be maintain between the three in order to have a well healthy function of mind and soul.

7. Get a good company

  • The person who faces depression is more likely to keep away form peers. They isolate themselves and try to appreciate their own company. Ultimately in which they fail and end up being overthoughtful regard the scraps.
  • So, making friends socializing is a very most part of the way of being depression-free. Also, a must present here, you have to choose your company very wisely. Select the ones who lift you up, motivates you, talk good and positive.
  • However, important of us believe that taking antidepressants or visiting a psychiatrist helps. But getting rid of sorrow solely depends upon you. The way you think, the way you act, and the way you control your ideas and action makes a difference.

How being depressed affect Services Selection Board Interview?

  • As you have read above, Services Selection Board selects officers for the Indian Armed Forces. The Services Selection Board interview formulates over different stages that involve different types of personality reflecting tasks, mental and physical behavior is judged of each candidate.
  • The aspirants who meet up all the OLQs (officer-like qualities)in the Interview moves ahead in the strata i.e. medical examination. The OLQs are such that it calls for a totally healthy people, who would be eligible to take a quick decision without panicking, stay calm in tension-filled circumstances, works in a group, lead a troop, and so on.
  • So, a person who is not capable enough of seeing after their own mood and becomes anxious can cause trouble. So, being sound is a necessary constituent to participate in the race of being an Officer in the Indian Armed Force.

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