BTS Members Age 2022, What is The Birthday date of All BTS Members In 2022

BTS Members Age: If you look closely at the conversations between BTS members, we can tell a lot from the older members to the younger members. Younger members are usually the most active and energetic while older members are the coolest and quietest. BTS’s oldest member, Jin, will be 29 in January 2022, while Jungkook, the youngest member, will be 24. In the Korean era, Jin will be the first member to officially complete the thirties at the first sunrise of 2022. Can you tell the real ages of all BTS members from oldest to youngest? In this article, we will know about the age order of BTS members and their age in 2022.

BTS Members Age 2022

If you are very active on social media and watch Instagram reels and youtube shorts. So you must have seen the videos of BTS members at some point in time. If you are very active on social media and watch Instagram reels and youtube shorts. So you must have seen the videos of BTS members at some point of time. BTS members or say Bangtan Boys is a group of seven music members from South Korea who are ruling the hearts of different people. Music or band lovers are a fan of his amazing choreography and soundtrack. Because of his fan following, there are a lot of fans who look for BTS member’s birthday lists on the internet.BTS Members Age in 2022

BTS is the most prominent and successful band worldwide, followed by millions. BTS Member Age 2022 is updated here for the followers who are curious to know what is the age of all BTS Members in 2022. Continue reading to know BTS members age 2022. BTS is the notable, and successful KPOP boy band followed by most people in the universe. He has been primarily followed and nurtured by his fandom across the globe. BTS fans are depicted as BTS Army, and they are looking forward to receiving updates about BTS members age 2022. By knowing the age of BTS members in 2022, they will know the age of their favorite singers of BTS. BTS members age 2022 with the date of birth of BTS members is given below.

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BTS Members Age 2022

BTS Members Date Of Birth Age
Jin December 04, 1992 29 Years
Suga March 09, 1993 28 Years
J-Hope February 18, 1994 27 Years
RM September 12, 1994 27 Years
Jimin October 13, 1995 26 Years
V December 30, 1995 26 Years
Jungkook September 01, 1997 24 Years

BTS Members Birthday Date and Age 2022 in Details


Jimin age

If you’re looking for BTS Jimin’s birthday details, his birthday falls on October 13th. He was born in the year 1995 and belongs to the zodiac sign Libra. This 27-year-old Libra is ruled by Venus and therefore. He carries such qualities as noble disposition, elegance, and charming charm. Her planet rules both art and beauty, and her contemporary dance moves show it all. She has captured many hearts with her dance moves. Apart from this, Jimin also comes with a soft corner. His softer side can be traced to the $88,000 donation he made for the uniforms he gave to schools. He also signed copies of albums he made. He has also supported students from low-income families in the Busan Education Department.


Suga age

This mysterious BTS Happy Birthday falls on March 9th. He was born in the year 1993. He is just 27 years old now but one cannot guess from his performance. Suga is one of the leaders who also has a solo artist career. Suga’s zodiac sign is Pisces, due to which he possesses wonderful qualities like open-mindedness, empathy, and sensitivity. Her qualities and nature can also be determined by the donation of $88000 and 329 BT21 Shuki dolls. He donated this to the Korean Pediatric Cancer Foundation on his birthday. He is also known as a prejudice breaker as he is always concerned about young people and their mental health.

RM (Kim Namjoon)

RM (Kim Namjoon)

Kim Namjoon, popularly known as RM, was born on 12 September 1994 during the autumn. Virgo will be happy to know that RM belongs to Virgo. This means that the ruling planet is Mercury. Virgos have a strong sense of writing and speech which can be determined from their rap bar. This 26-year-old BTS member is also the band’s best translator that can be seen during English-speaking interviews. Also, the other BTS members mentioned often mentioned their desire to learn from RM. He is the group leader as he has been a part of the band from the very beginning.



Wondering when is BTS Jungkook’s birthday? Popularly known as Golden Makkah, he was born on 1st September 1997. Presently his age is 23 years. Another Virgo in the group or band. He carries all the qualities that a Virgo needs. He is the youngest in the band and is very famous for his hard work. Jungkook has given many famous songs with BTS and also filmed videos for YouTube series. He is the one who directed the BTS album Life Goes On. Additionally, drums were played during Dynamite, a popular BTS live performance. Jungkook was followed by various entry companies before joining the band. However, he joined Big Hit after meeting RM.

V (Kim Tae-Hyung)

V (Kim Tae-Hyung)

Popularly known as Kim Tae-Hyung Wei. He was born on 30 December 1995. His zodiac sign is Capricorn and his age is 27 years. His zodiac sign fully reveals his actions and personality. V has undeniable charisma and a strong work ethic. This makes him a complete Capricorn or juxtaposition. V is not only a musician but also a promising actor. Kim Tae-Hyung is a role model for various famous personalities such as Jaehyun and Byun Hyun-min. He knows his ambition very well and is hardworking by nature. V’s voice is different and it takes some time to match it with his face. He is also known as the head of the mischief.



Are you still searching when Jin is from BTS’s birthday? Jin was born on December 4, 1992, and is 28 years old. One of the funniest members of the BTS group. Jin’s zodiac sign is Sagittarius, one of the friendliest and most endearing zodiac signs. He is the lord of the planet Jupiter. Jin has an outspoken personality and is also energetic and curious. He loves to travel and also loves to explore different philosophies and cultures. Jin never limits himself from following a dream. Jin is also a good actor. He recently started a Japanese-style restaurant in South Korea with his brother.



Remember the lines “I’m your hope, you’re my hope, I’m J-Hope”? J-Hope was born on 18 February 1994 and is currently 26 years old. The zodiac of this star is Aquarius. This sign perfectly matches his extrovert personality. J-Hope is a great dancer apart from being eccentric and energetic. She gained attention after winning the national dance competition. He is also very helpful and optimistic by nature. J-Hope is the best combination of qualities like peculiar nature, intelligence, and temperament.


Who is the oldest BTS member?

Jin, who is 28 years old, is the oldest BTS member in the band.

Who is the Youngest BTS Member?

Jungkook is the youngest one. At just 23 years old, is the youngest bts member.

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