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Arvind Jajda Wiki: In the year 2020, Amar Chand Jajda was elected Sarpanch of Peeh Gram Panchayat of Parbatsar Tehsil in Nagaur district. Since Amar Chand Jajda is just 27 years old, he is considered to be a young sarpanch. Amarchand Jajda was born in the hamlet of Peeh in Parbatsar on August 23, 1994.

Arvind Jajda has always advocated for students’ interests and wants to do anything for them. He recently slapped Nirmal Chowdhary on the stage during a program at Maharani College, Jaipur. who Arvind Jajda is discussed with. Therefore, in this article, we will learn about Arvind Jajda’s biography and also shed light on a number of events associated with his life. So, let’s talk about Arvind Jajda’s life story.

Arvind Jajda Wiki

Arvind Jajda was born into a normal family in the village of Seenod in Nagaur, Rajasthan. His father works as a postman in Seenod, and his mother Jani works as a housewife. Arvind has always worked. He had been fighting for the interests of the students in his village. After he left the village, he went to Rajasthan University and worked hard for the students. As a result, he organized a lot of dharnas, brought the concerns of many students to the government, and he brought them there.

Additionally, he runs a group that he has christened the ABVP organization. Additionally, the same student union has a strong belief in Arvind and gives their organization a lot of support. He always speaks with the students’ interest in mind. This means that they fully support the students as well.

Arvind Jajda Wiki

Arvind Jajda Wiki Details

Full Name   Arvind Jajda
Nickname Arvind
Date of Birth Not Known
College Rajasthan University, College
Profession Student Leader
Category Wiki
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Arvind Jajda Wiki Biography

If we talk about his family, Arvind Jajda was born into a regular household in Nagaur’s Seenod village, and his father is a postmaster there and his mother is a housewife. Jani does housework for Arvind from the start of his career. He has fought for the students in his village and then moved to Rajasthan University, where he staged numerous dharnas and raised many issues on behalf of other students before bringing them to the government. He also has an organization called the ABVP organization. And the same student union believes in Arvind from their hearts and financially supports his organization. He always speaks for the benefit of the pupils. As a result, the students get all of their help from them. Arvind Jajda’s birth date and year are not known, so we do not know his exact age. Indian nationality is his identity. He is not known to be tall.

Arvind Jajda has always wanted to do everything for the students, even if it meant working against his own interests. He recently slapped Nirmal Chowdhary on the stage itself during a program at Maharani College in Jaipur. Arvind Jajda is currently being discussed. Therefore, we will learn about Arvind Jajda’s life story today as well as shed light on other events in his life. So, let us begin with Arvind Jajda’s life story.

Arvind Jajda Slapped Nirmal Chowdhary

In a program at University Maharani College Rajasthan, there will be a lot of discussion about Nirmal Choudhary and Arvind Jajda on Monday, January 23, 2023. Actually, when Nirmal Chowdhary was on stage delivering a speech. The Union Jal Shakti Minister was also present on the same stage when Arvind slapped him, as is being reported. That he also pushed the minister caused the discussion between the two organizations to last about 30 minutes. After that, the situation was resolved by the current police officers, and Nirmal Chowdhary and Arvind both left the location in their cars shortly after. You can watch this video at rest. where Arvind Jajda provides his explanation.

In a show hosted at University Maharani College Rajasthan on Monday, January 23, 2023, a lot of talks are held on Nirmal Choudhary and Arvind Jajda. Nirmal Chowdhary was actually speaking on the platform. The Union Jal Shakti Minister was also on the same platform, and Arvind hit him as well, according to reports. Due to his actions, the debate between the two organizations lasted around half an hour, according to him. Nirmal Chowdhary was then able to leave the location after being calmed by the current police officers. Arvind also left shortly after in his automobile. You may keep an eye on the video below. Arvind Arora is responding to a question in this video.

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